Thursday, April 4, 2013

And It's Time For More Thrift Finds

Popping in today with some of my "freshest" thrift finds.
A pear with some flower power on a pretty tray:

A great vintage Hawaiian shirt:
A nice vintage belt with a medallion on the end:
Who? A hooty owl in needlepoint, of course!
Daisies in cross-stitch:
A 1950 copy of the classic "Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook":
Vintage buckles - the two on the outside were made in Czechoslovakia. We Gold Country Girls have some Czech in us, so I like that:
You know I love me some orange and yellow:
I can never resist these bright yarn gift ties:
I did not have this album; a nice addition to my soundtrack collection:
Unfortunately, the LP was missing from this "Sunshine Superman sleeve, below. It's also in pretty poor shape so I think perhaps I'll try to make a wall hanging out of it....
.....because I like the colorful artwork on the front!


Diane said...

Very fun finds!

Unknown said...

Those are some fantastic finds! I found some vintage needlework in frames recently too and just love them!

Tina Dawn said...

Great finds as always! Love your orange and yellow finds. Love T

GardenOfDaisies said...

Lots of fun things here! I especially love your pear tray.