Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baker's Coconut Cakes #6 Up, Up And Away.....

....in My Beautiful Balloon.
The Beautiful Balloon today isn't the one that The Fifth Dimension sang about back in the 70's.
 It's another in my series of "Cut-Ups" from the Celebration Cakes cookbook by Baker's Coconut.
 Here are the directions for the cake's construction: 
 Are those Little Kiddles who are going for a ride in that balloon?
I can't tell for sure.
That is definitely an adorable cake, though!
"The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon".
I like the sound of that.

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's My Flowers Again!

I found another fantastic photo featuring my vintage paper flowers (probably from Takahashi, although they were available from other companies, as well).
This was in a McCall's Decorating book.
Love the pink gingham with the fabulous flowers!
Looks like a lovely party to me.
And I found one more picture with some paper flowers in it, too. And if the ones on the dresser aren't enough for you, they've got more flowers on the bed and the wallpaper:
(Can't remember where I got this one.)
My vintage paper flowers make me smile.
I hope you liked seeing them, too!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Needlepoint Designs From Vintage Books

I have been finding quite a few great books lately at the thrift stores.
This sun is from one of them:
The lovely needlepoint designs to be found in these books seem never-ending!
The sun leading my post and the pillows below are from the book above, "120 Needlepoint Design Projects":
"Four Way Bargello" by Dorothy Kaestner........
....yielded the next three:
And "Needlepoint Bargello", also by Ms. Kaestner......
...features the next four lovelies, among many others:

The next two are from "The New World Of Needlepoint":

Oh, and there are a LOT more where those came from!
And here is a vintage ad from Unger, which shows a few needlepoint pillows, among other stitchery kits that could be purchased back in the 1970's.
Is it any wonder it was so popular, with all of the gorgeous, bright and colorful designs that were out there?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pretty Katy Kitty Kat

A pretty kitty showed up in our yard and just started hanging around, as though she belonged here.
We didn't know where she came from, but she sure did act like this was the only place she wanted to be:
My husband finally decided she must be hungry (and not getting fed anyplace else?), so we got some food.
If she belongs to someone nearby, I ask you: why did she suddenly decide to start hanging out here, exclusively?
 And why does she seem to be ravenous every time we give her food, if she lives elsewhere and they are feeding her?
 My stepson says he thinks someone just dropped her off at the road and she ended up here.
(Gee, how do you suppose she knew that there are some people in this house who love kitties?)
After being spoken to softly and sweetly, and coaxed and treated gently and respectfully - and fed - she decided we were all right, and that she didn't need to run away when we were out in the yard.
When I was out of town and my husband e-mailed me some pictures of her, he simply put in the subject line "Kitty Kat", capitalized, like that, as if it was a name. I liked the look of it.
When we realized she was a female (we had been referring to her constantly as "he"), I decided I would call her Pretty Katy Kitty Kat. Or any combination of those words , in any order.
After quite a while, she would let me, and then both of us, pet her. And now she lets me pick her up - for just a bit - because she really doesn't like it much.
Isn't she pretty?
She is a very loud, vocal and demanding kitty, waiting at the back door early every morning, wanting to be fed.
And we do her bidding.
Because she is sweet, and we like her, and because she seems to want to stay.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Reading And Colorful Finds

I thought I had subscribed to the new Mollie Makes U.S. Edition  pretty much the instant  I heard about it, but apparently I was not quick enough, because I realized when it started coming that I had missed out on the first two issues!
Luckily, I was able to find them on eBay.
I am really loving this magazine!
 (I've received the most recent issue, also, since taking the photo above.)
Among my more colorful finds of late were these sweet painted wooden trays with floral decals:
I also found some great vintage plates, too - they are Early California from Vernon Kilns:

  I think this vintage Melmac plate will look nice in somebody's kitchen:
 I like the way these two seem to have a similar look: a package of origami paper, and the cover of a vintage needlepoint book:
Thrifted placemats drying outside in the summer sunshine:
Last of all, these vinyl tablecloths and the paper party plates were 70% off at JoAnn's:

