Thursday, May 26, 2016

Souvenirs - From Places I Have Actually BEEN

I do actually manage, sometimes, to find vintage souvenirs at thrift shops that are from places I have actually visited myself.
When I do, rather than selling them, I figure they're keepers, instead.
 I thought I would show you some of them today.
Let's start with Volcano, right here in the Mother Lode Gold Country of California, and closest to home for me.
 I could get there in about an hour and a half:
I was tickled when I came across this sweet little souvenir box from Leoni Meadows. Getting there would take me a little over two hours - not bad. I went there with Tina back in 2011; I wrote a series of three posts about it back then.
San Francisco - about a three hour drive from here - until you factor in bad traffic, and then, who knows?
But yes, I'm happy to say that I've been on a Cable Car (many years ago!) and I've been across the Golden Gate Bridge a number of times in my life, too:
I found a key-shaped thermometer from Caspar Beach, near Mendocino.
 Unfortunately it takes about 5 hours to get there from here.
Wish I was there right now. Oh, how I love it over on the California coast!
I found a vintage Lotus bowl featuring scenes of attractions at the  "Trees Of Mystery".....
....which is along the Redwood Highway in northern California.
Now, getting THERE would take me about eight hours!
But I can be ready to leave in about an hour, if you want to go:
Okay, so if we're already up near Trees Of Mystery, we're very close to the Oregon border, so that's where we're heading next!
Only about two more hours, and we could be in Cave Junction. (More on that, below).
I have managed to find three pretty Oregon souvenir plates.
 I love Oregon, and I'll pretty much go there any chance I get.
 Heck, I've been tempted to ask mere acquaintances or even strangers if I can ride up there with them, when I overhear someone say they're going!
(I could always fly back.)
One from Oregon Caves, and two other very pretty ones:
Tina and I stayed in Cave Junction once when we were on one of our trips years ago, and I went to Oregon Caves with a girlfriend back in 1979, and did the cave tour and all of that. 
We had a great time.
I also found this bear souvenir from Oregon Caves:
It was funny, because when I saw the bear sitting on a shelf at a thrift shop, I thought it was probably a California souvenir, with the California Grizzly, our state animal, on it.
 Then I picked it up and looked at it more closely - nope, Oregon Caves! 
No problem - I'll take it!
Farthest from home, we have a souvenir plate from Florida featuring oranges.
I've been to Walt Disney World twice, so yes - I've been there!
And that's about as far from home as I've ever been, actually.
So that concludes my little gallery.
 Hope you enjoyed my souvenirs!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An unusual May - Watering Cans not needed

Good morning, Tina here. I am enjoying some vintage images with watering cans,

It is nearing the end of May. We haven't had much hot weather, a few days. One hot day last week.

April showers bring May flowers. May showers mean June grasses stay green for a while.

I collect vintage plastic watering cans. There hasn't been much need for a watering can around here this month.

We are enjoying the thunderstorms, lightning, torrential rains, hail and sprinkles.

It has been great not worrying about watering for at least one month.

Who knows what summer will bring? Will we get very dry and hot again, or have a mild season?

I will be ready to break out the watering can, if needed.

But for now, it is a life of leisure...

At least when it comes to watering. So I can enjoy seeing these images of others.

So little watering needed, even a child could do it.

I also have a small collection of parasols, they come in handy during a hot sunny May.

Maybe next year I will need one, or maybe next week.

Come what may, we're bright and gay, every hour of every day!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Lady Edith's Hats #1 Vintage Black Velvet

I've decided to begin a new little series of posts in which Lady Edith will serve as my hat model.
Today she's wearing a little black velvet number with a bit of netting in the front, and a sprinkling of pearls as trim:
 I paired the hat with a pearl choker that was actually a Christmas gift from my husband years ago, and also a necklace of black glass beads. I honestly can't remember whether those beads belonged to my mother-in-law and were here in the house, or whether I bought them myself and have had them for  years and years.
Either way, they are one of my favorites.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Blueberry Muffins

