Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And Still More Christmas "Thrifted" Treasures

I always love finding Christmas goodies at the thrift stores - especially vintage! And when I do, I feel compelled to share them with you. Some of the latest shown here today - a silver-plated bowl and some gorgeous ornaments:

And another bowl, and some MORE ornaments:

The most wonderful roll of vintage wrapping paper. It HAS to be vintage - I mean, who makes wrap this cute and colorful these days??

Rainbow Shiny Brites, handmade felt ornaments, Fire King plates, litle striped ornaments, and my beloved little fan-spinning Twinklers!! Probably my VERY favorite vintage ornaments in the entire world! And I found them at the Waste Management store! That means somebody threw them away. That's just crazy, folks!

Vintage Christmas tins. I love these for giving (or storing) my Christmas morning coffee cakes, cookies and fudge:

Jolly Holly pretty snow-frosted teardrop ornaments:

This vintage light-up Santa may have crazy eyes and be missing some paint and his little tree that he holds - but I love him just the same; I was thrilled to find him:

A lovely hand-embroidered apron:

Nice little boxed Hallmark "Beverage Ensemble":

A Sunset Christmas magazine, little angels, snowman votive holder, and a vintage Santa that used to be a bell - now he's just plain cute:

I have more to show you, but I thought this was enough for today!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

Campbell's - I love you - I really do.
Always have.
I love your soups; I grew up with them. To this day, Bean With Bacon is one of my VERY favorites:

And I love your recipes made with soup. I remember way back when I first discovered Golden Mushroom Soup. I already LOVED Cream Of Mushroom, and the "Golden" variety quickly became a favorite, too :

I love your cookbooks full of recipes made with Campbell's soup. I even devoted a full previous post to them, and I found another one, below, just recently at a thrift store:

But I'm so disappointed in you - because you no longer make this:

Oh, the Supper Bakes Lemon Chicken with Herb Rice was SO good. It was one of our favorite things! I always added fresh lemon juice in place of some of the water to make it super extra-lemony good.
I am going to attempt to put together something similar on my own. If it turns out worth a darn, I'll let you all know.
But I'm still disappointed. If we had known it was going to be discontinued, we would have tried to stock up on it!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's Penny Wearing? #39 A 70's Vintage Ensemble

Today, Penny is modeling another one of my old (1970's) outfits:
Three pieces: a skirt, a peplum blouse, and a scarf, completed with a matching belt, it was one of my favorites back in the day:
You could even wear the kerchief-type scarf on your head if you wanted, rather than around your neck:
Oh- and here is a picture of me wearing it , back in December of 1975:
So that's your Blast From The Past for today.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Counterpoint Canisters

I have mentioned vintage Counterpoint items before in my posts, and here is the picture shown previously of my canister set, found at a thrift store:
But I just found another pair of canisters a couple of weeks ago (and the recipe box I found at the same thrift shop for 50 cents looks pretty cute with them). This pair has a different blue and green combination:
They all look pretty good together up on top of this cupboard with some of my Ransburg pottery:

I find myself looking for them online all the time. I found these next two sets a while back on Etsy:
I didn't buy them; I only admired them from afar:

And here are some more, pictured in this layout from a 1970's Seventeen magazine. See them up on the shelf?

Here they are again on the left. In addition, please notice the colorful cardboard boxes like mine stacked on the shelves in the picture below, which were also made by Counterpoint:

I keep spotting these cool vintage Counterpoint items, and I just LOVE all of this stuff! I love that they are useful and colorful, and I am SO glad that I have saved some of my favorites since I was a teenager. I never tire of looking at them.
And I'll always keep looking for more!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lori's Recent Christmas Thrift Finds

Sis Lori here, and my recent finds with Christmas in mind:
Beautiful tree topper, packaging says West Germany, I love it!!!

A Playmobil Nativity, nearly complete, for the grandkids to play with:

These cupcake molds have a wax coating, bottom sticker says "Freund Mayer & Co. New York" - love these, too!

A cute wooden musical scene:

Found a bag full of these, from Seasons of Cannon Falls:

Vintage corsage, patterned packing tape, a huge set of wooden ornaments - the tiny bird ornaments went to Heidi - she has a collection, (of course)!!

Vintage jingle bells on card, Christmas colors chipboard letter set, cards, etc.

Now I just need to get busy and put some of this to good use!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

And A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day To You!

We are, indeed, very thankful:
And grateful for our many blessings:

It's all about the turkey, today:

So it's time once again for my annual photos of our Thanksgiving decor:

The painting you see in the picture below is from my friend Jamie over at Mid Century Madness (thanks, J!):

Hope you have a wonderful feast with family and friends.
Gobble, gobble....

And may you have lots of turkeys.....
I mean turkey!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Grandpa Pop in Vintage Family Photos

Good morning, this is Tina, and I am again sharing some old family photos, this time they are all of our Grandpa Pop, our Dad's Dad. Daddy called his parents Mom and Pop, and I was the oldest granddaughter, and I dubbed them Grandpa Pop and Grandma Mom and it stuck. For a long time I also called my aunt Aunt Sis.
The men in our family have always been inclined to get their hands into all sorts of projects around the home. Here Grandpa Pop changes a tire.
I can't really tell what he is showing off in this picture. Any guesses? My son Josh definitely inherited some of my Grandpa's features.
Sitting on a fence with cap in hand. It appears he liked to get dressed up. Either that, or he only allowed a picture taken when he was looking his best.
Posing in the snow on February 23, 1942. This is another photo that reminds me of Josh.
A final photo as our Grandpa Pop shows off our Daddy in 1924.
Sending out a wish to you all to have a very special family-and-friend filled Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Waltons

I was a HUGE fan of The Waltons. I watched it every week (insert theme song in your head here), and never missed an episode if I could possibly help it. I was delighted when this edition of "The Saturday Evening Post" came out with them on the cover. This is my copy, purchased back in 1973:

With me being a huge Norman Rockwell fan as well, I thought it was such a clever cover - a take-off , of course, of the famous "Freedom From Want" painting, part of Rockwell's "Four Freedoms" series. The artist's name is Robert Charles Howe, and he won a contest back then for being the artist whose paintings most closely resembled Mr. Rockwell's style. He met and spent time with Mr. Rockwell, and was so obviously greatly inspired by him.

There was a nice article inside about The Waltons, and the series creator, author Earl Hamner. Oh, it was SUCH a wonderful television series, full of warmth, and home and family, and life's lessons learned. I loved it so. Did you watch it, too? Did you love it?

I found this book at a thrift store for a quarter. Of course I had to buy it - right?

(Added on November 24th) I had been looking for this magazine article before I posted this - couldn't find it anywhere - and then today I finally came across it by accident! So I had to add these two pages - the beautiful women of The Waltons, from Good Housekeeping magazine, December 1977:
Judy Norton-Taylor, who played Mary Ellen (on the left in the picture above) is wearing a Gunne Sax dress. I love it!

And here is a shot of the entire Post cover - one of many Posts I have saved all these many years - mostly because they were still publishing articles featuring Rockwell and his works regularly, and I was a rather fanatical fan. I have written about him before here on our blog. Here's a full shot of the entire magazine cover. The magazine is too large to fit entirely on my scanner:

We here at Gold Country Girls are wishing you and John Boy and the whole clan a wonderful Thanksgiving week!