So many pretty colors!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

California Missions - A Vintage Find And a Poem

I found this great vintage, unused linen tea towel at a thrift shop:
It features all of the historical California Missions.
It was made by KayDee Handprints:
The artwork is by Ernest A. Batchelder.
Below, you see San Juan Bautista:
I had to also show you our oldest grandson's model of Mission San Juan Bautista, his school project earlier this year:
I snapped this picture of a photo of San Juan Bautista  that was on display at the California State Fair:
And I wanted to share this lovely poem from my poetry book I have written about before, titled "Brief Aprils", along with the illustration by Don Blanding which accompanies it in the book:

Mission Garden, by Edythe Hope Genee

Through the pepper's lacy shadows,
Ghosts of the padres tread these mission paths.,
And in the garden, tall hibiscus idly whisper,
Telling of Conchita, fairest daughter of Old Spain -
She who was so lovely that the roses turned their heads
And flushed with envy as she passed by.
Through the mission window, the wind brings the scent of
Languorously sweet, and sways the faded scarlet fringe of a
white shawl,
Hanging in the shadows.

As with all of her poems in the book, that one is lovely, don't you think?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Naked Ladies (Amaryllis Belladonna) and a Potted Lemon Tree

Almost five years ago, on September 30, 2009, I wrote one of my first posts on this blog about Naked Ladies:

This little patch of Naked Ladies and succulents surrounded by bearded iris was not planted back then. I actually planted all these lovely blooming beauties from bulbs that I thought were dead and rotten. I thought I would give them a chance and most of them sent up leaves that winter and bloomed within the next two years. The spaces in this little plot where they don't grow are very rocky so I couldn't plant bulbs there. It once was just a rocky weedy area below my peonies so I am very happy they made it.
My naked ladies always start blooming in August, which is when my birthday is, so I think of them as a birthday gift I have given to myself. I have planted hundreds of bulbs here in Kelsey, so they compete with the daffodils now.
I love the flowers and the scent of the flowers, I love the beautiful green leaves in the winter when everything else is brown and bare.
 I love the "surprise" when they pop up out of the dry crackly hard clay soil.
 You go, you naked girls...         And in the meantime, a poor potted lemon tree bursts out with tons of fruit...
We have had this little lemon tree for about 25 years, since before we moved to Kelsey. I have lost track of when and why I got it. It has been through potted plant hell, foot deep snow storms, temperatures in the teens for days, 108 degree temperatures, you name it. This year it has decided to be healthy, and instead of its usual (for the last few years anyway) yellowed leaves and straggly limbs, it has greened up and flowered like crazy, and now has over twenty lemons fattening on its stems.
I find it funny that it is going to grace us with a giant bowl full of juicy bitter fruit right when I have developed a tropical fruit allergy, with my tummy rejecting the lemon and lime most of all. I might be able to tolerate a piece of lemon meringue pie, though. I will give it a try!
 Now if we could get our drought damaged lawn to green up...
Lovely shades of green on the lemon tree, beautiful tones of pink in the naked ladies, I am enjoying the colors of our summer.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An Apt Description

My weekly Weight Watchers meeting is tomorrow morning.
I'm not looking forward to weighing in.
I'm afraid I have not been doing very well lately, as far as sticking to my program.
This tile I found recently at a thrift store  describes my predicament very aptly, unfortunately:
I hate to admit it, but it's true.
I am going to need to try harder.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Finds Orange And Yellow

Today, I just have a few more bright finds, within a color theme.
Striped vintage plates and a couple of pretty placemats:
A painted ceramic zinnia wall to hang on the wall, and a vintage paisley scarf behind it:
Two vintage pedestal mugs that are fresh as a daisy:
A framed needlepoint floral:
A trivet with polka-dotted mushrooms:
And a polka-dotted mushroom on a vintage bracelet, too:
Last of all,  I found the pillow below.
A lovely hand-stitched little crewelwork number, probably made from a kit.
It was only a quarter: