Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Few Flowers

I love it when the geraniums bloom.
They look so pretty.
And, hey there, Mr. Trumpet Vine - you're not looking too bad, yourself:
I cannot believe that I actually got some photos of this hummingbird!
He did not mind the least bit that I was there; he was interested in his food, and his food - ONLY:

Do you know what else I love? When the camera decides that it needs the flash outside, because it resulted in some rather lovely colors.
Hummingbird - flit back by any old time!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

John Alcorn, Illustrator

I was so tickled when I found the book below recently at a thrift shop for twenty-five cents - because I had never seen it before, and because I am totally smitten with the man who designed and illustrated the book, John Alcorn. (Also, Click Here to visit a fantastic website showcasing 300 examples of his work.)

I already had another book he illustrated (from which the rest of the illustrations I am showing you today came), titled "The Fireside Book Of Children's Songs".

Aren't these illustrations fantastic?!

Mr. Alcorn also designed this "Love" stamp for the United States Postal Service in 1987:

Another example below, the artwork for a 1969 Pepsi advertisement:

And one last thing - he also designed the package seen here for Eve cigarettes:

I think he was a fabulous talent, and I just wanted to share that with you.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Very Small "Projects" Yield Big Feeling of Satisfaction

I cannot hang many things up on our walls - they're stucco, the house is old, and it's just a problem. But occasionally I manage a little something. I wanted to move the pretty painted wood expandable peg rack from another spot, and replace it with a plain wood one. It was difficult to remove the tiny nails that held it in place. But then I was free to hang the pretty one behind our bedroom door so that I could use it to display some of my favorite bags and purses. Hanging them up there instead of having them taking up space in my closet made me very happy. Now, they are so much easier to grab when I need one!

This pretty little painted metal rack was meant to hold letters, I suppose. But I hadn't used it since it used to hang next to my desk in our previous home. Now it nicely displays some of my jewelry on a small section of wall space between two closets. My necklaces are easy to see, and it's not only pretty, but useful. All I had to do was move my vintage framed prints, which had already hung there to their new spots on either side:
This next one is a funky little wooden plaque with pegs. I picked it up at a thrift store, and all I had to do was spray-paint it pink. Another useful display for some of my bracelets, beads, and the like:

Big feeling of satisfaction? Yes, because now I can see all of these accessories which were previously hidden out of sight. I definitely use them more often now!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strum Me A Song; I'll Just Sing Along

I discovered while perusing my vintage magazines (yet again!) that young people with guitars were very often featured in advertising back in the 1970's. My favorite is the first one, below- and ad for Rit Dye. Very cool tie-dyed decor! oh, and I'll take that little gal sitting on the window shelf, and one of those monkeys, too, please:

This next one was a Midol ad, circa 1970

Lenox ad from 1974:
An ad for Smith Corona typewriters. The ad encouraged girls to "take a typing course at school this year", because , even if you were not sure what you would end up doing, "whatever you end up doing in life you'll be thinking. And typing helps thinking." "It nudges your creativity. It can improve your spelling. and even a beginner can learn to type twice as fast as writing by hand."

I can tell you this for sure: I kind of wish I had made the decision to learn how to do both way back then - typing AND playing the guitar. I actually believe my life would have taken different turns if I had.
You know, they say hindsight is 20/20.
But my eyesight isn't that good anymore.
Since I don't play, will you strum me a song?
Because what I CAN do is happily (very happily) sing along!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Tea Party Bridal Shower

Good morning. Tina here.

A couple of weekends ago I drove to another side of the county to attend the bridal shower for a daughter of an old friend of mine. Her sister hosted, and it was held at her Mom's lovely little home in Somerset, California, on the deck, surrounded by tall pines and the day was gorgeous!
My friend Janet, mother of the bride, is the best and hardest working gardener and landscape artist I know. She is a teacher, and in the summer I think all she does is move rocks and weed and plant and water. Her yard is incredible. She herself married here in the yard, and her daughter Whitney, who the shower was for, will marry here in August.

This was my table. The pretty china teacups are from Janet's grandmother's collection.

Each table was carefully decorated with pretty cups, flowers and placemats or tablecoths.

Hummingbirds buzzed us and fountains bubbled. We were asked to wear our prettiest hats.

The neighbors' dog, very well behaved and as white as snow, crashed the party. He forgot his hat.

Lovely cupcakes on a tower. They were very cute, with bees decorating the tops.

This was the game where you get one clothespin, and then if you spoke the groom's name, John, and another guest caught you, they take your clothespin. The one with the most at the end of the party wins. I ended up with only two. I didn't win.

Whitney greets her mother-in-law-to-be.

Bride-to-be Whitney and her sister Sierra, our hostess. These two young ladies have been my friends since they were born. We have camped with them throughout California and into Oregon. We went to all their birthday parties and graduations. Now a wedding.

Two good buddies enjoy a moment. Laura, on the left, also camped with us several times.

All the good buds get together and show off their garden bonnets.

Mother of the bride, sister of the bride, and the bride herself.

Everyone making sure they don't say "John". It was especially hard for the bride and his mom, Judy.

Sipping our iced tea or lemonade, catching up on what's happening. Diane (in the center) is planning to live part-time in Nicaragua. We were very interested in hearing all about it!

This was the most fun game. The toilet paper bridal dress. Our youngest model was lovely in a short ballerina dress complete with veil and bouquet.

Whitney played the pregnant bride, and her poor mother-in-law-to-be was in my group. Our dress was a mess, although it had a nice bow on the front.

I think the dog was interested in how Whitney managed to get "with child" so quickly while he wasn't looking.

Oh no, I said "John" again.

Oh no, I said "John" too!

This was my favorite TP dress, it looked like it would pass for real if you weren't too close.

Laura, some day you will make a lovely bride.

Shotgun wedding in the porta-potty anyone?

Oh oh, I think Judy said "John" again. Darn!

Now the really fun part!

Whitney's step-dad made the lovely cabinet behind her.

The bride received some lovely items, my favorites were the wine glasses.

She ended up with a great bouquet for the wedding rehearsal. Sorry my photo is blurry.

A good time was had by all, and there was never a sweeter bride-to-be. I can't wait for the wedding!