Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Finally - Tina is back!

This will be very short. Just wanted to let you all know out there in Bloggerland that I have a new (well, new to me - reconditioned) laptop and I can finally blog again. It has been since July so I have lots of ideas in my head for posts. Watch for me again on Wednesdays!

Here is a photo from 1979 at a backyard wedding for dear friends Cindy and Joe (still dear friends and still married!)
Left to right Cathie, Chuk (rest in peace my dear friend), hubby Rich, yours truly (in my patchwork dress I made), and Janet. Molly, Joe and Cindy's dog (long gone over the rainbow bridge) in front of our feet.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Dream Prettily": The Skipper Dream Room

When Lori came to stay over Thanksgiving, I had put some pretty "new" (thrifted, vintage) sheets on the guest bed.
I love them - but they won't fit on our bed, so the guest room got lucky:
The colors on the sheets made me think of this picture from a vintage Barbie magazine I have:
"If It's Your Own Room, Make It Pretty..." - yes, well - that goes for any other room where somebody will sleep, right?
"Any more ways to dream prettily?"
Skipper had a few ideas - and a room of her own...
"And it's a Dream!"
(I love it, myself.)
I wish I had one of these; it's adorable!
It's ready to travel, just fold it up and tote it anywhere you wish to go and play.
Hey - bring it over here, if you'd like!
I'll play with you!
Colorful and fabulous:
I adore all of the details that the designers at Mattel put into this :
Look at the furniture - and those built-in shelves!
I want pink and red built-in shelves in MY room.
(I've already got plenty of my own books and albums, LOL!)
I borrowed some of the pictures on my post today from the blog "Two Crazy Crafters".
You can
click here to see the post Lindsey wrote    
about her own treasured Skipper Dream Room.
SO cool!

Monday, December 5, 2016

More Of Those Fabulous Crewel Finds

I found this big and fabulous framed crewel, and when I brought it home, I had to move something to make room for it.
I couldn't bear to tuck it away, unseen.
I've also found some smaller ones, recently, too - like this one:
And this one:
Which make an awfully pretty pair!
And I'm not sure if I shared these back when I found them:
They are equally lovely to look at, whether individually or as a pair.
The water pump...
And the milk can and bucket:
Oh, and here is a close-up on the sweet kitty in the top picture:
And, oh - the bright flowers, too!
I found this colorful sunset scene, as well:
And one more cute little floral pair with satin bows:
But this last photo is of some crewel stitchery pictures that I did NOT buy.....
And, believe me, they were difficult to resist!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Pretty Christmas Window Displays In Downtown Sonora

Lori and I went for a walk downtown after dinner on Thanksgiving night.
I thought I'd share the photos I snapped with my phone of some of the pretty shop windows.
This one was my favorite, hands down:
I do not remember which shops most of them were, so I will add names in later on, if I can get back down there and write them down!
This one was so pretty in blue with snowflakes and snowmen:
Here are two more nice one with trees and lights in red and white and plenty of sparkle!

And this one is Antiques, Etc. - now of COURSE I remember that one!
 Close up on those gorgeous ceramic trees that I love so much:
 Sorry this one is dark, The Candy Vault:
How's this next one for "cuteness factor"?
A pretty kitty in the window at Downtown Shoes:
I'll leave you with one last picture:
This kitty (in another window) was NOT ready for his close-up.
He just wanted to sleep, and that was it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What's Penny Wearing? #145 An Elegant Vintage Robe And Some Lovely PJ's

Today, Penny is wearing a vintage robe and a lovely pair of pajamas I found earlier this month.
The long vintage bathrobe in rosy quilted satin buttons down the front and also ties at the waist:
I love the pretty buttons and the metallic thread used in the stitching:
Rather an elegant look for an everyday robe:
I think the robe pairs quite well with the floral "Lauren Ralph Lauren" pajamas, don't you?
Note the monogram on the pocket:
So pretty together, and just in time for Christmas!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lori's Christmas Corsages

Lori was working on some Christmas corsages over the weekend for a Craft Fair she is going to next weekend in Marin, and she sent me a few photos yesterday:
She is making them out of a variety of crafty bits and pieces - most of which are vintage - that she has been collecting for years.
Aren't they pretty?
I think they are turning out  to be very lovely, indeed!
Good job, Lori!

Monday, November 14, 2016

More Of My Colorful Finds

Here I am again with some of my favorite finds.
First up, three more adorable vintage Counterpoint magnets for my collection:
A pretty papier mache gift box, backed by gorgeous batik fabric:
Another fabulous flower power vintage suitcase!
I hate to pick favorites, but I mean - come on.... right?
I love it:
I think this vintage mug pairs remarkably well with the vintage fabric I found at the same thrift store:
I do not know how to translate what it says on this vintage tile, but it's sweet, so, who cares?
(Actually, I do! I'd love to know what it says. Anybody?)
I think it may be either Figgjo Flint or Berggren, but I'm not sure.
I DO know that I really like it!
I found this great vintage avocado green kitchen scale from Sears:
I also found a nice little stash of bump chenille - I rarely find any of this, so I thought it was pretty cool:
And this little cache of vintage baby stuff, including the fab vintage Irmi pieces (from a crib mobile, I suspect) was all together in a little "grab" bag at an antique show. I grabbed, it all right!
That's it for today!
More to come, soon.
Because I cannot seem to stay away from the thrift shops to save my life..........

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Skillet Apple Pie From Trisha's Southern Kitchen

A while back, I decided to try a recipe I had seen Trisha Yearwood make on her Food Network TV program "Trisha's Southern Kitchen.
I really enjoy her show. I like her a lot; I enjoy her music, and also her personality.
 She's very down-to-earth, and she just seems like the kind of woman who could become an instant friend, if you had the opportunity to meet and spend time with her!
I made it in my Lodge cast iron skillet, which was a Christmas gift last year.
You can find the recipe on the Food Network's website. (Click here  to view the recipe.)
It was easy to make, and we liked it!
I didn't end up making the Cinnamon Whipped Cream, which I believe I would have liked very much, as well.
I didn't have any heavy cream on hand, so I topped it with vanilla ice cream instead.
My only issue was that I found it difficult to get the brown sugary layer of goodness at the bottom out of the pan while cutting it.
I may have baked it a bit too long; I'm not sure.
But it was good.
Very sweet - but good.