Friday, November 30, 2007

All That Glitters is Silver and Sparkly

I mentioned previously that I love art deco style. And I'm really drawn to black and silver or chrome to go with my vintage deco picture frames and antique vanity table items. Within the last month or so, I've found a few things. ( I THINK you may be able to click on the picture to see it enlarged - that may help. I am really sorry my photos are so bad - hopefully I will improve as this blog goes along!) I love the picture inside the Sinatra Christmas CD I got at Target. The disco ball mirrored ornaments were from OSH - they came out to just about a dollar apiece for the set of 6. I set one on top of a pressed glass candle holder from a thrift store. Sparkly! The little black shoe is an adorable ornament from Target with a vintage look. It will not be packed away after Christmas! I found a set of clear hand blown glass ornaments at a thrift store for $1, and set one of those atop another glass candle holder "pedestal". Then there's a sequined and beaded oil lamp ornament - it was silver and black- had to have it! It is sitting on top of a pretty ceramic bank in the shape of a vintage shoe - yep, silver and black. That was from the Hallmark store, a birthday gift from my husband (that I picked out). Sitting with them on top of the small white cake pedestal (thrifted, too) are some gorgeous art deco mirrored earrings in red, silver and black - another thrift find. Oh, and the little silver deer perfume bottle was $1. In the back on the right are silver ribbon ornament hanger loops from Target. So, it's not all Christmas,
but they just ended up on top of a dresser before being distributed elsewhere. If I could deck my halls exclusively in art deco style vintage or new Christmas stuff, I probably would. ( But I have too much other stuff!)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vintage Christmas Bells

My sister Tina gave me these adorable vintage Christmas bells for my birthday. I adore them , and the cute little original box they came in. Makes me think of the Christmas song I like by the same name. It's Patti Page singing with a children's choir. Do you know it?
"The Christmas bells are ringing, the holly's at the window pane. I hear the children singing, it's Christmas again...."
Also in the photo - an old box of ornament hangers I found at Goodwill in Modesto for 29 cents, and Frank Lloyd Wright designed Christmas cards from a thrift shop for 50 cents. Now, those are the types of things I like to find! Hmmmm- that reminds me of another favorite song - So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - such a beautiful song (Simon and Garfunkel). A LOT of things remind me of a song. Have I mentioned that I also love to sing? Don't even get me started....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Making Christmas Bright

I'm loving the combinations of bright colors in all this stuff I've found in the last couple of weeks! Gift wrap,tags, and ribbon from Target, and wrapping paper from Martha Stewart at K-Mart, along with great cards from a thrift shop. I guess the cards are for next year - this year I decided I had to make them (see previous post) - right - like I didn't already have enough things to work on!
I like to have tons of choices when it comes to making wrapped gifts look gorgeous - I'm the only person I know who REALLY gets in to wrapping - ask anyone who knows me! I love vintage wrap, new wrap, all of it, and curling ribbon and bows in all colors. I mean, I'm really kind of a freak about it. My husband said - "Heidi never met a wrapping paper she didn't like". Well, I'm not sure that's true, but, you get the idea! Maybe I'll post a photo when I get my wrapping station set up this year.This picture is only some of the most recently purchased stuff. I didn't NEED to even buy any wrap this year.
It all looks so pretty together, though!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Cards/More Pretty Postage

As I said in a previous post, I love using vintage postage stamps if I can. So, this year, I'm using two or three old stamps to make up 41 cents postage or more on my Christmas card envelopes.
I had cards already that are supposed to be a photo frame, but I didn't have a photo I wanted to use, so instead, I took some of my favorite vintage cards and made color photocopies and then I used those instead of a photo. That's what I'm working on this weekend, and I'm happy with how they're turning out.
What do you think?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sequins, Felt, and Birds

I've got a thing for vintage treasures decorated with sequins. And birds. I collect lots of different bird things. The pillow cover shown in the background was found at a thrift shop- so much work went into that! I just threw in the little wooden bird pin and the little embroidered mitten clip because they are so cute. I found the sequined swallow pins on Ebay earlier this year. I'm just fascinated by the amount of time that was spent on these crafts. Starting with the felt Christmas stockings our mother made for us when we were little girls, and now in the present day, I can't seem to get enough of these vintage handiworks! I will be sharing more that are Christmasy in upcoming posts.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, the huge bird is in the oven. Lots more to do! But I just wanted to wish the most wonderful of Thanksgiving Days to everyone!!
And a happy turkey to ya!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Marlo!

