Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Helpful Kitty

Good morning, Tina here.

I have three cats:

Luna is 12, she is very quiet and likes to stay in a store room above the garage, occasionally going outside to look for gophers.

Cheshire Cat (Chessie) is 14 and is the most vocal of my cats, he also likes to sit on my lap (more about that later).

Ishi is 4 and he thinks he is king of the roost, he has a very fluffy tail which collects stickers and needs to be brushed every day.

Chessie loves to sit on my lap. It doesn't matter what else is on my lap...

Just work around me, is what he says, as he purrs away.

You, person, are so lucky to have me.

Sorry you can't move your arm, but aren't you warm and cozy with me here?

Good thing you have very flexible wrists.

Thoughtful as always, Chessie always leaves my right arm free so that I can type or write.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just A Couple Of Little Things I've Been Doing...

A quick post today, with just a couple of photos.
Here is a photo of some of the Christmas cards I have been making using antique postcards:
 And I finally got a few more crewel and needlepoint pictures hung up on the wall above the bed in the guest room:
I love the way they all look together!

Monday, October 5, 2015

More Vintage Sheet Music

I stopped at a thrift store the last time I was on my way over to Tina's house, and they had a stack of vintage sheet music.
The price was so low that I picked out ten of them and added them to my collection.
(I kind of wish I'd gotten twenty!)
"Yes, We Have No Bananas":
"Cuckoo Waltz" - I liked the purple and black cover....
I collect Bing, and not only did I not have this one, I don't think I've ever even seen it before - "Street Of Dreams":
"Big Rock Candy Mountain" -I have loved this song since I was little:
"I'm Living A Life Of Shadows (Bring Back The Sunshine To Me):
"Quit Cryin' The Blues":
"Thanks For The Memory" - I know I already have a copy of Bob Hope's theme song, but I don't think this one is in better condition (although there is a name written on the front):
I like to put holiday-themed music on my piano, so red, white and blue and patriotic pieces are great for the 4th Of July - hence these next three:
"American Patrol"
"Any Bonds Today?"
and "The Song Of The Seabees"
Luckily for me, sheet music doesn't take up a lot of space.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Our Weekend Trip To The Coast

Tina and Lori and I got to take a little weekend trip over to the coast last weekend. We stayed in Fort Bragg.
Here is a picture of the beautiful Guest House Museum, below.
I love great museums inside of fabulous old houses!
We had a really nice dinner one night at Cap'n Flints on N. Harbor Drive.
 In all of the times I have visited Fort Bragg, this was the first time I'd ever eaten there:
I'll definitely go back.
 We thoroughly enjoyed both our meal and our experience there.
I had clam chowder, bread and a nice salad:
Tina collects things with nasturtiums on them. She has a fabulous array of vintage (and new) items. (I'd hazard a guess that no one in the world has a collection to rival hers!)
Nasturtiums are so cheerful and pretty; I think all three of us get excited when we see them - and they grow so well on the coast - I couldn't resist taking pictures:
Naturally, I had to get some photos of the California Western Skunk Train, too, for my husband.
After all, this train is one of the main reasons he and I have taken so many trips to Fort Bragg over the years:
This lovely display was in one of the shop windows in downtown Fort Bragg.
I love the clothing, and that Tree Of Life is spectacular!
I can't believe I had never gone in to Pippi's Longstockings before!
I loved it - SO many fabulous socks that you have a REALLY hard time choosing!
Lori got the two shown below - so cute!
We also visited Mendocino while we were there.
You really can't go to Fort Bragg and not go to Mendocino, as well - at least,  not as far as we're concerned!
This charming town has tons of fabulous shops, galleries, restaurants and inns.
We love it there.
 Tina and Lori both stayed there on their honeymoons.
I snapped photos of two gorgeous paintings of the town that were for sale in one of the galleries.
"Bayside Village", an original oil by artist Erin Dertner, priced at $8000:
 And this one is "Early Spring", also an oil by the same artist, priced at $4000:
I took this next one from a distance, and I believe it's a bed and breakfast inn - but I'm not sure which one!
View of the Pacific Ocean from Main Street in Mendocino:
We had breakfast two mornings in a row at the Home Style Cafe in Fort Bragg, which is, by far, one of the best restaurants in town for breakfast and lunch.
One egg with cheese, bacon, potatoes and a biscuit - believe it or not, this was considered a "lighter" breakfast!
It was great:
 I didn't take a photo of my meal the following day, but I had french toast (also fabulous) - and Mrs. Butterworth was sitting right there with us:
I haven't even been home a week and I already want to go back!
So, simply because I can, I will end today's post with two more nasturtium photos.....

Have yourself a bright and cheerful day, won't you?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity #5450 - A Mini-Dress with Wrap Skirt

Today we have a Simplicity dress from 1972, seen below in a page out of a Simplicity Fashion News booklet:
"Wrap yourself in a new shirt dress"...
...  with pattern number 5450, seen below:
And the back of the pattern:
I think it looks really cute, and yet I don't quite get the point of the attached wrap skirt?
Whatever, I mean it's not as though I am making one anyway, so what does it matter?
But I do think I would have liked it back in 1972.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Finds: Again With The Textiles....

Well, I found some more good textiles at the thrifts, so here goes....
This pretty vintage "Mother" pillow cover was too nice to resist:
And I found yet another vintage needlepunch or punchwork pillow cover - this one would be SO cute in a child's room:
Just in time for Halloween decorating, I found a nice long orange corduroy runner, and the vintage scarf and woven belt you see on top of it below:
I found a bag that contained all three of these beautiful and colorful embroidered ribbons - I think I already have that same one with the cabin scene, or it may be a little bit different:
I also love it when I find nice fabrics. Whether they are small remnants or more yardage, if it catches my eye and the price is right, I pick it up.
 These happen to be fabric samples in five different colorways, with enough of each to use to make a pillow or something - and they're such a pretty floral pattern.
In "Evergreen":
And "Moss Green":
(And there are two more colors, as well.)
I couldn't resist the unfinished crewel work  below on a purple background.
 Oh, boy - don't know that I'm up for attempting to complete it on my own with no diagram.
Yes I could choose my own colors, but I'm not much good at embroidery of any kind.
It sure would be fabulous if it was finished, though!
It's a big one, measuring 23X28 inches:
I found some clothing, too - like this USMC jacket that I feel fairly certain I will be able to sell:
And I like this red plaid shirt, shown below, too.
I thought the scarf-like thing was a kerchief to wear on your head, but then I had the wild idea to tie it around the neck of this shirt and I kind of love the way it looks!
 Perhaps that is what it was meant for, after all?
It was a quarter:
Oh, and last of all, I found another gorgeous bedspread like the Bates one I found a while back.
The colors! The fringe!
Very similar to Bates, but this one is actually from Penney's.
I got it pretty cheap because it has a couple of stains.
 Haven't tried to get them out yet, but if I can't, I like the idea of  making pillows with that fringe around the edges.
Yep, that would work for me
I've simply got to do SOMETHING with the gorgeous thing!