Monday, February 27, 2017

Then And Now #105: Let's Get Everything "Spic And Span"

Today's post is about Spic And Span , which has been around for many, many years.
I found this old advertisement for it - and would you just LOOK how happy she is to be cleaning her painted walls in her pinafore and her green polka-dotted dress!
Here's another old example of an old box:
 "Cleans Painted Walls, Woodwork, Linoleum"
"Faster, Easier"
"No Rinsing! No Wiping!"
And that's true, actually.
It used to be the only thing I ever used to clean my floors, with my old rag mop and galvanized bucket - you know, the kind that has the cup-like place inside at the top to push your mop down in and squeeze the water out?
As a matter of fact, I still had a box of it under the sink at our old house:
I can't find it anymore. Not at all.
I was kind of bummed when I went looking for it, and saw that it was no longer in the stores.
Maybe that's why it tickled me when I found this measuring cup at a thrift store, complete with a label still attached:
I never added it to my laundry; didn't even know that was a "thing"!
But if I could find the powder, I might get out that old bucket again.
Wouldn't want to use the measuring cup, though - because I don't want to get it wet or wash it, as I'd like to keep that old label intact!
Here are two other old boxes side by side:

They may still make the powder, but they don't sell it around here!
And no, I'm not going to go buying it online, or anything like that.
I just wanted to be able to go into a store and buy it off the shelf, like I used to do.
 Don't think that's gonna happen.
So it comes in a liquid formula, too - and I haven't seen that, either.

If I DO find some, though - I will surely try it!
Because I just always liked it.
I liked the smell of it, and I liked mopping my floor with it.
But a lot of my favorite products have disappeared, and I know I just have to live with that fact.
(But I don't have to LIKE it.)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nabisco "Hamies" And The Piggy Bank

I was looking through an old magazine (from March of 1967, so a fifty-year-old magazine, to be very nearly exact)
 the other day, and when I came across this advertisement for a "new" Nabisco cracker called "Hamies",
I thought, "Gee, that pink pig looks familiar":
 I can't say that I recall Nabisco's Hamies, and I think it's more than likely that I never tasted one.
There are so many types of Nabisco crackers available these days that I couldn't possibly mention them all, so just click here, and then scroll down when you get there and you can check them all out on your own, if you so desire.
I don't think you will find any "Hamies", though...
Anyway, here's a closer look at the piggy bank:
He looked familiar because he is quite similar to one that I have:
 I found mine at a thrift store, and I have shown him here on the blog before.
 But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I'm reasonably certain that not too many people have read, nor remembered, the more than 3000 posts that have been written on this blog since 2007.
So, it's very possible that you may not have seen him before!
 I've had the green one below, however, for close to fifty years.
Forty-eight, maybe?
 You can see that mine are less detailed than the one in the advertisement, so they were most likely made a bit later than the one shown in the 1967 ad , perhaps "copied" by a different company - but most certainly made in Japan, as were nearly all of the banks I have in my collection.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my little piggies again - or for the first time - whichever the case may be! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Not quite 40 days and 40 nights, but close...

Good morning, Tina here.

As I write this, it actually IS NOT RAINING! I haven't been able to say that in a while.

Our main road to Placerville, Highway 193, is now closed indefinitely, due to a landslide which has undermined the roadbed, and trees that are about to topple.

In spite of all the problems, I can't help but enjoy the sight of the swollen, muddy river and the many waterfalls tumbling down the east side across the river. I thought I would share photos I took yesterday morning from our front porch in Kelsey, which overlooks the South Fork of the American River.

Doo, doo, doo, looking out my FRONT door... Yes, we still have Christmas lights up on our front porch. My hubby likes them because it has been so darn dark around here with all the storms. So they add a bit of brightness to our evenings, and besides, only the people across the river can see them anyway.

Above is the river to the south, as it makes its way around the corner coming from Chili Bar.

This is the river heading northeast toward Coloma.

