Saturday, September 20, 2014

One For The Peter Pauper Press Collection

"Mathematical Puzzles and Pastimes", from Peter Pauper Press, dated 1957.
Whenever I find another one of these books at a thrift store, I nearly jump for joy:
That's because I don't find them very often.
At all.
It's one of my slower-growing collections.
The number now stands at nineteen.
I'll be sure to keep you "post"-ed.

Friday, September 19, 2014

"Hooked" On Rugs

I love this colorful hooked rug:
I've found quite a few examples of hooked rugs, and rug kits, whether the more traditional rugs, or the latch-hook kits, in my vintage magazines.
"Love" the one below, as well - it's from the 1970's:
Heart and Hands - this is a lovely one, too:
The more color, the better, in my book:
The smaller examples you see below were made from kits, I'm sure.
 If I ever find my flower I made back in the 60's or 70's, I'll show it to you.
I found this flower and butterfly recently:

They'd be cute made into pillows, I think:

An advertisement for Shillcraft Readicut Rugs; I think this one is from the 1950's:
And here we have Shillcraft again, a decade or two later:
Kits from Bucilla, for latch rugs and pillows:
Another advertisement for latch hook kits:
And one for a New Brunswick book:
Wall Hanging Kits from Sunset Fibres:
And Rugs-By-The-Numbers, from Columbia-Minerva:
"Now it's as easy as A,B,C", don't you see?
Pre-cut wool, a stenciled design on the backing, and your ingenious latchet hook are all you need!
Oh - and some time.
Yes, there's that......

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 5015 - Lori's Dress For The Senior Ball

Here's a blast from the past, all right!
Lori and her boyfriend, all decked out for the Senior Ball, circa 1972:
 She made her gorgeous dress from Simplicity pattern number 5015
How cute are they?
The pattern:
And we even have a little fabric swatch, courtesy of her 4-H book:
And, lastly, the pattern back for you:
 And a good time was had by all - at "The Ball".
I was there, too!
 But I didn't make my dress.
Our high school boyfriends just happened to share the same birthday.
And that would be TODAY.
Happy 59th birthday, guys!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Smoke overload...

Not much of a post this morning. I am busy praying for all the people who have been evacuated from the King Fire, which started in Pollock Pines and has been working its way east, north and south since. Here in Kelsey we seem to be safe from the flames, but the smoke has decided to follow the 
South Fork of the American River down the canyon and we have lost our view.

Those of you who read our blog frequently may know we have a beautiful view. But not this week. We can't see the river. It is out there somewhere.

Monday morning, following a night with open windows (a big mistake, but no different than what we had done all summer) I got up from a hard night trying to sleep and breathe at the same time, and looked out upon this.

We are very lucky we only have to deal with the smoke, so I am not complaining. We have had fires closer to us before. Our terrain is less likely to sustain a huge fire like the King fire, since it has burned around us several times before and cleared off a lot of the trees and brush. Also, hubby keeps our property brushed and mowed. We got a gold star from the Cal Fire guys when they checked on us last month.

This is looking south. There is a house there. You wouldn't even know it.

Prayers for all of you out there. I hope they get a handle on it soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Games People Play

Today's post features a variety of vintage games I have found at the thrift stores whilst making my "rounds".
First up, we have colorful Halsam Dominoes:
 "Learning Lotto", with butterflies:
Parker Brothers "Pit":
 "Funny Bones":
A "Hi-Q Solitaire Puzzle Game":
I hadn't seen this one before:
And an "Auto Bridge" game:
 Last of all, an adorable "Match The Opposites Game" from Current finishes up my post:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Patterns From The Past: A Pair Of Cute Dresses From Simplicity

Two cute patterns today, since both were found on the same page of "Simplicity Fashion News" from March, 1973:
We'll start with pattern number 5513:
The dress is worn here by model Bonnie Lysohir:
Cutting and sewing directions:
Pattern back:
And the lovely Betsy Cameron wears a jumper made from pattern number 5511:
The front of the pattern - make it as a jumper or a summer dress:
I like all three of them.
I'd have been more than happy to wear any of them back in 1973!
The pattern back:
And that, my friends is your glimpse back into the fashion of the 70's for today.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scotch Decor (Vintage) Tape Dispensers

They don't make things like they used to.
You hear that a lot, right?
Well, believe it, because I am here to tell you that it it's true.
Case in point?
These Scotch Brand Tape Dispensers were truly made to last.
This vintage advertisement is from 1961:
(Don't you love the Siamese cat sitting in the fabulous chair? And the lady reminds me of Megan Draper. But, I digress...)
These little puppies are serious tape dispensers.
With a full roll of tape in them, they weigh about two pounds.
They aren't going anywhere when you try to get yourself a piece of tape.
And the whole roll of tape doesn't pop out of the holder when you pull on it, either, like it has time again with some of my newer, lighter weight (read: stupid, worthless) dispensers!
 Here's one with the original box, in  "Coral":
I'm assuming this is  "Frosty Yellow"
Apparently, they made them later  in other colors; here is one in beige, and you can see that the box is different:
The one in the next picture is mine. It is the coral color.
I showed it to you back when I originally found it. I've been using it on my desk ever since:
And here is my latest find - the one that prompted me to write this post.
I had been hoping to find another.
Because my desk isn't the only place where I use tape.
 I could not grab it fast enough when I found this pink (!) one at the very same thrift store as my other one - and for the same price!
Ninety-nine cents. Come to Mama!
 It was filthy. Nothing some elbow grease and a little bit of time couldn't cure.
I'm thinking this one must be the "Ice Pink":
I love having two - and in such pretty colors!
Oh, and I think it's pretty darned great that 53 years later, I paid just 30 cents over the original $1.29 price tag! (Plus tax.)
Well worth every penny.
And then some.
(Come to think of it, I had a full $5.00 loyalty card that day, so I got $5 off my total at the register. Using my "Heidi Logic", that means that this nice, heavy, pretty dispenser was FREE, along with a few of my other items, as well.
Now, you have to admit: it doesn't get any better than that!)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Bright Vintage Interiors, Just Because They Make Me Smile

We will start off today with two living rooms featuring bright sofas:
And a bedroom in full bloom:
And next, some kitchen spaces:
 Here's a better view of that dining nook:
 More bright blooms, below - on the wall, this time.
 And pink shutters, light fixture, table and chairs.
Oh, and one of my favorite vintage Counterpoint canisters on the counter.
 I'll take that, if you please, along with their tableware:
 Flowers on the curtains, here - lots of them!
 Okay, so - I don't know - maybe that's all the color you can handle this morning?
Perhaps it's time to go have some breakfast..... a bright and sunny spot, if you possibly can.