Friday, May 6, 2016

New (Vintage) Vera Scarves I've Found Lately

My latest Vera Neumann finds are what I have to share with you today - we will begin with this lovely scarf in orange and olive green:
I truly do delight in finding these vintage Vera beauties:
 The next one is glorious in red, white and blue:
Big dots, little dots - and the iconic Vera signature:
Another scarf in golden tones:
Flowers galore!
And one more fabulous floral in bright, primary colors:
Loving this one - seriously:
I'll just add them all to the stash.
(And keep looking for more...... )

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Tree Of Life: Or Cinco De Mayo, My Way

For Cinco De Mayo today, I've chosen to celebrate life in general by sharing with you some of these wondrous and colorful beauties.
 Yes, I have written about them before (back in 2010), but this is just how I roll, so here we are again.
I wish I could afford to purchase one of these gorgeous ceramic creations.
The first one you see here is available on Etsy , (click here to go to this listing - it isn't mine, it's from the MidModMomStore).
I just happen to love it:
Perhaps if I started with a smaller version?
Like this one listed on eBay:
Feast your eyes on this beauty - it's available on eBay , as well::
And here is yet another image I found:
Next, we have three that have recently been sold - an aqua example with five little birds:
 A different shade of blue - and we have just four birds this time:
 And one with more orange, along with teal green and aqua, and the cutest little bird all by his lonesome:
 I can surely understand why the bidders chose to vie for them; they're gorgeous.
I even found this book about "Crafts Of Mexico" by Marian Harvey at a thrift store that showcases them on the cover. 
It actually has instructions on how to make one, though that isn't something I will be attempting.
I am simply enthralled by the colorful beauty of them all!
Happy Cinco De Mayo to you - and may you celebrate it in whatever way suits your fancy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Lovely Bouquet

When I was over at Lori's last month, we had just gotten home from a little weekend trip when her sweet landlady brought over a gorgeous bouquet for us to enjoy.
She had hosted a Bunco party and had made more than one vase-full for decoration, so she brought this one over:
I can't decide whether the fabulous rose in the top photo was the star of the show, or the glorious purple bearded iris!
Oh, who says I have to choose?!
 The flowers were ALL beautiful.
Thank you SO much, Heather; they were very much appreciated.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcoming May With A Page From A New (Old) Book

I found a (new to me) vintage book a couple of weeks ago, and I've decided that I will share each month's page (or pages) with you, similar to my "Mr. Jolly's Sidewalk Market" and Zodiac calendar monthly series of posts I've shared in the past.
We'll begin today with May and continue through April of next year.
Without further ado, "May" I present:
 Happy children dancing around the Maypole....

From "The Year Around Book", published in 1965 by McGraw-Hill, Inc., written by Helen Jill Fletcher and featuring the wonderful and colorful artwork of illustrator Jerry Pinkney.
I found it at a thrift store and it was more than I am normally willing to pay for a "thrifted" book! They had looked it up, of course , and yes - they do sell for more online than what I paid.
The illustrations "had me at hello", as the famous movie line goes, and they are precisely what convinced me to bring it home.
(Not too happy about Craig Watson's name on the cover, but what can you do? Hopefully he'd be happy to know someone else is enjoying his book all these years later.)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cedar Waxwings

I'll be sorry to turn over my calendar to a new month tomorrow because April's lovely image is the gorgeous Cedar Waxwing photo you see below.
These birds fascinate me; there is something about the look of them that I just love. Their "masks", the touch of red on their wings; they're just so pretty, so unique.
Just about a week ago, my husband was telling me "Don't leave your car parked in the driveway. Not even for a few minutes. Make sure to pull it into the garage."
This was because the Cedar Waxwings were all congregating in the sycamore tree that shades our driveway. Then he showed me what they had already left behind on our brick patio in the back yard.
 Let's just say that he didn't want to have to clean up after them....
Here's an image from one of the books by John James Audubon; you have to admit they are stunning:
 I was happy to find this vintage card, below, at a thrift store.
That's what they're after in our yard - the berries:
Because they come around every year, and because both of us love them despite their messes, I had to get this beautiful Hallmark ornament for my husband for Christmas the year it came out:
It's one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen.
Thank you, Hallmark - you captured their beauty perfectly!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Patterns From The Past: His And Hers Caftans From Butterick

Today's patterns from the past are for caftans.
They're basically the same, with one for women and one for men.
 We'll start with hers, which is pattern number 3384.
 Pictured below is the cover of this pattern, with the finished product in color, worn by the lovely Joyce Walker.
(I've written about her before, and I've featured photos of her many times.
 Please check out this post, if you are interested.)
"Sew & Go" - this one honestly doesn't look terribly difficult:
And here is a version for him, pattern number 3383, below.
And I'm sorry that I do not know the name of this handsome gentleman:
And  here are both pattern backs side by side:
So, go ahead - find one of these and stitch yourself up a caftan, vintage style!
(And maybe even one for your significant other, while you're at it.)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Baker's Coconut Cakes #11 The Airplane

Today we have yet another one of the Cut-Ups, coconut cakes from one of my vintage cookbooks from Baker's Coconut.
 Planning a trip or a Bon Voyage celebration for someone?
How about an airplane cake?
They've even provided some ideas for a Monte Carlo party:
"What you will need", below, along with the diagram for cutting.
 This one is quite a bit more complicated than the others I have shared:
Decorate your coconut airplane, and you're ready to go!
All clear for take-off........

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mother Nature went out bowling on Sunday night!

Good morning, Tina here.

We had quite a thunder and lightning storm here Sunday night, it lasted about an hour. A dark black cloud came over our house.

I was watching TV, about to go upstairs to bed to read.  Hubby said, "oh, I just saw some lightning". That was about 7:45.  If you looked to the west, you couldn't miss it. And it went on and on, kept coming towards us and as it passed over the house it headed east.

Hubby took pictures but I don't have them on my computer. The thunder was glorious. It did sound like someone was bowling up in the heavens. It just rolled on and on.

Mother nature was definitely having a good time, and I think she rolled a strike!

The next day Facebook had photos from all over.  The sun as it crept toward the horizon.

Those clouds were very heavy and quite serious in their intent.

The Mosquito airport area was surrounded by color.

Main Street Georgetown looking south (towards our house!)

This is very close to what it looked like at our house, sunset on one side, lightning on the other.

One photographer said it reminded him of the King Fire since it was lit up with a strange glow.

I do wish I had the sound recorded. The thunder was incredible.

Lighting up the sky in Cool.

If you look closely at the top of the trees in the middle there is a streak of lightning there too. It was all over the sky.

That cloud again, this time looking south from Coloma/Lotus at the foot of Marshall Grade.

In a lot of places Mother Nature ended her bowling game with a celebratory rainbow.

April has been a glorious month, and it isn't quite over with yet... more thundershowers due here tonight.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Vintage Disney Character Figures, A Gift From My Friend Heidi

My friend Heidi gave me these wooden Disney character figures for Christmas last year.
Oh, Mickey, you're so fine.......
They are missing some of their parts and pieces, but I love them just the same!
Pluto Pup:
Pongo, with a puzzled expression - "how in the heck are we going to keep all of these puppies safe, Perdita?"
Donald Duck pets Pongo, with a soothing touch:
And, last but certainly not least - we have Jaq!
I know! Let's "make a lovely dress for Cinderelly!"
She WILL go to the ball.
But whatever you do, Jaq: you and Gus-Gus had best stay away from that meanie cat Lucifer!
(I know nothing about these little figures, other than that they are most certainly vintage. Anyone??)