Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Then And Now #95 Pillsbury Cinnamon And Orange Rolls

It's all about "Lovin' From The Oven" today from Pillsbury. The first advertisement for their Cinnamon Rolls is from 1960:

 And the next one, below, features that cute little Doughboy "Poppin' Fresh" presenting  the Cinnamon Rolls in an ad from 1973:

And also Pillsbury Orange Danish - below in and ad from 1972:
And a coupon:

And one more ad from '73, with his little helper Poppie, too, this time:
And "Now", you have a number of choices.  The "Cinnabon" ones come in the regular size, the larger "Grands", and also Reduced Fat - and they call the orange ones  "Sweet Rolls" instead of Danish now:

 I chose to pick up this one recently:

  "Cinnabon" brand cinnamon and cream cheese icing sounded good to me!
 We baked them up when Lori was over a while back:
 We mixed some real whipped cream cheese into the icing, to make it extra good:

Yum - it had been a very long time since I had any of these.
I liked them "Then", and I like them "Now"!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Crewel And Unusual

All right, so maybe it isn't unusual - just crewel.
And a rather pretty crewel stitchery work, at that!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finding Beauty In Vintage Polyester

There was a time when I would probably have passed up vintage fabrics made of polyester. But this blue floral curtain panel was cheap, and simply too pretty to pass up. I think it looks pretty great tossed over this patio chair.

It would make a pretty seat cover:
These quilted pillow shams are brand new, unused vintage, with the original tag from J.C. Penney still attached. I find them extremely attractive:
Lovely colors:
This next pair of pillow shams, also vintage, new, and unused, happen to be cotton rather than polyester:
Still with the original tags intact, as well:
Now, these are sporting some seriously gorgeous big bright blooms!
I LOVE them - and I think I am going to use them on our bed with a simple pink coverlet  and a couple of small purple accent pillows for spring and summer.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

And The Azaleas, Yet Again

Yes, it's time again for more pictures of our azaleas. The star of the show? This gorgeous orange specimen, below. All that remains of this once prolific bush is but one stalk, barely two feet tall and completely hidden from view by anyone but us. Alas, it is still beauteous, indeed:

The next one, below, was given to me by my friend Marcia - who, by the way, is headed here today to stay in Columbia with two of her beautiful daughters. I get to see them and have dinner with them tonight at the hotel after work, and I am so excited!

A couple of pictures of our yellow bush out front:

This pretty pink one is trimmed into a hedge-like shape:

And we close with one single pink bloom:
And, by the way - please join me in wishing the happiest of birthdays to my dear friend, Jamie today! We spent a delightful day together yesterday , and had lunch over in Murphys.
Love you, J!
It is also our aunt's birthday - Happy birthday, Aunt Lyn!

Friday, April 26, 2013

What's Penny Wearing? #88 It's A Jacket! It 's A Towel!

It's a jacket made out of a towel....

..... it's a towel made into a jacket!

 It's a jacket made out of a gorgeous vintage towel, to be exact:
A really pretty blue and green vintage towel, complete with fringe:

With a  shawl collar:
Maybe it was supposed to be a swimsuit cover-up, I don't know.
But it wouldn't have covered up much. And it certainly isn't meant for after-the-bath, because it's not long enough to be a bathrobe, either.
 Personally, I like it very much as a jacket - but if you saw me wearing it out somewhere, would you think I was odd?
Because I kind of love it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Newcastle, California Postcard

Many years ago a good friend moved to Auburn and later to Newcastle.

Her family rented an old house in the very middle of the little town, next to the packing sheds.

We played in the sheds, making roller coasters out of the conveyor tracks.

A few years back I went to dinner a few times with a friend at a small restaurant located in one of the sheds.

It was fun to remember little Tina having a good time with her ex-neighbor in the same place years before.

Newcastle, full of history and memories.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just A Few Finds To Show You

Sharing a few finds again today - first up: a gorgeous and large enamelware tray....

A trio of anthropomorphic painted plaster plaques to decorate your walls with a smile:

A sweet vintage wooden napkin holder with one of my favorite decals adorning it:

Another little vase for my collection, and a pretty floral tablecloth:

 A vintage "Swistraw" type bag and a floral pillow case:
 Crewelwork flowers on a burlap wall hanging:
 This little house is missing something - salt and pepper shakers, maybe - but it's awfully cute!
Apparently, nobody's home.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Enjoying Spring!



We open the doors and amazing perfumes waft in...


Cherokee Roses...


More wallflowers...

We watch the deer...

They watch us...

We take in the view...

We listen to the river...

We kick back on the porch...


Monday, April 15, 2013

Trish, My Weight Watchers Leader

 My Weight Watchers leader, Trish is really great. She is SO good at what she does. She was even featured in one of our Weekly handouts last summer:

She is inspiring, encouraging, knowledgeable, interesting, and funny. I think she's been on the job for nineteen years.
 Weight Watchers. It Works. And leaders like Trish are a big part of the reason that it does.

She is so good at what she does, in fact, that she wins awards. Among them, she recently won Jean Nidetch Leader Of The Year for her district - and she got to go to New York and meet Jennifer Hudson!
I thought it was so cool that last week I took a picture of her picture that was on display at our WW meeting location:

Thank you, Trish, for all of your hard work and dedication! You deserve all of the accolades, and then some.
And  I feel that I can speak for the other members here in our town when I say  that we appreciate you.