A closer up look at a few of the waterfalls coming down the other side of the river. There are probably some going down on our side also, as we have a seasonal creek which flows close to and under our driveway and on towards the river.

The river is way higher than it is normally, and it usually isn't that muddy color. There is a beach on the left which is inundated, and trees growing out of the water.

This photo above was taken standing at the top of the porch stairs and looking directly west across the river. There is a waterfall there, which you can barely see, so below is a closer look.

Below us and a bit northwest is the river as it heads around a bend toward Coloma.

I guess the daffodils are happy. Nothing seems to faze them, bring on the rain.

Another shot closer up of the river as it heads toward the Coloma valley, which has had its share of flooding with these storms.

The hills above the river on the right will be covered with California poppies before too long, if the rains will allow it!

I haven't seen any rafters, but the kayakers still are out on the river, in spite of, or because of, the fast flowing waters!

Maybe I should change my Creedence Clearwater song from Looking Out My Back Door, to...

... Oh Lord, Stuck in KELSEY again! (Except I really don't mind being stuck here...)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 9112 A Peasant Skirt And Blouse

Today's pattern from the past dates back to 1970.
It's Simplicity pattern number 9112, and in the first photo, you see it worn by a model in the December edition of the Simplicity Fashion News:
 With this pattern, you could make a skirt, blouse, scarf and even a sash.
The front of the pattern features another lovely model (Is it Dayle Haddon? I'm not sure... ) wearing the maxi-length version.
The midi-length in black gingham:
A little run-down on the various "views":
And last of all, here's the back of the pattern:
Hope you enjoyed today's look at yet another pattern from the past.
I am fan of this sort of old-fashioned peasant-style look from WAY back!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Robins are disturbing the peace in Kelsey!

Good morning, Tina here.

The other afternoon I was sitting out on our deck. I was enjoying some mostly clear, slightly warm weather after what seemed like weeks of torrential rains. As it stormed, there were lots of noises. The flooded river was raging and very loud. The winds blustering through the neighbor's gray pines sounded like busy highway traffic. The gutters on our house were constantly gushing. The winds pounded against the bay windows on the west upstairs. 

The robins have been coming in droves when it isn't raining. They (and lots of the other birds) love the red toyon berries, and they cover our west facing hillsides, a veritable feast for those red robins when they want to come bob-bob-bobbin'.

The various chattering, calling, happy eating voices surround our home when they are visiting. 

They don't come during the storms, and they don't come every clear day. They have lots of other yards to visit, they spread themselves around. They are quite energetic and by their echoing song, you can tell they are happy!

The picture above and the last one below, were taken by a facebook friend in Placerville.

 Anyway, the other day, out on the deck, it was a beautiful calm winter day, no wind, the river was down, and the robins were visiting elsewhere. It was so quiet it was amazing! We hear no traffic, no one was using a chain saw or taking rifle practice, even the peacocks were silent. I sat alone, taking in the fresh air and enjoying the view.

As I relaxed, savoring the peacefulness, I was started by what sounded like footsteps, a rustle in the leaves. Who could be walking up to my home in the middle of nowhere? As I looked for the intruder, my eyes fell on the sloping hillside above me, and a spotted towhee, searching for worms, making that startling noise! No, I wasn't alone in the calm and quiet any longer. Can't blame it on the robins either!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Ever-Lovin' Heart Wishes Yours A Happy Valentine's Day

Oh, my - February really IS already half-way through, and I have, once again, forgotten (until now) to share with you my February page from "The Year Around Book"!
So, here it is:
And here is an adorably illustrated page from a vintage Current book, along with a recipe for Sweetheart Punch:
The very next page in the book features this recipe for a heart cake:

"Luv You"!
Lastly, we have the pages from one of my Baker's Coconut  "Cut-Up Cakes" books, also featuring a heart cake for February:

 I have three different versions of the Baker's Coconut cake books, and these pages are from my oldest one, dated 1956.
I  also wrote a post three years ago with another version of the heart cakes. You can click here to go back and read that one.
 Make it a "really scrumptious Valentine" by sprinkling lacy white Angel Flake Coconut over the top and adding red cinnamon candies:
Happy Valentine's Day to all of our readers, from the bottom of my "Ever-Lovin' Heart"!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Lori!

