Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Newcastle, California Postcard

Many years ago a good friend moved to Auburn and later to Newcastle.

Her family rented an old house in the very middle of the little town, next to the packing sheds.

We played in the sheds, making roller coasters out of the conveyor tracks.

A few years back I went to dinner a few times with a friend at a small restaurant located in one of the sheds.

It was fun to remember little Tina having a good time with her ex-neighbor in the same place years before.

Newcastle, full of history and memories.


Heidi Ann said...

My memories are always so jumbled and mixed up. I DO remember when we went to visit them - but I was thinking it was across the street from an old railroad depot. Sometimes I think my memories get mixed up with dreams I've had, or something! That's a neat old postcard - you have such a great collection!

Tina Dawn said...

Yes, the railroad depot is there in Newcastle, it is all on top of the hill in the same area. The sheds were all along the tracks so the produce could be placed on the train cars. And you were a LOT younger, so you don't remember it as well.

Unknown said...

How cool! Reminds me we have to do a drive up to Newcastle one of these days. My husband hasn't seen a lot of the foothill towns since coming to the U.S. nearly 4 years ago, believe it or not.