Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Barbie Dress-Up Day! #1 "Friday Nite Date"

I decided I wanted to start a new series of posts: Barbie Dress-Up!
Honestly, it's really just an excuse for me to play with my dolls.
I don't have a lot of vintage Barbie clothes - but I am going to take what I do have and play dress-up with them, and then show them to you. All I have of this first set, "Friday Nite Date" is the adorable blue corduroy jumper.

Wish I had the other items. We used to have a lot of things. I think our neighbor gave them either to Tina or all of us when she outgrew them. Nice neighbor, huh? She was. Over the years, I think mother took a lot of them to school when she was teaching, and they disappeared. Only a few things remained, and I have collected clothing over the years whenever I found something I could afford!
I have become inspired by Lindsey's Barbie Wednesday posts over at Two Crazy Crafters to play with my dolls more often!
Who says you have to grow up?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrift Finds Made Of Wood

I have found some rather nice things lately made of wood, so I decided to devote a post to them.
A Simply Shabby Chic (Rachel Ashwell for Target) frame, a black wooden frame that I stuck some pretty scrapbook paper in, a wooden plate that is a lovely example of pyrography with a painted design, and an useful old file box:
A very nice utiltarian wooden rolling cart:
A mug tree that I spray-painted red and a cute chair, just right for a doll:

A great cubby organizer. I have two that are very similar to this (except they are stained wood, not painted black) that I bought at Pottery Barn a number of years ago. They used to call them a "Postman's Box". The back isn't wood, but that doesn't bother me. It's nice:
And a nice, well-made heavy maple chair. I'm thinking I want to paint it; I haven't quite decided yet:
It's a good solid, sturdy chair.
There's something to be said for being solid and sturdy, don't you think? Even if your "outsides" might need to be spruced up a bit?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mark Twain's Cabin

Good morning. Gold Country Girl Tina blogging today. I was talking to Heidi last weekend and she mentioned that it is the 100 year anniversary of Mark Twain's death this year. She knew I had a lot of postcards of the cabin he lived in for a while in Tuttletown, California, between Sonora and Angel's Camp. So I am sharing those postcards today in honor of one of our country's most beloved writers.
This is the only postcard I have that shows the cabin in a dilapidated state before it was restored. The roof is caving in, the walls are leaning, and I doubt if there is a floor. The straw-hatted ladies appear to be having a picnic and in the center of the picnic you see a wooden table. I find the table quite interesting, because it shows up in three of my other postcards.
Here is the cabin after restoration. I have no shots of the inside, but it is probably just one large room. Notice the table under the oak tree to the right. How would you like to have an address such as "Jackass Hill"? Not very high-fallutin'.
This old gent standing at the door of the cabin is W. R. Gillis. He and his brother Jim owned the cabin and worked with Mark Twain in a mining venture that did not pay off, at least for Mr. Twain. He would earn his fortune with his pen. At the bottom of this postcard it reads "Mark Twain's partner W. R. Gillis. Mark Twain cabin near Sonora, Cal."
A postcard of the Historical Marker near the cabin. "On California State Highway 49. One mile to Mark Twain Cabin Replica, with Original Chimney and Fireplace. Here, on Jackass Hill, young Mark Twain while the guest of the Gillis Brothers in 1864-65 gathered material for his 'Jumping Frog of Calaveras' which first brought him fame, and for 'Roughing It'.
In this shot there is a large stack of wood next to the chimney. I would love to see a shot of the fireplace inside. It must be quite large.
Here the table makes an appearance again, leaning towards the chimney. There also appears to be an outhouse in back on the left.
Here is the table again. The large oak near the cabin is also very interesting in the many shots. It has been pruned and loped through the years, and large props put under some of the limbs. I wonder how big it was 140 years ago when Mark Twain lived there?
This postcard erroneously states "Mark Twain's Cabin El Dorado Co. Cal." It is actually in Tuolumne County.
This was one of my favorite places to go when I visited Tuolumne County in my teens and twenties, before Heidi moved there. There is something fascinating about these old miners' cabins. Roughing it is right!
This color postcard shows the old oak tree with it's lopped off branches, bench built around the trunk, and the large props under the branches. This card is a Union Oil Company Natural Color Scenes of the West postcard and states "Mark Twain's Cabin where the author wrote his 'Jumping Frog of Calaveras' stands on Jackass Hill just east of Angels Camp. The region is famed in fact and legend for its 75% pure gold quartz and the hardy pioneers who came with the Gold Rush. Tour the west this year with 76 gasoline."
This is a "Wesco Color Card, reproduced from Natural Color Photographs. Mark Twain's Cabin, Mother Lode Country, in California. Reproduced by Spectratone from a Kodachrome by Mike Roberts".
This card has quite a bit to say. "Mark Twain's Cabin. Jackass Hill. Mark Twain lived in this cabin for some 5 months in 1864-5 as a guest of the Gillis brothers at a time he had to flee San Francisco because of debts. Coarse gold was found on the hill and one quartz pocket produced from one to three hundred dollars a day for three years. This replica of the cabin is built around the old fireplace, undamaged when fire destroyed the original building. The hill received its name from the braying of hundreds of jackasses that paused here overnight as they packed supplies to the mines. It was here that Clemens wrote "Roughing It" and "The Sage of Jackass Hill" The hill is a short distance from highway 49 and north of Sonora and Columbia. M.P." Photo color by Merle Porter.
"Mark Twain's Cabin on Jack Ass Hill, Mother Lode Country of California Gold Rush Days. It was here that Mark Twain put together material for his first writing fame." Little did he know he would become famous for such classics as 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Innocents Abroad'.
I hope you enjoyed your armchair postcard tour of Mark Twain's Cabin on Jackass Hill.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Colorful Kitchens

