Saturday, December 31, 2011

Maybe Just A Few This Time...

I've never been much of a resolution maker. If I did make any, I probably didn't ever keep them. So, I figured: Why set yourself up for failure? But as this year comes to a close, I seem to have changed my mind about it.
I decided I will go ahead and make just a few resolutions this time.
But I am going to be realistic about it.
Let's make some that we truly believe we can keep this time.
Because, after all - it's about time.

So I am not going to say "Get organized.".
Sounds too daunting. So I will instead resolve to:
1. Work on organizing my life.
This encompasses many different aspects, not the least of which will include tackling my mess of a desk, and also going through STUFF and purging, donating, selling, etc. Yes, I believe I can do that.
I am also NOT going to say "Exercise every day." I will, however, resolve to:
2. Move more.
I want to do it; I need to do it, and I think I can - and will - do it.
I am also NOT going to resolve to go on a diet. Because I am already a Weight Watchers member, and this will continue as an ongoing process. I do not need a resolution for this. I am living it, and I will not give up, even if I do have setbacks now and then.

My final resolution is by no means less important than the other two. Rather, it is probably the MOST important of the three.
3. I will MAKE more time to spend with family and friends.
I feel that this is necessary and desirable for SO many reasons. I NEED this. Badly. And I am going to make it happen.
If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I seldom write personal posts like this. If you have managed to read this far without your interest waning, I thank you.

And a very Happy New Year's Eve to you!

Friday, December 30, 2011

One Bowl Breakfast

Nonfat yogurt, pomegranate arils, and some high fiber cereal.
Dairy, protein, fruit, fiber, antioxidants.
It's quick, it tastes yummy, and it's good for me.
I like it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's Penny Wearing? #58 A "Thrifted" Tunic

I found this tunic/blouse at the Hospice Thrift store in Angel's Camp. It was more than I normally like to pay for clothing, but after I tried it on, and it fit - I decided I needed to add it to my wardrobe. Made in Indonesia of my favorite wearable fabric, rayon, and it even has pockets, which I love:
Tina suggested that it might look nice with a long skirt, and I realized that I did, indeed have one that might pair well with it.
The skirt, (of rayon, as well) from Sacred Threads, was also a thrift store purchase quite a few years ago. I DO like them together, but I can also wear the top with leggings.

I do truly love it when I find thrifty clothing that I can actually wear!
Recycling at it's very best.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Farewell , Mr. Kullijian

I was sorry to hear that Carol Channing's husband, Harold Kullijian
passed away on Monday. I had become accustomed to reading about them fairly often in The Modesto Bee, and I was fascinated by their story, having found love again when they reunited late in life.
Thinking of you and your family today, with great love and respect, Ms. Channing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don't Need Kodachrome, But.....

"I got a Nikon camera"!
I have wanted a different digital camera of my very own for a while now, just something more portable, small and lightweight than the one we've been using. I am absolutely not a photographer, by any stretch of the imagination, but...

"I love to take a photograph", and with my new camera, a Christmas gift from my husband, and this "Photo Studio" set-up...

...from my stepson and his wife - the ones who got married back in May of 2010, I am hoping that I may be able to manage better photos in the future.
As soon as I learn how to use them, anyhow!
Kodachrome - it was fun while it lasted......

(Sorry, Kodak.)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Beautiful Bracelet Of Bling

I was unbelievably lucky and recently won a fabulous giveaway from the lovely Lisa over at A Thing For Roses.
This beautiful bracelet she made was my prize!

Isn't it gorgeous?

