Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just Some Pretty Little Things

Another in my myriad of collections is vintage vanity and bath items. Clockwise from top left, below: Roses on the top of a small cosmetic jar, a child-size marbleized plastic shoehorn,top of a white glass Avon cream jar, gorgeous vintage earrings which were a gift from my sister, and a lovely vintage floral Ponds powder box with the covered powder still inside, all atop one of my favorite rose handkerchiefs.
On top of a pretty butterfly tile from a thrift store are a vintage Yardley English Lavender bottle ( still one of my very favorite scents!), a tiny compact that probably once held rouge - I have used it as a pillbox - and another little marbleized shoehorn.
And a pretty glass flower bouquet I found here in the house backed by a vintage vanity tray.

I also have hand mirrors and powder boxes with those marbleized tops. I love that stuff.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vintage Stuff I've Sold - Shoes

Just a few pictures of vintage shoes I have sold. The shoes with matching clutch bag, above, were really nice with a bright and pretty floral pattern. These vintage black leather boots were in the original box, which was thrashed, but the boots were perfect!
And the silver shoes below were from the late 60's or early 70's. If any of these had been my size, I doubt I would have sold them.
I did keep the little silver handbag that I think was "worn" with these shoes. Because I love having vintage accessories - things no one else has!
(More "Stuff I've Sold" posts to come at a later date.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Eyes Have It....

.....well, they used to have it, anyway.

Actually, these old eyes ain't what they used to be. Eye exam appointment this morning. My Dollar Tree readers may not be enough anymore. Oh, well- at least if I need glasses, I can use my pretty vintage felt eyeglass cases, right?
Update: No prescription necessary (yet?). Just keep those reading glasses handy!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Favorite Framed Prints #2

Another set of vintage framed floral prints that I love.
Normally I can recall, but with this pair, I am not sure whether I found them at a thrift shop or bought them on eBay. No matter - what matters is they're pretty!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Yesterday

I went out yesterday and ran around a little bit after an appointment. One stop was the Hallmark store - because I wanted to get free new adhesive gift wrap ( I got 2 free!) with a coupon I had, and save an additional $4 with another coupon. I also got the pretty striped box (special value 1/2 price!) in the background above with the pretty pink ribbon and flower. look how gorgeous it looks with this vintage card I got in the mail yesterday afternoon (from eBay). Wowza on those colors, huh?
From the same seller, I had also purchased this vintage Disneyland postcard folder (below), so I scanned it here with my castle pin I bought when we were there. I'm sorry you can't tell in my scan how sparkly it is - studded with rhinestones. See how Sleeping Beauty's Castle looks in the picture from the 60's? It is more colorful now, and very pretty.

. (See? More like it looks on the pin.)
I also made it to one thrift store and found this bag. I know it's not very old, but I couldn't resist it's spangles of mother of pearl or shell. They match a little shell pendant I have had since I was quite young.

I had hoped to find an old frame I had seen on my last visit that I realized after I got home was the perfect size to frame this lovely 1928 bathing beauty, below. Ain't she sweet? The frame was still there! For $1.00. Yippee!
I was happy with my little outing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Favorite Framed Prints #1

I thought I would do a little "series" of posts where every now and then, I would just post a picture or scanned image of some of my favorite vintage (or not) framed prints that I have in my collection. These are the two I chose for today. In identical frames, the blue and yellow areas that look like mats are actually reverse painted on glass. So bright and pretty!

That's it- just a lovely pair of floral prints. Hope you enjoy seeing them here as much as I enjoy looking at them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Shirley Temple!!

I could not let this day go by without celebrating the birthday of the greatest, most talented, and most adorable child star EVER to grace the screen. I grew up watching her movies, listening to her record album, singing her songs. Mother loved her, too (they were born 3 years apart),and we would catch the movies on weekend afternoons whenever possible.
I simply adore her.
Shirley Temple Black - I hope this day finds you well, and that you have the happiest birthday imaginable. You deserve it, and many more. Thank you for being you!
Here she is ( in the top picture) as Heidi:

And my collection of her movies:

I also have the 2-CD set which contains 50 songs from her early films - I still LOVE listening to her, and will never tire of her.
Shirley - "Come And Get Your Happiness", because "But, Definitely" you are "The Right Somebody To Love", and , after all, "You've Gotta S-m-i-l-e to be H-a-double-p-y"- and you have made me smile my entire life!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Just wanted to share this lovely image of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park on Earth Day 2008. Hopefully, we are all doing our part to preserve our planet. (I drive my car less than once a week - that helps, doesn't it? And I recycle, etc. I think every little bit helps these days.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Marvelous Mosaics At DCA

I made sure to get pictures last week of these glorious mosaic walls at Disney's California Adventure.

Can I even TELL you how much I love these??

I mean, let's take EVERY SINGLE THING we can think of or find and incorporate it into a Fantasmic phantasmagoria of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious glory!

