Sunday, August 31, 2008

Then And Now #9 Betty Crocker Mixes

So, let's look at a couple of ads for Betty Crocker mixes that I believe are now obsolete. Glamour Desserts! Here are mixes for meringue and cream puffs from 1958:
The Question: "Where can I get (almost) everything I need to bake a cake in one box?". The Answer: Betty's Answer Cake! "Just look at how much fun you can have!" I'll say! (from 1956)
And now - one of the most recent additions to the Betty Crocker line of mixes from General Foods - Cupcake Mix! And the box is even pretty cute:
I actually prefer to make cakes from scratch (I rarely dare because I would eat almost the whole thing, and that's never good), but I bought this mix because I saw a cobbler recipe somewhere on a blog that called for Jiffy Cake Mix and they didn't have it at my store. This cupcake mix is nearly the same size in weight as that mix, so I thought I'd try it instead. Well, I never did make it and now I don't remember where the recipe was, and, anyway, I'm afraid to make it now because - you got it - I'm afraid I would eat almost the whole thing myself. Trying not to do that kind of stuff. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Li'l Smokey (The Bear)

There was another article in the paper the other day about Li'l Smokey, who was rescued in July by firefighter Adam Deem, after his paws had been badly burned in a forest fire. He named him after the original Smokey Bear, who was found in 1950 in New Mexico. They even have a blog about him at He's being rehabilitated at Lake Tahoe Wildlife care, and he is healing.
I keep hearing about the fact that the original bear is Smokey Bear, not Smokey The Bear. Yeah, yeah, okay - but can you blame us for calling him that when the Little Golden Book, above, published in 1955 has that title? And the song we ALL know, below, written by Johnny Marks (also of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer fame) is called Ballad Of Smokey The Bear, with it's familiar chorus of "Smokey the Bear, Smokey The Bear...."
Even in this book published in 1960, the first line reads "Smokey the Bear Was worried."
I also have a later version of the Little Golden Book, with the background in yellow rather than blue:
I've been known to be quite stubborn - and I'll probably continue to call him Smokey The Bear. Because I feel like it.
They are even going to be setting up a 24 hour webcam for Li'l Smokey, so anyone who is interested can track his progress. Poor Li'l Smokey - I think and I hope that he will be fine.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mary Poppins

On this date in 1964, one of my favorite movies of all time was released to the theaters! Happy anniversary to Walt Disney's fabulous production of Mary Poppins, based on the series of books by P.L. Travers. If you read my blog with any regularity, you may already know that when I really love something, I can become a wee bit obsessed. Of course I have the original soundtrack LP:
And the movie on VHS (If I were wealthy, I would upgrade everything to DVD - can't do it):
I also have the piano music book, the soundtrack on cassette and CD, and this Big Golden Book from 1964:
and also this Little Golden Book:
and this one:
and the Whitman book. My sister had this when we were kids; she still has her copy - I had to get one, too!
I have also collected all of the original books by P.L. Travers, but they are packed away so I can't show you those today.
So, okay - maybe more than a WEE bit obsessed. Did I already say that I LOVE this movie? And all of the actors in it, and the animation, and the sets, and the wonderful music and songs by The Sherman Brothers!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To School

Well, are your kids back in school? The schools in this county all began either last week or this week. Looks like Betsy McCall had a nice walk to school back in the day! I hope there are still some areas in the country where kids can walk to school safely without worry?
Did you take a lunch box to school when you were little? I'd love to have one of these great Aladdin lunch kits now! I don't actually remember having a lunch box. If I did, I don't recall - and I'm pretty sure I would have saved it! We were lucky to have a new cafeteria built at our elementary school, and the food was REALLY good. Doris Richardson and Jill Potter were two of the fabulous cooks who worked there. Doris was a Farm Bureau member and those ladies know how to cook.
As long as I live, I will never get used to school starting before Labor Day. It never did while we were going, and so it never started in August. It just seems so WRONG to me. August is summer. It's just wrong.
(Both of these advertisements are from the September 1958 issue of McCall's magazine. I collect the Betsy pages. I used to cut them out and save them when I was little. I like to display them during the appropriate month or holiday season.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Art Deco Architecture

I love art deco design, and that includes architecture. These first three pictures were taken at Walt Disney World in 1994. The park that was then called Disney-MGM Studios is now Disney's Hollywood Studios. I was enthralled with the look of this theme park!
Check out this gorgeous blue tiled building below:
The picture below it shows a closer view of the window display in the window on the right side.
Love those chrome nymph statuettes!
This is a BBC building in Portland Place, London. (I love the BBC!)
I love the curves in the style above, and the stepped skyscraper type of design as shown below:
And lots of windows, and all of the different deco lettering styles.
I think it's all fabulous.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Postcards With Roses

Just wanted to show you a few more of my favorite rose postcards that I've framed in vintage frames. Some are in my chrome silver and black art deco frames:

And others are in silver and black wooden frames.

