Sunday, December 25, 2011

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

We (Gold Country Girls) wish you all a very merry Christmas!
Just sharing some little glimpses of Christmas around the house, with some of my newest Christmas finds, along with some I simply have never shown you before - like this bejeweled Christmas tree that Tina gave me a few years ago - I LOVE it!
The dear little angel ornament below was a recent find, shown with a beautiful vintage Christmas card:

You've seen him before, but this ceramic Santa with reindeer is one of my favorite things. Behind him is a treasured family item - our Christmas tree hand-painted tray:
The big Santa was a lucky find I shared recently, and I loved the vintage ornament/spike spray combo inside the deer planter so much last year that it HAD to go in there again:
Hey - even my Cool Cat had to grab a piece of that Christmas action!
Have a Groovy and Golden Holiday!


Tina Dawn said...

Merry Christmas Sis! Nice to see Cool Cat and the Christmas Tree tray is like Pavlov's dog, I see it and I crave a piece of your coffee cake! Love T

farmlady said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!
My hope is that we will meet each other in the New Year.
Have a wonderful day in the Foothills.

Zootsuitmama said...

All very cool and pretty! Love what you did with the deer planter! I have that one, too..and I might just copy off ya! lol!

yosemite faith said...

love it - i knew your house would look sooo christmasy and great. hope you had a great christmas heidi ho!

Paul Duca said...

I hope Santa was good to all the Girls...but I get concerned when his delivery. Getting down the chimney is a snap compared to moving around your houses. One wrong swing of his sack and they'll hear the crash in Sacramento.