Saturday, April 27, 2013

And The Azaleas, Yet Again

Yes, it's time again for more pictures of our azaleas. The star of the show? This gorgeous orange specimen, below. All that remains of this once prolific bush is but one stalk, barely two feet tall and completely hidden from view by anyone but us. Alas, it is still beauteous, indeed:

The next one, below, was given to me by my friend Marcia - who, by the way, is headed here today to stay in Columbia with two of her beautiful daughters. I get to see them and have dinner with them tonight at the hotel after work, and I am so excited!

A couple of pictures of our yellow bush out front:

This pretty pink one is trimmed into a hedge-like shape:

And we close with one single pink bloom:
And, by the way - please join me in wishing the happiest of birthdays to my dear friend, Jamie today! We spent a delightful day together yesterday , and had lunch over in Murphys.
Love you, J!
It is also our aunt's birthday - Happy birthday, Aunt Lyn!


Lorlore said...

Beautiful flowers!!!!!Happy Birthday to them both!!!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

Happy birthday Jamie and Auntie Lyn!!! Heidi, your azaleas are just lovely. I hope your lone stem bush has many years to go. Love T

Unknown said...

Happy happy birthday to Jamie and aunty Lyn!

Love the azaleas - such gorgeous colors! We're trying to grow a pink one in front of our house. :o)