Friday, July 18, 2014

Applique Designs From Vintage Books & Magazines

I've been finding so many fabulous vintage books lately, with gorgeous designs and projects inside, that I wanted to do a small series of posts to show some of them to you.
The first one is from 1972:
 "Applique" by Evangeline Shears and Diantha Fielding:
The Sunflower Sun below and the Topiary Tree to the right of it were designed by Ms. Fielding, and the design below it is San Blas Reverse Applique, made by the Indians in the Cuna region of Panama's San Blas Islands (photo courtesy of Jacqueline Enthoven).
This Plucked Dandelion was also designed by Diantha Fielding:
"Quail", below , by Tina Orth, made when she was a high school student in Seattle (photo also courtesy of J. Enthoven):
 There are some truly spectacular designs in this lovely book.

Next we have "The Applique book" by Charlotte Patera from the Creative Home Library, published in 1974 in association with Better Homes And Gardens:
Another sun - so cute!
And a "Fantasy Palace"
This one is called a Kantha:
"Katy The Cat"
An area rug of "Mediterranean Tiles":
This book is full of a ton of wonderful designs and projects. They're all fantastic.
(The Artful Artichoke, which I showed you in this post last month, is from this book, as well.)

These next three are from a vintage issue of McCall's Needlework And Crafts Magazine:

Nice ideas for home decor, gifts and wearables.
Aren't they all just so cute and colorful?

And I'll leave you with something much simpler,
this Simplicity pattern:
(I'll admit those aren't as fabulous as the others, above - but they actually look easy enough to be something even I could handle!)


Sunnyana said...

What a great post! The first picture reminds me of a puffy quilt I saw in a Seventeen magazine from the 70's. I like the bright colors. My favorite is Let the Sun Shine In. I LOVE it. I used to make felt banners for church but this is one I wouldn't mind hanging on my wall now!

Tina Dawn said...

I love the quail! Very nice, great ideas and art! Love T