I was looking through some books that were for sale at the shop a couple of weeks ago,
 and one of the things I came across that looked good to me were these blueberry muffins:
 So I snapped a picture of the photo in the cookbook (I'm sorry, I don't remember which one it was!),
and also a picture of the recipe, here:
 I knew I had just about exactly a cup of blueberries left in the refrigerator at home.
 Usually I have them for breakfast with Greek yogurt, but I thought "Boy, those muffins sound good!".
So, within the next day or so, I decided to make some.
 I have about a zillion cookbooks, so there are a lot of recipes to choose from, and of course you can search the web, as well.
But, in the end, I pulled out my tried and true vintage "Betty Crocker's Cookbook", published in 1969, and looked inside of it for a recipe.
Oh, yes - of course, here it is, precisely what I was looking for.
Right there on page 47.
Betty won't steer you wrong, you see!
That's why I have at least 30 different Betty Crocker cookbooks, most of them vintage. (I've written about them before.)

I made the Sweet Muffins, the Blueberry version seen below; using my cup of blueberries.
 I don't often make muffins; I had sort of forgotten how quick and easy they really are.
I sprinkled a little turbinado sugar over the tops.
Were they good?
You bet your sweet Betty Crocker butt they were.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wildflowers I Know and Love: Snow Plant Revisited 2016

Good morning. Tina here.

Quite a while back, January 2011, in fact, I showed you a favorite of mine, Snowplant.

I have gathered quite a few photos together since then, so I thought I should share them. Most of the photos come from the Lake Tahoe area.

Incredibly lucky folks up there might find them popping up in their backyards!

I find it so amazing that Mother Nature chose that color for the "flower".

Almost florescent, a hot pants kind of color.

This hue sure does get them noticed!

If you are out hiking in the Desolation or Mokelumne Wilderness, they stick out like a sore thumb!

And if you are in your friends backyard, you wonder how they got so lucky!

Years ago they had an old tree rot and become part of the soil, and this almost prehistoric beauty took hold.

You can tell how special they are from the amount of photographers eager to share their photos!

My friend Lucy took the photo below, with a forget-me-knot trying to share the spotlight.

This is a prime time to go searching for a spot of color, if you get up into the high Sierras.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More Vintage Vera Neumann: This Time, For The Table

Often times, while out "thrifting", I may find just a single cloth napkin.
If it's vintage Vera, that is fine by me:
 I actually found two of these vintage vinyl placemats with butterflies on them - they are on our kitchen table right now!
 And the pretty napkins you see below are for sale at the shop where I have a space (A. Flowers in Jamestown, California); I might have to buy them:
The beautiful boxed set in the picture below belonged to my mother-in-law, and I am very sorry that I sold it years ago.
I know.
 I don't want to talk about it:
 The sunflower napkin in the following photo was another single find.
It's shown atop a Vera tablecloth that is a particular favorite of mine. I've had it for years; it is very special to me because it belonged to my mom:
This table setting below features pretty Vera napkins in blue.
It was designed by Ellamay Barber and was featured in an article in The Los Angeles Times Home Magazine in September of 1966:
The next two images are a set of cloth napkins I found at a thrift store:

I had mistakenly included them in my last post about scarves, and I want to give a special thank you to one of our loyal readers, Diane for ever-so-politely bringing my error to my attention!

It's such a pretty set with bright flowers that pack a powerful punch!

And I will close today with one more single cloth napkin I found:
Often when I come across a napkin or place mat, they are only a quarter - so of course I bring them home!
How can I resist?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Vintage Advertisements And Stationery From Hallmark

Today, I simply wanted to share a few of my favorite advertisements and pages from vintage magazines that I have found featuring Hallmark products.
 Our nice, big Hallmark store that was here in town closed down a while ago, and I truly miss it.
We'll start with this great ad for the "Carrousel Collection" - I LOVE this flower power line!
And how adorable is this next one?
From Hallmark "Plans-A-Party", throw a Luau party or a Kitty Kat Party - it doesn't get much cuter than these:
This Hallmark advertisement, below, is from 1970.
Don't EVEN get me started on how much I adore all of the stationery shown here:

And last of all we have two ads for lovely stationery:
Honestly, I love all of it.
Completely wonderful paper and party products.
I miss stuff like this.
If you wanted to give me any of these products, I wouldn't turn them down.
I'm just sayin'........