Good morning, Tina here.

I am just going to do a very quick post.  I have shown you this photo before.

This is Lori and me attempting to sled near our driveway on Cedar Ravine Road in 1967. I was 16 so Lori was 12, almost a teenager. See that big pine tree in the upper left corner? Our driveway went in a big circle around it, it was a great place to ride our bikes, round and round. Our TV antenna was on the top of that tree. I always wondered how they got it up there.

Happy birthday Lori! I hope we get another chance to go sledding together one of these days!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Cruise Vacation

Hi- Sis Lori here for a visit - Heidi is super busy, she will be back soon!
I had a great vacation in the Fall! My cruise was on Carnival Dream out
of New Orleans. My roommate cancelled prior so I ended up Single, but was still with a group of friends. I had one night in New Orleans before
we left Port so I booked a room through Air B&B. This was my room
which was okay, nothing special. It was in a quiet area and safe.
I walked to a place several blocks away for Dinner and then a Coffee House the next morning. I would have taken a ride on the Streetcar, however my
waitress at Dinner said I would need to get off and on several different
times and I was worried I wouldn't make my way back safely! 

                                        My delicious Dinner!!!!!!
Soon I boarded the Ship and purchased a Sail Away Drink!!!! 
My Cabin was quite spacious and was on the lowest deck of the ship!
                                             I did have a view!!!!
                                         Bathroom, all to my self!!!!!

           They do these towel animals most days, one of my favorites!
Specials for every Port of Call on evening Dinner menus, I would often try them.

Oh, and let's not forget dessert! I think I had that melting chocolate cake w/
vanilla ice cream 3 different times!!!!!
Here is most of the group and a couple we met on the cruise.
It was also a scrapbooking cruise. on our 3 "At Sea" days we scrapbooked in an assigned room. I think we each made 7 two page 12x12 layouts to scrapbook our cruise photos. ( My CTMH manager arranged this )
Here is one of the layouts.
Our first Port was Cozumel. I was there before in 2011 and just shopped a bit in Port. This time I booked a Paddle Board and Snorkel excursion. I had never paddle boarded before so was cautious. I did stand up for a bit, but quickly went to my knees, then sat with my legs out in front. It was Ocean water, so a bit choppy, but I kept up w/most of the group. After that we snorkeled and saw many colorful fish, etc. I had bought an underwater camera, but it was a "cheapie" and did not work for me!!!
The next Port was Belize:

A group of us booked a tour for Cave Tubing through Chukka. I would highly recommend this!
We got suited up and hiked a short bit carrying our tubes.
This was the entrance to the cave.
They tied our tubes together, I was in front!!

There were many bats in the caves.
After the caves we were treated to a great lunch and then purchased a CD with our photos which we all later shared.

Our next and last Port was Mahogany Bay, Honduras.

On our drive w/ our tour guide we stopped at the side of the road and purchased Lychee fruit, very different!

We had booked w/ Bodden Tours a Zip-Line/Monkey Business excursion.
We climbed about 62 stairs, it was a warm day!! Then there were 12 different ziplines! This was a first for me and I really enjoyed it!!!!! 

Not sure where my helmet was in this one!
Our group!

After ziplining we went in cages w/the monkeys and some exotic birds.

This guy just went where the sunflower seeds were!
Shocked the heck out of Janice landing on her head!!!

This monkey really wanted to take Roger's hat!!!!!
I guess they liked me!!!!!
Settled in and comfortable!!!!
We ate and relaxed afterwards on the Beach at this resort.
3 of the gals took a Parasailing Adventure!

Ending w/ a picture of the ship!
I had a great time!!!!!!
I think it was my 8th cruise, I like cruising!!!!!!