Just wishing a very happy birthday to the wonderful Marlo Thomas. It's hard for me to believe she is 70. I still think of her as the lovely young Ann Marie. I LOVED the show, and I had a MAJOR crush on Donald Hollinger (as played by the late ,extremely talented Ted Bessell)
Some of the TV stars from back then had a big impact on me, and she was one of them. I still adore her, and Sally Field- and I also totally loved Elizabeth Montgomery. I am still interested in seeing everything they have ever done, and I'm really enjoying Sally Field in Brothers and Sisters.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In The Kitchen
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My sister gave me the cutest apron for my birthday made out of this great fabric. I love the checkerboard floor, the chrome table and stools - everything!
So - how about it?? Let's all get together with our fabulous retro housewifey aprons on, and cook up a storm!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Holiday Potatoes Recipe

When we were growing up, our mother made a lot of things from the fabulous Farm Journal series of cookbooks. Think farm wives and country cooks - who could do it better?! One of our very favorites is the recipe for Refrigerator Mashed Potatoes. Nothing else will do for our family holiday dinners. We all LOVE them! I have made them using light or fat free sour cream and cream cheese, and they turned out fine. They are easy to heat in the microwave - just keep stirring them at intervals to be sure they are heated through evenly. The best part is that they can be made ahead. Trust me, they are delicious. Try it, you'll like it!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Two Little Elves

I found these two little elves earlier this year on the same weekend in neighboring towns. The total paid for the pair was $7.50. The first one was in a thrift shop for $2, and when I found the second - well, I mean, he had to come and live with his brother, right? The one with the tree stump is a planter, and the other a figurine. Cute little guys!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Table

This was our table a few years ago. I haven't taken pictures yet of this year's decorations. The turkey platter shown here is one that has been in the family. Hand-painted in Italy, and a lovely addition to the table.

P.S. Dizzy kitty is back home. He's mad because we won't let him out, but apparently a cat fight got him into this mess. He has a 2 inch long stitched-up gash on his scalp where the abcess was. We're lucky it wasn't worse. Don't really want to take any chances.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dizzy to The Doctor

My Dizzy Kitty had to go to the vet yesterday. He had an abcess on the top of his head. They say he is doing okay, but he has "kind of a big hole" in his scalp. Poor kitty. I get to go pick him up this afternoon. That's good, because we sure miss him. The house really isn't the same without him in it! We don't like it one bit.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Farewell Friend

A friend of mine died last week. I only know because it was in the paper. She had been living in Contra Costa county, but I didn't know that. The last time she moved, I never got her new address and we lost touch completely. She was 97 years old. Her husband died in 1992. When I was a waitress, they used to come in for a late afternoon dinner. We talked and got to know each other, and I believe they came to think of me as the daughter they never had ( they have one son). They invited me to their home for dinner. She gave me the little set of cookie cutters on the card in the photo. She had her cookie cutter collection on a huge door-sized display with the shapes outlined showing exactly where each one went. When they moved in to a senior living apartment , they GAVE me their piano! I had mentioned how I took lessons as a girl , and missed having a piano, and wished I could learn to play again. They were so sweet and generous to me, and I remember that when she would send cards, she always addressed them inside with "Heidi Dear". I loved that.
Janet Dear, I loved you . I will miss you, and I miss our friendship. I'm so sorry that we lost track of each other.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Turkey Postcards

Just wanted to share with you a few of my favorite antique Thanksgiving postcards. I love using my vintage postcards in my holiday decorating. The images and colors on these old cards are beyond beautiful, don't you agree?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pretty Platter

I found this pretty turkey platter a few weeks ago in Jamestown. I thought the price was reasonable in an antiques shop. I wandered around the whole store thinking about it, sort of trying to talk myself out of it. "I already have two turkey platters", I said to myself. "But it's a pretty one, huge (20 in. wide) - appears to be vintage (Vogue of Calif. USA on the back), it's in good shape, the price is fair", myself said back. Well, in the end, obviously, the side of me that knows how I am won out. That's the side that has been SO sorry in the past when I didn't get something, and then couldn't stop thinking about it after I got home! You know how that is - IF you are able to go back, it's usually gone.
My new platter looks beautiful with my turkeys and other Thanksgiving decorations, and yes, I am happy I brought it home!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Own "Coat of Many Colors"

I found an old quilt a number of years ago in an antique shop on Sutter St. in Folsom. It was priced very reasonably because there was large hole burned out of the middle. ( Hmm - heater tipped over , got too close to a fire, cigarette? - who knows what happened to it!). Well, I had the idea to try and make a coat out of it. I'm not much of a seamstress, so a few years later, I found a pattern I liked and I paid Linda at Linda's Cloth Creations in Amador City to make it for me. I wanted the back side which was the pretty jadite green color to be folded back to make cuffs, the pocket flaps, and the shawl collar. My quilt coat turned out lovely, and a lady commented one day that it was like Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (beautiful song!), and I thought - "Why, yes, it is!"

Monday, November 5, 2007

More Ransburg

That's it. Just a couple more pictures to show you of my Ransburg obsession - oh, I mean collection! I just love the gorgeous hand painted flowers on this stuff!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Deco Silhouettes

I LOVE art deco designs. I got these three playing cards and the vintage hosiery box on ebay. I simply needed to have them to go with my art deco picture frames and vanity table items that I have spent years collecting. Basically, if it's silver and black and it's vintage (and sometimes, even if it's not!), and it has an art deco design on it, I want it. If it is useful in some way, that's even better. But it doesn't have to be. It can just sit there and look pretty. Can't explain it, can't help it, can't seem to stop. I'm a collector. It's what I DO.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thank You For My Nice Brown Roll

I found this sweet little image in a thrift shop earlier this year. They had pages from vintage prayer books for sale at 50 cents each. I got the wooden frame in the same shop for 50 cents, as well, if I recall correctly. Together they created an adorable little picture that I look forward to adding to my Thanksgiving decorations this year. Okay - first I have to pack up Halloween!