Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Special Easter Card

Today, I simply wanted to share with you this special card I made and sent to Tina for Easter:
 She collects these sweet Dutch postcards (and I hope she didn't already have this one!)
This one just so happens to have been mailed as an Easter greeting from Arthur and Esther to Mrs. Harlow in Greenville, Michigan one hundred years ago.
So, my Easter wishes for you, our faithful readers, is simply this:
 "I wish there would come to you JOY as there ought to should".

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter at Nelson's Columbia Candy Kitchen

Easter time at Nelson's Columbia Candy Kitchen in Columbia State Historic Park brings with it all sorts of wonderful treats!

(Sorry my pictures are rather dark - there isn't a lot of light inside the shop!)
I seriously wanted one of those chocolate covered divinity eggs with my name on it.
But I didn't get one.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Down A Sunny Easter Meadow

Down A Sunny Easter Meadow,
 by Nancy Byrd Turner.
( With illustrations by John Gee)

Just a sweet little poem from a 1932 Rand McNally book that I wanted to share with you today.
 Because "Easter's Coming!"

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Calico Critters Puss In Boots

I have to say, I simply kind of fell in love with these cute kitties after having seen a couple of them in a local thrift store.  Much to my chagrin, they were not for sale. The dreaded "For Display Only" thing - you know.  I snapped a photo (not a very good one) of them.  They are not in the best condition, but had they been for sale at the right price, I'd have bought them anyway.
Here they are, below:
Calico Critters Puss In Boots, to keep your boots upright when stored . Cutest. Idea. Ever. I only WISH that I could re-create them!
 I was on a quest to find one that I could make my own, and I'm happy to report that I am now the owner of this adorable  red calico one seen below:

They were also made in green - I found some photos online:

What a cute and useful Calico Critter he is!

Made in the 1980's:

Here's another photo of a beautiful yellow one:

The tag on my red "Calico Critter" is seen below , which is no longer "scented", unfortunately. Nothing lasts forever.
 The original price from Lord & Taylor was $12.00.

Here he is holding my boots upright:

I mean, come could I resist this face?
A calico kitty cat, both pretty and practical.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chessie and Ishi Go for a Walk

Hi there people persons. It is Chessie and Ishi, Tina's cats. We took a really fine walk the other day, it was warm and clear and the flowers smelled so good!

Ishi was first out the door and down the stairs.
Chessie wasn't sure if he wanted to leave the porch. You can see him behind the bench in the center of the picture below.
Ishi checked for lizards and waited on the rock wall for Chessie to get his act in gear.
Nope, no lizards.
Also no Chessie. Where the heck is he?
Gonna hafta go get him!
Okay, now we're talking.
Told you it smelled good out here!
Nope, Chessie, no lizards. You never listen to me.
These rocks smell really interesting. Something has been living out here.
When we take a walk we really take the time to stop and smell... not always the flowers, though.
 Reminds me of that song, something about slimy guts. A cat's dream.
 Time for a rest, my nose is tired. Chessie says, come on, you are the slowest walker.
 Okay, I will speed it up,
I think that is a deer over there under the scrub oaks.
 Let's go check out the truck, looks like that's where the deer are going,
 You go first, Chess, I am going to take a break, right after I smell this rock.
 Well? Are you going or not? I am NOT going first, I don't like deer.
Mom, make him go first!
 Finally. Whew, got another whiff of this rock. Something has been sitting on it. Maybe a fox?
 Yes, a fox. They like to sit on the rocks and they leave little poops there.
 Wonder where the fox are now?
Wow, just can't get enough of this rock. Maybe Mom will let me bring it into the house?
 Sorry Chessie, I am not leaving here, you go on ahead.
 I will hold the fort.
 Chessie stalks the wild does.
 Well, they are gone now, Ishi was so slow.
Ishi are you still smelling that rock????
 Trying to get this rock to the house, maybe if I bump it with my hip?
 Mommmmm! Come and get this rock for me, please?
Chessie says, give it up, Ishi! Mom only brings the crystals into the house, not big smelly rocks that had fox poop on them!
 Time to go in and get our numbles. Luna sure missed a good walk today.
The fox and deer will have to fend for themselves for a while.