Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cool And Colorful Vintage Stationery From Eaton

I have written before about my love of vintage stationery.
When I came across some pictures and advertisements, I decided to do a post about them.
(In fact, I may do a little series of posts.)
The ones I am showing you today are all from Eaton.
 First, we have these Zodiac note cards:
Here is a vintage ad that shows the same cards, along with other stationery items:
I love the artwork (by "Michal") on this next one; what a fabulous and colorful quilt!
 Very cool:
"Good Enough to Be Eaton" - very clever!
And I really like all of the "food" choices here:
And next up, Eaton's "Fortune Letter Papers" - nice:
"Film Funtasticks" - these are neat, too!
I found this at a thrift store:
Eaton's "Misty Color Folio", a nice tall folio with paper and matching envelopes inside:
Very pretty.
I don't see a lot of vintage stationery at the thrift stores, that's for sure.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Then And Now #102: Mrs Butterworths' Helps To Make A Nice Breakfast

Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup is the only kind I ever buy.
We don't even use syrup much in this household, but it's my favorite, and, while it may take us a while to get through a bottle, I do always have it on hand.
Shown below is an advertisement from 1965, and you see Mrs. Butterworth as she looked back "Then":
And another shot of a vintage ad, below:
I'm really glad I saved this glass bottle, seen in the photo below - from at least fifteen years ago, I believe, maybe longer - because now it only comes in plastic bottles.
 I understand that companies need to try and make things less expensively, but I miss glass bottles.
(Especially for mayonnaise!)
So here she is again, as she looked 15 or 20 (?) years ago:
And "Now", you will only find her in plastic bottles, like these:

Kind of a bummer.
Our local stores don't even carry the "Lite" version any more.
 Must not have been a good seller, I guess.
Luckily, syrup seems to keep for a good while, and I had a bottle in the pantry when I felt like making myself some french toast.

I LOVE french toast, and I can't even remember how long it had been since I had made some! I usually make it with sourdough bread, because that's what we normally have on hand.
Milk, egg, cinnamon, and a little vanilla - what a lovely combination.
Dip your bread in and after some time on the griddle, you have....... very nice, and rather delicious breakfast!
Thank you, Mrs. Butterworth!
I shall remain true to you.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Little Orange Vase

I found this cheery little orange vase at a thrift store yesterday:
I didn't have one like this for my collection, and now I do.
I see the white ones quite a bit, but other colors are harder to find.
I like it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy 167th Anniversary Coloma, California!

On January 24th Coloma celebrated the 167th anniversary of the discovery of gold in California. Gold had been discovered other places in California before and would be after, but these nuggets were the "growling"in the gold pan heard 'round the world, as they say.

Above is an aerial view of the South Fork of the American River, with the Henningsen Park in Lotus on the upper left.

A "Miner 49er" plies his trade.

The replica of the saw mill where James Marshall found gold in the mill race was recently demolished.  Another replica was built nearer to the original site.  It will soon be open to the public,

Coloma has managed to retain its post office, while many of the small towns in El Dorado County (including Kelsey, where I live) have lost their identity to the larger towns.

My final photo, by my close friend Cindy, shares some of the natural beauty which makes Coloma golden in more ways than one! Happy anniversary Coloma!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Miscellaneous Finds From Recent Thrift Store Forays

First up today, I have some assorted sets of nesting dolls:
Little "families", if you will:
They were simply too sweet to pass up - and , you know, they do not take up much room - especially when they are all "nested" together:
Another vintage suitcase:
And how much did that suitcase set me back, you might ask?
A mere fifty-cents.
(I know.)
 Digging it.
This adorable Hallmark recipe album featuring the wonderful artwork of Betsey Clark was never used.
 It still has the blank recipe cards in the back:
I love this little tea bag holder, with it's calico countryside scene.
(Guess I should have cleaned it up before I took the picture):
I found two vintage Russian lacquerware cups, and a pyrography napkin holder that is marked Made In Croatia:
And one more vintage item - this pretty and practical hand-painted wooden holder that is just perfect to hold my felt pens:
Some of these things were actually found at a flea market, but I don't have a separate label in my post categories for flea markets and yard sales, so I just lump them all together as "Thrift Finds".
Same general idea - you know - cheap!
Just the way I like 'em.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Patterns From The Past: McCall's 3549 - A Cropped Jacket With Pants And Shorts

Today's pattern is McCall's Carefree Pattern number 3549, shown below in the first photo from a McCall's pattern booklet.
The jacket was sewn up in a pale plaid, with the pants in a lovely sort of a salmon pink.
 I think it's corduroy - I HOPE it's corduroy:
On the front of the pattern, it looks like the fabric choices are the same as in the pattern booklet photo.
Again, I love seeing that; I just think it's cool:

In the next two photos from Seventeen Magazine, they made the jacket with sleeves of crushed velvet, and the rest in denim, along with matching pants in the same cotton denim:
"Sew Up Your Social Life", with fabrics from J.C. Penney, and McCall's patterns - sounds like a good combination to me!
You know, back in 1973, you could buy fabric at LOTS of places!
The back of the pattern:
Oh, and and I guess I should include a picture of pattern number 3771, shown as a tunic in the same photo as the jacket and pants:

And there you have it : two more in my series of "Patterns From The Past."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Models Revisited: More Of Ingrid Boulting

 Today's post is all about the beautiful Ingrid Boulting.
You may recall that I have written about her before.
 I enjoy adding new posts about some of my favorite models from the 1960's and 1970's, as I come across new photos of them in my vintage magazines.
Any excuse to show you her lovely face again, this first photo is from Family Circle Magazine, December 1973:
The following photo and the one below where she is wearing the green dress are from a "McCall's Pattern Fashions" magazine, and the remainder of them are from my vintage Seventeen magazines.
An ad for Moygashel Embroidered Irish Linen:
An advertisement for "Lovestick Color Glazes":
And an advertisement for Qiana Nylon by Dupont:

From a feature on eye makeup in Seventeen:
A feature on hairstyles:
And an ad for one of the pattern companies (Butterick, I think!):
(That's Mona Grant with her. I'll probably do another post about Mona one of these days, too.)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Finds For Bird-Lovers

First up today, in my "birds" category is cute and colorful hand-painted rooster, made in Portugal:
Two small birds for my bird collection - the little one is just an inch and a half, so surely I can fit them into my already jam-packed display cabinet?
I found a nice book for bird-watchers, written by Roger Barton and published in 1955:
I bought a grab-bag full of buttons and other miscellaneous things, but all I was really after was that beautiful "Bluebird" card, front and center, in the picture below:
I found this little guy, who will be cute incorporated into springtime or Easter decorations:
 About a week after I found the bird-watching book seen above, I found two more bird books at a different shop:
We will end today's post with the picture below; this is an original painting that I've decided to call "Jenny Wren".
I don't even know for sure what kind of bird it actually is, but I think it's kind of cute: