Friday, September 30, 2011

Lori's Family Reunion Vacation

I had a great vacation recently with the Ex's family. 7 of us flew from the West Coast to Charleston, SC., and met up with the rest of the clan at Murrel's Inlet, SC.
We rode to the Port of Charleston in a limo-type Van.
We went on a Carnival Cruise which was supposed to go to Bermuda. However, Hurricane Irene led us instead to Cozumel and Key West. I had not been to either so that was fine with me.
Here we are loading up:

One of our activities on ship - Dominoes:

In the dining room, at 2 tables, 16 were in our group:

Our waiters had a special song and dance for us each night:

Some of the awesome food we had; the prime rib was delicious:

This dessert was my favorite - fudge cake with a pudding underneath, served with ice cream:

Photo taken of the sky one night, off the side of the ship:

Great singing at the Piano Bar:

I roomed with a cousin, here are our cozy beds:

The Cabin Steward made an animal each night for our room from a towel or two:

My son's girlfriend Nicole and I in Cozumel:

In Key West, a group of us rented bicycles:

We biked to a few bars for refreshments:

Here we are relaxing:

Some great appetizers we enjoyed:

Our bikes parked across the street:

A stop at the southernmost point:

Back to the ship and heading home to reality!!!!

We all really enjoyed the trip and visiting with each other. If you haven't ever cruised you should try it, I love it!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Thrift Finds

Let me start off today by saying that I think some of our readers may believe that everything I buy, I keep. That wouldn't even be physically possible for me! Many of my finds are destined for the shop. (And please do feel free to inquire if you see something you are interested in. The worst that can happen is that I say it's not for sale - or maybe already sold would be worse!)
First up, an assortment of wooden candle holders. The blue ones are from Sweden:

Gorgeous floral sheets, and a sweet little vintage book featuring real (and adorable!) photos inside:

Italian wool paisley scarves, table runner with a great stitchery design, Frankoma boot, and a vintage apple plate:
Beautiful vintage bird postcards:
A pair of brass deer and a blue and white platter that matches another I found:
This gingham apron was in the free box, because it was a mess. I soaked it AND treated the hell out of the stains, and most of them came out:
After washing, pressing and starching it, it looks almost decent!
(At least, when the remaining stains are hidden from view!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ishi or Isn't He? (Old enough to go outside)

Good morning. Ishi again. I had to make a trip to the vet last week to get my shots. I was so excited! I thought once I got my shots I would be able to go outside all the time whenever I felt like it.
Fat chance... It turns out I am not as old as I thought I was. I really feel grown up, but I guess I am not yet 4 months old. So I only got my distemper and leukemia shots, I wasn't old enough for the rabies shot yet. So in October I have to go back and get the rabies shot and boosters for the others. THEN I get to go outside all I want!

I am still trying to get out there when mom isn't looking. Problem is, she is ALWAYS looking. Last night she opened the slider to the deck to give Robbi (my corgi brother) a rib bone. I know mom is kind of slow 'cause of her hip and has to use her cane, so I was really sneaky and ran out while she was tossing the treat to Robbi. I had some fun for a little while. She can't run and catch me. Ha ha!

I have to admit not long after that she tricked me into coming in with some "numbles". That is what we call canned cat food around here. I guess I was ready to come in anyway...

Until I grow up, I enjoy relaxing in some of my favorite spots inside, especially if they are by a window or a door. I like to be either where there is a patch of warm sunlight, or a view to outdoors.

I either nap or contemplate what is to come in my future. I have so much to learn and do. I haven't eaten a gopher yet. I am really looking forward to that.

This is one of my favorite places in the dining room. It is usually quiet and I can get my sunbath without too much interference. If I get bored I can always try to knock the houseplants out of the windowsill. I managed to get one down the other day and it was a lot of fun. The dirt went all over the rug in a nice mess and the pot ended up under the table where mom couldn't get to it, and dad had to get it for her. A job well done!

Look at how innocent I look! I really am a good kitty, honest.

I just want to be out there, chasing the leaves as they flutter along the ground, playing soccer with the acorns, making sure the woodpile is free of mice.

I am learning a lot around here. I have gotten pretty good at cleaning up. I need it often, because I get rather messed up when I roughhouse with Robbi. But more about that later.

Sometimes I get distracted from my relaxing because I have so many things to do. And if Chessie walks by I always need to attack him. I have to be ready for any event. Sometimes all of a sudden my dad might make a slithery move while he is sitting in his chair and I have to run over and jump on his head.

But first things first.

I have been thinking of starting a Cat-tha Yoga class, because I am so good at it and Chessie and Luna definitely need to learn some relaxation techniques. They seem to be so wound up all the time.

I call this pose "Just caught bullfrog". I am still perfecting it. When done right it is very refreshing to the senses and also sometimes X rated.

Don't forget, at all times while you are keeping your poses, you need to be ready for a quick get-away in case the door opens.

An occasional extra limb comes in handy. Here I use my mom's arm as a base for push off as I begin my move.

Ah... purrfectly heavenly.

Robbi doesn't do yoga, so we usually manage to get in a good physical workout every evening. I like to start out by giving him a belly rub.

Always use your back legs and kick wildly against the tummy. Make sure your claws are out.

This is so much fun. Who new that exercise could be so enjoyable! I love to massage his neck ruff I think he likes it too.

Somehow I always end up in his mouth, and I am all slimy afterwards with slobber. But he helps me out by licking me off, face and all.

I don't know what Robbi did without me. Chessie and Luna won't play with him. He is so glad I came to live here. We even sleep together sometimes. We are best friends.

Of course all good things must come to an end. Sometimes I need to get away by myself. Robbi isn't allowed on the furniture, so I can find a private spot on the loveseat when I need a break.

Well, I will leave you now. I have some growing up to do, so I will settle down in one of my special places amd watch the outside to see what I am missing.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Off Your Rocker?

We have a rocking chair similar to the one below, and we aren't really using it right now. It's a family piece, but I've never been too interested in it. But when I saw this picture in a magazine, I thought "Well, hey now..." If I had a cool looking custom-made pad for that rocker, I could really get behind it. Well - I mean, no - don't get behind it, that could be dangerous. At least, not when somebody's rockin'.

But, just think of the possibilities, with a great piece of colorful new or vintage fabric. Take that old rocker and make it look fabulous!
Well, maybe - if I could sew, and maybe if I had a pattern, then maybe I could make one. (I don't know, that's a lot of "maybes".)
Maybe you have one - and you could take it "off your rocker" and make me a pattern?
No? I didn't think so.
Oh, well. It was worth a shot.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Butterfly Cupcakes

Sister Lori here: Recently I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend turning 70 years young. Her grand daughter, a teenager, made these beautiful cupcakes:

She also made the chocolate butterflies on top:

What an awesome job, and delicious too!

We really enjoyed them, but they were almost too pretty to eat!