And, as if that wasn't enough, she also sent along this lovely ornament:
I feel very lucky, indeed.
Thank you, Lisa!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

We (Gold Country Girls) wish you all a very merry Christmas!
Just sharing some little glimpses of Christmas around the house, with some of my newest Christmas finds, along with some I simply have never shown you before - like this bejeweled Christmas tree that Tina gave me a few years ago - I LOVE it!
The dear little angel ornament below was a recent find, shown with a beautiful vintage Christmas card:

You've seen him before, but this ceramic Santa with reindeer is one of my favorite things. Behind him is a treasured family item - our Christmas tree hand-painted tray:
The big Santa was a lucky find I shared recently, and I loved the vintage ornament/spike spray combo inside the deer planter so much last year that it HAD to go in there again:
Hey - even my Cool Cat had to grab a piece of that Christmas action!
Have a Groovy and Golden Holiday!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snuggle Up In A Nice Warm Robe

This lovely lady has the right idea, a nice warm robe in red for Christmas:

These robes would have made nice gifts back in 1950, from Family Circle Magazine:

The next four pictures are from an I. Magnin catalog. There isn't a date, but I'm guessing maybe late 60's or early 70's?. The first gorgeous robe was priced at $180! Wow. "White rayon gabardine yoked and scrolled with rayon velvet. Designed by Rizkallah for Malcolm Starr International". Fancy:
I actually received a red velour robe very similar to the one below back in the mid 70's. I loved it. I also got a red and white candy-cane-striped flannel nightgown and some red furry slippers to go with it. I was all set! The one below, by "Bill Tice for Royal" $60:

"Snuggle her into a deep pile robe of Orlon acrylic/cotton lined with nylon. In Orange Sherbet. From Kamore". This one would have only set you back $50:

These matching quilted robes and gowns for mothers and their daughters were much less expensive, running only from nine to 23 dollars, from Loungees:

I decided this white-as-snow chenille zip-up robe I found earlier this month at a thrift store would be just perfect for my (I'm-only-dreaming-of-a-White) Christmas morning tomorrow. And it didn't cost me anywhere near as much as any of those!

Cozy comfort...perfect, with the addition of a little Christmas tree:

Please sleep tight and have a Silent Night on this Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fa La La La Finds

Christmas is almost here! And I have been baking and wrapping - but there's still time to show you my Christmas thrift finds from last week. I was ecstatic (really!) when I found this vintage Holt Howard Santa candle holder! He was in a really weird place at the bottom of a box of unattractive linens on the floor in a corner. It did occur to me that perhaps he had been hidden there on purpose. For me to find, apparently. Thank you very much:

In the same thrift shop, I found Vera Christmas napkins, too - seven of them:

I have mentioned before that I do love me some sequins and beads! I found an apple and a pear:
And a golden beaded "Sputnik" style ornament:
The little vintage angel, front and center, below was in a mess of funky Christmas ornaments - sometimes you have to dig deep to find the real treasures. For one quarter, I brought her home to join her friends who were already on display in the cabinet behind her. I have aspecial fondness for these silvery plastic angels:

Well, I still have more baking (of all of the things I have no business eating!) to do.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my finds!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And The Choir Of Angels Sing

I decided I wanted to try and group all of my beautiful angels together this year.
There's no outlet in our foyer, so I can't ever have anything lighted in this area. But some of my angels are candle holders, so when their candles are lit, they will reflect in the mirror above.
The matching ones in the red, green and blue gowns on the left were found by my friend Jamie - she got them because she knew I would want them! She's nice like that.
I got these three little golden ones, below all at different times - but they definitely belonged together:
Another trio, below, that were purchased earlier this year at a thrift store in Angels Camp that, sadly, has closed:
And this last one, with her little harp, was given to me by Lori. Isn't she sweet? ( Yes - Lori and the angel, both.)

Sing, Angels, Sing!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Good Day For Snowmen

It was a good day for vintage snowmen at the thrift stores last week. I found this little guy, below. His hat is broken, but Lori just happened to have some little snowman hats, so she gave me one, and I will be able fix him right up up:
This little man is awfully cute, as well:
And look at the cheeky little grin on this one's face! He is a vintage candy container; his little belly opens up to hold goodies.
He looks like rather a sly little devil, doesn't he? "Want some candy, little girl?"
And I also found these two little Gurley snowman candles:

So long for now!