Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where's That Ishi?

Well, last weekend Ishi was at it again. Again my hubby called to me, "look at Ishi!"

Can you see him?

I guess Easter's fence pole climb into the midst of the lilac bush wasn't enough.

Reach for the sky, Ishi.

There may be birds up there, is that what you are after?

Lord of all he surveys.

King of the hill.

It took a bit more planning to reach the ground this time.

Not that way, maybe this way.

Easy does it, just go for it.

What summit shall I conquer next weekend?


Heidi Ann said...

What a nice vantage point he chose! Up on top of a post - just like a hawk would do.
Ishi- The Great Furry Hunter.

farmlady said...

Cats love to be above it all don't they? Sometimes they forget how far UP they've gone. My Annie sometimes gets too high and we have to help her down.Silly things.
Looks like Ishi is a bit braver.
CATS... you've got to love em.

yosemite faith said...

ishi cracks me up. our rescue/stray we adopted slept in trees so if i can't find her in good weather i call out back til i her her mew and there she is. she goes from branch to branch to other trees - cats are great entertainment