I love all of them. I like to frame them and group a bunch together on a tabletop. I never tire of these lovely rose images.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dress Form Envy

I want a dress form SO badly! When I see all of the ones that are owned by other ladies out in blogland, I just go crazy.
(Above, the cover of the BH&G Sewing Book I found at a thrift store for $1. If I am going to attempt to sew, it could come in handy for a novice like myself.)
Take a gander at this lovely lady - this one is from a photo in Country Home Magazine taken at the home of Gayle Tweed, who either still is or once was a partner at the Stars Antique Mall in Portland, Or.:
Some day I will find her. I want to name her. I want to dress her up in vintage. I want to drape her with vintage beads and brooches and baubles and aprons and antique lace. The photo below is also from Country Home, taken in the home of Ludmil and Linda Marcov of Washington state. I want her to model clothing for me so that I can photograph her for my online sales.
I'm not much of a seamstress, so I doubt I'd use her for her original purpose. I don't think I'd want one that was MY size, anyway! I'd LOVE to have a gorgeous one like the ones sold by Shabby Fufu, but those are way out of my price range. I saw one in a shop a couple of weeks ago, but she was really thrashed. Even with the discount offered for cash, she would have cost $60, and I just couldn't do it. I would have if the condition hadn't been so poor. For now, I will keep dreaming, and keep looking and hoping!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Old Skeleton Keys

I started collecting antique keys when I was a little girl. The key rack you see below was made for me by my Daddy. He has been gone for 31 years, so you know I have had this a long time!
I found this key with other souvenirs (mostly ephemera) from my mother-in-law's cruise to Hawaii in 1936. Don't know why she still had her cabin key!
A few assorted others:But the one below - this one is my absolute pride and joy. I found this myself when I was quite young in Point Arena, California. I remember discovering it inside of an old trunk. The details are a bit fuzzy in my brain's memory , but it was either on board an old boat or inside of an old dockside house in disrepair. I have always treasured it.
I have more keys, but since my stuff is in three different locations, I sometimes have trouble laying my hands on things when I want them!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Then And Now #8 - Special K by Kellogg's

A Special K magazine advertisement from the 60's:
And today -I counted seven different varieties of the cereal at my supermarket! I like this one because it's low in calories (100 in a 3/4 cup serving), pretty high in fiber, and has more protein than the other cereals I buy. Add a little fruit and nonfat milk, and you're good to go.
And , of course, these days there are a host of other Special K products as well, including protein bars, cereal bars and protein waters. I'm sticking with the cereal. What do you like?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cute Cats On A Calendar

I just recently got this little card calendar. How cute are these??!! I love it so much that I have it out on display even though the calendar is not correct for 2008.

I'm holding back the Sept/Oct page to show you in October. Are those not some adorable kitties?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Windmill Dishes

My windmill dishes are by Universal Cambridge. This windmill design was one in their Camwood Ivory line. Some are trimmed in blue, others in 22 carat gold. I love the design. The colors can vary just a bit due to use and/or fading, but on the best examples the clouds are a lovely aqua and the water a deep, rich blue. This is from the center of a small dinner plate:
My very first piece, and the beginning of my windmill collecting madness, was a large serving platter I found in 1975 at a rummage sale in the basement of the Lutheran Church in Placerville. It was sitting there on a table with 3 fabulous huge garden-fresh Beefsteak tomatoes on top. There was a sticker that said 50c. I would have paid that for just the tomatoes! So, I timidly asked if that was for the tomatoes or the platter. And the nice lady said - "Both". Sold! I've never tired of this pattern since that day. This is the lid from a covered bowl:
These next two pictures are from a desperation style I like to call FitEverySingleDishYouPossiblyCanIntoYourHutch. The left side:
and the right side:
And , when I couldn't possibly fit another piece in, what did I do? Why, I bought more, of course, and they went in various places I like to call WhereverTheHeckElseYouCanFitThemIn. Yep, that's how we roll.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Indian Maidens

I found this great little paperback book from 1935 at a yard sale.
It has some lovely illustrations inside, as well:
This card is the Indian Doll from a box of vintage cards I bought called "Dolls of Many Lands". Isn't she pretty?
This image is my favorite, though. This piece of vintage sheet music is the one I love most in all of my collection. Our Grandpa taught us this song years ago. Is she not gorgeous?!
I can't help wondering whether Peter Max might have been inspired by this years ago.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Restaurant China Creamers

I mentioned before on this blog that I collect restaurant china. These include bowls, teapots, butter pats and creamers. Well, I finally took a picture to show you these inside this little cupboard. The clear glass one on the second shelf is a Kellogg's milk pitcher for your cereal.
And, would you believe this isn't all of them? Believe it. I have more, some are much larger ones than would fit in there. Although, it does look like I could have fit one more small one on that bottom shelf! I'm a crazy collector. Yes, I am.

Monday, August 18, 2008

From Nikki

Nikki over at The Hunt For Vintage has got to be one of the sweetest, most generous bloggers out there!! She had a big giveaway recently, and I was just one of the many lucky recipients of her generosity. These are just a few of the adorable vintage cards she sent!
And aren't these antique Christmas postcards beautiful? I love them. I think they would look fabulous all matted and framed together.
I also got wonderful little needlepoint "portraits" of Pinkie and Blue Boy!
Thank you so much, Nikki. You really are a sweetheart.