Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Switching Up The Look Of The Beds Again

I've had these pillows on our bed for a while now. The vintage pillow shams in the back were a thrift shop find , new unused old stock, and I actually love them, but I just felt like doing something different.
 The purple pillows were here in the house, and the green one was a thrift find, as well.
 Mostly, it was about being tired of the pink coverlet which was the only thing I had that I could use with that assortment of pillows.
And, as it happened, I found a gorgeous bedspread. It's cotton, (maybe vintage, but it appeared to be unused) made in India, queen sized and even this scan below does not show quite how deep, rich and beautiful the colors are on it:
I want to get some large pillow shams that will coordinate with the spread, and maybe different toss pillows, too - but these small pillows were also ones that had been here in the house for years, so this is what I threw together for now:
And I wanted to change the look of the bed in the guest room, as well.
I found some vintage sheets and pillow cases that I really liked  for THAT bed at a thrift store, too.
(They're full size - so they will only fit on our guest bed.)
A wild purple and green geometric design:
So I paired those with more of our vintage purple pillows (I think my mother-in-law really liked purple! The carpet in the master bedroom was purple, too - we replaced it before we moved in).
 The purple coverlet is the paisley one given to me by our elderly neighbor when she was moving.
 The reverse side of it is solid purple, so I just flipped it over:
Pops of purple pack a pretty punch.
It's different, and I like it.
For now.
Until I decide to switch it up again.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just A Few Vera Finds

I have found just a few more vintage Vera Neumann items lately at the thrift shops.
A nice scarf:
A pair of "ombre" orange and yellow cloth napkins:
 A single napkin - even a single one can dress up the center of your table:

 And another Burlington pillow case:
That's it this time, but I'm always on the lookout!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

One More Peg Bracken Book

I found another Peg Bracken book at a thrift store. I was happy to see it,
and glad to add it to my collection I have written about back in previous posts.
I had this book in paperback, but not an hardcover edition, and although the dust jacket is thrashed, it's better than no dust jacket at all!
Works for me.
And it's cute, too.
(Illustrated, as were all of her books, by the fabulous Hilary Knight.)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

He Wanted To Be With The Angels

This is a very difficult post for me to write, so I have been putting it off. But here goes:
A few weeks ago, we had to make an agonizing, heart-wrenching decision. Our beloved Dizzy Kitty was suffering, and he was going downhill fast. His behavior had changed, and we had noticed it, but he was still eating, and he seemed to be getting along all right, just slowing down and he was going on sixteen. We thought he probably had arthritis and that was making it more difficult for him to jump up onto things. But, he was managing.
And then we realized, suddenly, one day that he couldn't see. It may have been coming on slowly, but he was making his way around, probably because he was used to his living spaces, indoors and out.
Then we saw that he would nearly walk into things, and only his whiskers prevented him, and he would turn at the last second.
I went out of town for a few days, and the morning I was to head home, my husband called me and said "Dizzy is getting worse. When will you be home?" I asked what he meant and he said he could barely walk. I couldn't believe it; he had been walking just fine when I left. I got home as quickly as I could and the kitty I saw was in really bad shape. All he wanted to do was hide somewhere; I believe that he knew he was dying. That's what they do. Obviously we couldn't let him out. He kept trying to wedge himself into places where there was no room for a little kitty. Between the heater and the wall, under chairs that didn't have enough space. He was dragging his back feet and going around in circles. He was no longer himself. It was the most painful thing to see. He has NEVER ever fought me, and he didn't even want me to hold him. He would scramble to get away and I was afraid he would hurt himself trying to jump down. He did not cry when I picked him up as though he were in pain, but periodically when he was trying to walk, he would let out the most piteous cries you ever heard. I could get him to lay down and then I'd cover him with a blanket because his little paws were cold. I looked up symptoms on the internet and saw what I did not want to read. For brief periods I could get him to settle in with me and I laid motionless with him on top of me on the sofa and I didn't dare move because he seemed to be finally resting, sleeping for a little while with his breathing obviously labored, holding him close and keeping him warm. I couldn't stay with him every single minute, though I wanted to, and when I was getting dinner ready, I heard something in the other room (he had been on the carpeted floor covered up with a blanket and resting when I left the room). He was inside of the fireplace box, where I have my collection of vintage chalkware angels - and they take up every single inch of space. There are a lot of them in there; they are on pedestals, various heights and sizes, and he was trying to get behind the large mirror that is propped up behind them - so he could hide back in there. VERY carefully, I got him out from around the knocked-over angels and I was like "No, no Dizzerbugs - you can't be in there with Mama's angels....".  He did it again a little bit later, and I had to barricade the whole area - because I didn't know where he would go if I just left the room to go to the bathroom or something! Mind you, I only left him at times when he had settled down and was resting. Then, invariably he would get up and try to make his way into some place where he could wedge himself in and hide when I was out of the room for a minute! But he could barely move, and he was going around in circles. It was so painful to watch.
You would have to really know me to know how much I adored this little cat. He was my baby , and any of you who have ever loved - and lost - a beloved pet will understand. We didn't know if he would make it through the night, and I didn't even want to go to bed. The next morning I found him "standing" with his nose in the corner in the little room where his bed was, like he just didn't know what to do or where to go. My husband called and talked to the vet, who is a friend since childhood, and we made the decision that nobody ever wants to make.
I want my Dizzy Little Kitty back. I want him right here, right now. I want to snuggle him and hold him and pet him and tell him how much I love him just like I did every day.
 I want him to jump up on my lap and I want him to lay on top of me while I'm watching TV at night, and I want him to wait patiently to lick my bowl after I eat ice cream.
And I'll never get to do any of those things again, and I have to try not to think about it, because my eyes well up with tears EVERY single time.
I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for a while, and she didn't even want to mention it because she KNEW.  But she said she was sorry to hear. And, standing in the crowded grocery store, the tears started to come as I said "No, I can't even talk about it...".
 "I know", she said.
You know, when he was trying to get into the (unused) fireplace and hide? Where the angels are? Not a single one of them got damaged. He was trying to be careful, even then. He was such a good little kitty. He was the best kitty EVER.
And I realized what I had said - "you can't be in there with the angels..."
So I will try to tell myself that he wanted to be with the angels. I wish he was still here with me, instead. But I'd like to imagine him in Kitty Heaven, where he can see and walk once again, basking in the sun, eating his favorite treat food, trying to catch birds and mice and moles and lizards - and no longer suffering nor in pain, and being held and loved by the person who loved him more than anybody ever thought they could love a dear little warm and furry creature.

