Thursday, October 23, 2014

Margot Johnson's Vintage Zodiac Prints

I discovered this artist's fabulous prints some time ago.
Since today is October 23rd (and happens to also be my birthday!), we'll start with Scorpio here, and then go through the signs of the Zodiac from that point on:
I just found all of these images on the web, so I apologize for the poor quality of some of them.
Certainly, you can get the idea of how fantastic they are, at least.
These were "Hand Decorated Designs by Margot Johnson Exclusive With Soovia Janis, Inc. New York City".
Perhaps you can see why I, with my ardent fascination lately with pretty much all things 1960's and 1970's, have fallen in love with her fabulous artwork.
I love them so much that I wish I had every single framed print and I could cover an entire wall with them!
Interestingly enough, it says "the scorpion loves beauty and art". it any wonder I'm a collector? Seriously?
(Actually, I'm "on the cusp".)
 But I still think that's interesting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Inherited from Aunt Marie - Lovely Jewelry

When we went to Washington state a few months ago for a family reunion, my sister-in-law had brought along some wonderful pieces of jewelry, given to her by a cousin, whose mom, my husband's Aunt Marie, had passed away a few years back. This cousin wanted all the females of the family to be able to partake in the joy of owning these pieces. So we were able to pick and choose and enjoy in a happy party atmosphere!

My sister-in-law laid the pieces out on several different place mats and let us drool over the various items for several hours, then we had a lot of fun picking our favorites.

Above are my amber earrings and gold hoop earrings. We started with the oldest cousin first, there were six of us choosing, each taking a turn as we went along, and as you will be able to tell, there were a lot of choices.

It seems Aunt Marie must have been specially fond of marcasites, and I am also, plus I feel they look rather old fashioned, so I can use them as part of my costuming as El Dorado Rose.  Above is one set with marcasites, and I guess jade (?) not sure, but I love the coloring, and with the roses on the earrings I am all set to show them off as Rose.

I am not sure where Aunt Marie got all her jewelry, but she loved the many Indian Casinos around the Seattle area where she lived, and I think she may have picked up a lot of the jewelry in the Casino gift shops, perhaps in lieu of money with her winnings. Above is a lovely set with necklace, earrings and bracelet. Keep in mind that each item was one choice. We had lots of fun with this "game" and the choosing went on for a very long time! The necklace above is "reversible", I will show you what I mean in a photo coming up.

This absolutely lovely marcasite watch was my first choice. I wanted it especially to wear as the Rose, it has the perfect old fashioned feel so that it doesn't look out of place to wear a watch.

I took a chance that the only reason it wasn't running was it needed a battery. I was right and it has now graced my wrist at many a El Dorado County Chamber gathering!

Above is my "reversible" necklace, and the other matching bracelet and earrings that go with the silver/gray stone on that side.

The rose marcasite earrings above were my second choice. My third choice would have been the flower necklace, however, a sister-in-law picked it and it was gone... until, right at the end of our little party, she decided she didn't really like it, and didn't want it, and she heard my gasp! A few moments later and she had given it to me instead. I love it, in fact I have it on right now.

This lovely marcasite bracelet with the rainbow stones is definitely one of my most favorite pieces and I wear it a lot.

We are so lucky that our cousin shared this wonderful jewelry legacy from Aunt Marie with us. She herself is not into jewelry and it was a thoughtful decision on her part to give us the opportunity to partake in her mom's good taste. We all loved Aunt Marie, seamstress and doll-clothes maker extraordinaire! I will think of her every time I clasp a bracelet around my wrist or glance at my sparkly watch to see if it is time to start the ribbon cutting!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fancipans From France

This is a Fancipan:
I had never heard of these pans before. But I found this one recently.
I do not think a vintage pan could BE any prettier!
"Finest Imported Ceramic Porcelain Ware"
With gorgeous green and blue birds:
Pristine, unused, with the original tag:
Nice, isn't it?
I love the colors, and I love the bird design:
I found this newspaper advertisement from 1974 on the web, so at least I  I know the approximate age of my pretty pan:
Both the lid (below) and the bottom of the pan have the original stickers still in place, as well:

"A Product of France" from General Housewares Corporation Cookware Group of Terre Haute, Indiana.
Apparently, whoever it was who owned it previously thought it was too pretty to use?
It just so happens that I might agree with them.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Spice Islands Cookbook

I picked up this cookbook at a thrift store simply because I really like the lovely illustrations inside.
"The Spice Islands Cookbook", printed in 1961.
The colorful and pretty illustrations inside (done by an an artist named Alice Harth) just needed to be shared:

And I figured it was only fair to share a couple of the recipes with you, too.
We have Noodles Romanoff, which sounds pretty darned good to me:
And then, here is a recipe for "Hangtown Fry", which, as the story goes, originated in Hangtown, back "in the Gold Rush days in the Far West":
Hangtown, California , that is - now better known as Placerville, which happens to be where the Gold Country Girls grew up!
So, put that in your pan and fry it!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

More From Counterpoint

I have written about my love for vintage Counterpoint items before.
Quite a few times, I think, actually.
Here are three more things I found recently.
First up is a mushroom canister - discovered at the Waste Management Store.
I think I paid a dollar for it.
When I wrote this post back in 2010, I was dreaming about finding canisters like this.
Well, I found ONE of them anyway:
Label on the bottom - I love it when the original labels remain intact:
And I found this little "Key" key rack at a thrift store - for fifty cents!
It goes with the others I have! (Click here to see my post about them.)
Oh, I was happy when I spotted it!
And it has the label, as well:
 (There's another post, too, if you're interested. I told you I'm a BIG Counterpoint fan!)
And also, one more little Victorian  row house wall pocket for my little collection of those.
I think I may have six of them, now:
(Yes, it has the label on the bottom, too!)
Counterpoint made some of my very favorite vintage things.
And it is a great feeling EVERY single time when I find one of them at a thrift store!