Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Visit to El Dorado California in Postcards

Good morning. Tina here on a beautiful late summer morning. The weather has cooled some, and I am very thankful.  Let's take a postcard tour of the town of El Dorado, California, in El Dorado County.  This town was once known as Mud Springs, and has a lovely creek running through town still.
Pastel colored shot of Main Street looking West.
A bit closer to town, in the center to the left is where the post office is now, and just beyond is the creek. Notice the ditch and bridges on the right. You can tell this Main Street probably had a problem with flooding fairly often.
Here on the right if we use our imagination, we could see a few Harley's parked outside of a local favorite, Poor Red's, home of the Golden Cadillac, one of those drinks that masquerade as a milk shake and sneak up on you (especially after two or three... LOL)
Here above we are looking East and on the right is the bridge over the creek we saw above.  And below another shot of that bridge and children enjoying the shade of a huge willow.
Notice the reflection in the water.  Bet there are pollywogs and salamanders in there too.
One of the old buildings now long gone, this would have been on your right if you were looking West.
The Southern Pacific Train Depot and engine.  There are now train rides in El Dorado on most Sundays, and a replica depot has been built.  Notice the old school on the hill behind.
I have a fondness for old schoolhouses, having been lucky enough to attend one when I was in first grade.  I can imagine sitting under that tree eating my lunch.
 Another shot of the school and some of the little students.  Notice the open window in front. I bet it got hot in there sometimes.  Let us out so we can go see if we can catch a frog in the creek!
A simple building for a church.  I wonder why there are two doors? Sinners in one, perfect souls in the other?

With that mystery unsolved, we will leave our little town for now.  If you want to visit El Dorado, it is about 5 miles South of Placerville on Highway 49.


lorlore said...

Nice, haven't had a Golden Cadillac for a while, might have to visit Poor Red's soon!!!!

farmlady said...

Thanks for the old postcard tour. I don't think we've been to El Dorado, but we must have. We must have gone through it getting to Placerville.
Fall is coming. We will be taking
"day trips" soon. This is one town we need to see... if only for a golden cadillac.