I can't get enough of colorful kitchens. I shared some with you in an earlier post, but there are many more where those came from!
One of my favorite kitchens EVER, in the home of Ann and Gary Forstall, from Country Living Magazine, 1998. I love it all:
Michaela Hart's kitchen, from Country Collectibles Magazine, 2003. She has quite a few Ransburg pottery pieces, which you may already know I am VERY fond of! I'd want a lighter background than the blue wallpaper, but I love the display of her collections on the open shelves:
A page I saved from Anthropologie because I loved it so much. I bought the latte bowls; I use them every day. I have more than enough dishes to achieve a very similar look , if only I had their great old cupboard!
A bright and colorful shelf display - also from Country Living Magazine, I believe. I have a collection of colorful vintage pottery, also, and I wouldn't mind displaying it on a shelf like this, myself:
This gal shares my love for all things green and vintage. With the exception of the wallpaper border, I love this kitchen, too! Also from Country Collectibles Magazine, 2002:
And just because I get a major kick out of these ads, two with lots of color - one for Kleenex:
And one for Windex!
"I can see clearly's going to be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiny day!"

Monday, April 26, 2010

Needlepunch Pillows Part Three: The Flowers

The final installment of my punchwork pillow collection. Flowers, starting with these daffodils:
Bright poppies:
Yellow flowers (what are those?)
More roses in a basket:
And the tulips in a basket were my most recent find:
Perhaps I will get lucky, and find some more.
I'll keep you "posted" if I do!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wacky Vintage Cards

You can still find any number of silly, funny, even wacky cards in any card shop today - but do you remember ones like these?
I have some that I have saved since the 70's! Just felt like sharing them with you today.

A birthday card from my friend Debbie:
The message inside? "Merry Christmas"!
And a Christmas card from her, too:
....and the inside of that one:

I found a couple of unused ones here in the house, in the secretary that belonged to my mother-in-law. I wouldn't want to give this one to anybody:

Not very nice.
And this one:
That's just mean.
No wonder they were unused.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Then And Now # 64 Betty Crocker Brownies

Betty Crocker Brownies are the subject of the day, seen here in a advertisement for the mix from 1954:

And, here is another, this one from 1956:
And one more ad from 1960:
Here is how the box looks today. Oh, but she has more than one variety available these days!

I felt like making brownies the other day.
So I did:
I am a chocoholic, and yes, I LOVE brownies!
I didn't use a mix. But I did use a recipe from this Betty Crocker cookbook:
So that counts, right?