Rest in peace, my beloved Dizzy Little Cat, rest in peace.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Finds

It's always nice to find things at the thrift stores for an upcoming holiday.
 I don't know anything about this cute little wooden duck with the pink cowboy hat, but he sure is cute.
And the green ceramic egg box was most likely made in a ceramics class:
These books are not necessarily Easter specific, but they LOOK like Easter to me:
Another ceramic egg box - perfect for holding yummy chocolate treats:
An unusual little ceramic bunny rabbit, also handmade, and a painted ceramic egg:
A set of egg cups. The lady at the thrift store asked me "Do you like sake?", and I politely answered no, while thinking to myself,
"Um, these are definitely egg cups, not sake cups, but whatever.":
The bottom half of this vintage paper egg box was missing, but this little guy painting his egg was too cute to leave behind.
 Just nestle it into some Easter grass, no one will ever know.....
There was only a small piece of this folded vintage Easter paper, but I love it:
I found my first pie bird, and decided I could pretend he was an Easter decoration, too - and I'm pretty sure he is singing about how gorgeous this painted ceramic egg is that is sitting next to him!
Oh - and I "found" this box sitting in on the living room table when I came home the other day:
We all know what's waiting inside of that!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's Penny Wearing? #101 - A Pretty Quilted Patchwork Vest

I found this sweet patchwork vest on Etsy:
Made from a vintage quilt, it's from the same company that made the gorgeous blouses I wrote about back in this post.
This vest was made with just the patchwork quilt fabrics, whereas the blouses incorporated fabulous vintage embroidered linens into the mix, as well.
 They are from K.A.S.Originals, from Fredericksburg, Texas.
 I surely do like their style.
Today on Penny, I paired it with a sweet pink ruffled blouse I found at a thrift store:
They look good together, I think - a nice mix of colors and patterns for springtime.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New (to me) Nasturtium Tablecloth

Tina here on a lovely spring day. Flowers blooming all over the yard, the sweet smells floating in the windows.

I am excited because I just found a beautiful nasturtium tablecloth on ebay. I have collected nasturtium items for about 37 years, and I have many tablecloths in lots of patterns and colors, but this one is very different.

I love the spots of black, very striking.

It hasn't arrived yet so these are the pictures the seller took.

Just wanted to share a collector's excitement!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Beautiful Breck Girls, Part Two

In part two today, we continue with even more of those beautiful Breck Girls, as rendered by the great Ralph William Williams.
Starting with this sweet gal, from March of 1968:
 Next, we have the lovely Lydia Hodson - America's Junior Miss in 1972 - from Lexington, Kentucky:
Gorgeous Jaclyn Smith, from April of 1973:
This beautiful blonde is Dianne Harris , from April, 1974:
Karen Morris, next, is gorgeous, too - from November of 1974:
The last one I found is the beautiful Donna Alexander, from March of 1975:
Every single one of them a stunner, I think you'll agree!
And of course, the fabulous artistry of the talented Mr. Williams for the Breck company certainly didn't hurt.

Monday, April 7, 2014

More Beautiful Breck Girls: Part One Of Two

I wrote a post back in 2010 about these lovely Breck Girls (click here to revisit the post), but I found quite a few more, so I wanted to share them, as well.
The beautiful artwork of Ralph William Williams, these were all found in my vintage Seventeen magazines.
A gorgeous blonde from December 1966 is first up today:
What stunning eyes this next young lady possesses!
Another blonde, this time in red, white and blue, from July, 1967:
This blue-eyed  brunette reminds me of someone, but I have not figured out who.
 From January, 1968; she's stunning:
And last of all today,  we have the ever-lovely Cheryl Tiegs, also from 1968 (forgot to note which month!)
Absolutely beautiful.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Favorite (Recent) Finds

Oh, for the love of bright and beautiful finds!
I could scarcely believe my eyes when I spied not one, but two of these gorgeous metal trays in pink and orange at a thrift shop in Placerville last time I was over that way!
They look pretty good with the little orange mini-pot, too:
Lori actually found the blue vase for me. Below it is shown with two of the others that were already in my collection:
How cute is this vintage circus-themed fabric?
I found another Handi-Holder - in avocado green, this time, and also another rooster napkin holder from Fitz And Floyd.
 I found one just like it a while back in gold and green colors.
It isn't in perfect condition, but for fifty cents, that was okay by me:
A zodiac ice bucket - the ultimate in vintage "cool":
Two nice vintage coffee mugs:
A fab tea cozy or toaster cover? I'm not sure which. Either way, I like the birds:
I've found a few of these souvenir plates recently, too.
 Here's just one of them:
These colorful vintage dominoes were discovered at our new tiny little thrift shop that opened up at the local Senior Center:
And here's another look at one of my trays I love so much, this time with a set of three vintage  "Kitchen Chemistry" Handblown Pilgrim glass canisters complete with their original cork lids:
Yes, I would say I have definitely been lucky to have found some pretty neat stuff lately!