I've gotta learn how to do this. I LOVE them!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

1930's Movie Star Clippings

A while back, I found a small stack of these old clippings from 1930's movie magazines in a box with some other stuff from my mother-in-law's college years.
Some young starlets:
And handsome leading men:
I sold this lot of Gary Cooper clippings on Ebay:
Some time later,I was delighted to find this old photograph from what we assume was her room when she was attending UC Berkeley. I see some of the very same clippings I found hanging on the walls in this photo! I thought that was pretty neat. I believe I determined at least some or most of them to be from 1931 from the snippets of movie references on the back side. But the gorgeous blonde in the last picture is my favorite. An artist's rendering rather than a real photo like all of the others, hers was the only color image found in the lot. (Sorry about the glare on the glass - that was the best shot I had!) What a beauty she is.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hot Time At Disneyland

Sorry for the shortage of posts over the past week, but we went to Disneyland!! One day, we went on the Mark Twain Riverboat, and the next we were surprised to see that the Sailing Ship Columbia was out! It had been quite awhile since I had been on it, and even longer for my husband, so we enjoyed that.
They are in the process of test-running new Monorail cars, but we didn't get to see that. Maybe next time.
With my husband being a retired railroad man, naturally he loves the trains - we always get pictures of those!He got to see this newest engine, the Ward Kimball, for the first time. That made him happy!
What's that about the "Hot Time", you ask? Well - this is a direct quote from the newspaper (Los Angeles, Associated Press) "Anaheim was tied for the hottest spot in the contiguous United States at 102 degrees Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. The city's previous high for April 13 was 96 degrees in 1984." Um - that was the day we arrived. What's up with our luck? The day we arrived last October was the same day the horrible wildfires broke out last fall in So. Cal. The winds were awful, and there was literally ash and debris blowing around and getting in our eyes even with glasses and sunglasses on! Well, it did cool down a bit this trip on the following days. Whatever. We had fun anyway! I love my Happiest Place!!We saw at least three different , beautiful horses on the Horse-Drawn Streetcars, but only got pictures of these two. We were happy to see them out! Last fall, they were not because of the poor air quality.
I will have a bit more to say about Disneyland another day. Happy Disney Days!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayley!

It's Hayley Mills' birthday today - and I want to wish her a wonderful, happy day full of Magic and Rainbow Makers! I grew up watching her Disney films, and I own and love them ALL.
I think she is just fabulous, and she is one among the list of my very favorite actresses ever.

I can watch her movies over and over again, Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, etc. But I am especially fond of Summer Magic - I think due, in part, to the glorious Victorian house, and the great Burl Ives.
Happy, happy birthday to you, Hayley, and thank you so much for all the years of wonderful entertainment for all generations, now and forever.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cute Cats

I had this Snuggles book when I was little. I think my Grandma Mom gave it to me. I LOVED it. Well, somehow along the way and over the years, it got damaged. Badly. Like unsalvageable water-damaged yuck. I was SO upset. I may even have saved it in it's horrid state because I was heartbroken and couldn't bear to toss it out. Well - imagine my delight when I found another copy YEARS later at an antique mall in Anaheim. It's perfect. YAY!! I am taking good care of it, believe me.

Goody is another adorable kitty book. It's the sweetest story about the mother cat, and how she hides her litter of kittens to protect them. I love these old Rand McNally Elf books. I wish I had every single one they ever printed. I just really love vintage children's books. I think the kitty on this card, below is so pretty ! A cat - in a hat, and with a pink polka dot bow. This birthday card was given by my husband, I think in the 50's or 60's.
And check out this little bundle of fluffy grey sweetness - sittin' pretty on pink stationery!

Let's all say it together, now...."Awwwwww"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Little Corners Of My Kitchen

In the picture above, you see the kitchen window above the sink. I did show a view of this before from a slightly different angle, but I have changed it just a bit since then. The next photo was taken to the right of the other one. I'm kind of obsessed with the vintage wooden shelves and spice cabinets with the deco daffodil designs. I have them in every color (oh - except yellow, it seems like I saw something in yellow once.) LOVE them!
And also the vintage knife holders by Nuway that match.

Another day, perhaps I will take some pictures of the others. Just a quick post today!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tiddly Winks And Other Toys

This game of Tiddly Winks, shown above, was here in our basement - from my husband's childhood. I bought the box of checkers below many years ago because I liked the colors and graphics on the box. And I picked up some wooden blocks at a thrift store, just because they're always fun.
I was really tickled when I found this old Cootie box with all of it's little Cootie parts intact inside - also at a thrift shop. I remember playing with Cooties when I was little - maybe you do, too?
And these little painted animals were inside of a wonderful vintage Christmas box. I really wanted the box- but I also liked what was inside! I found those at an antique shop downtown. It's in the building which for years housed a clothing store that just happens to have been owned by the family who lived in the house next door to us for 64 years.

I just love the bright colors of all of these vintage toys and games.