Friday, September 27, 2013

Thrift Shop Albums

I found a few great LP's at one of my favorite local thrift stores to add to my collection of sound track albums. I didn't have this one:
"Saludos Amigos"  - in fact, I had never even seen it before. (Yes, I WAS familiar with the film.) Tickled to have it for my Disney collection:
 And I have quite a few of the animated classics LP's, but I didn't have Snow White - so now, I do:
I am always very happy to find the original record sleeves inside, as well. The lady who owned these previously apparently liked to circle the ones she had. I didn't find Dumbo, or I'd have gotten that, as well::
 I  did find "Gone With The Wind" - love it:
And I picked up these last two because I simply love the cover art.
"Destination Moon" -, retro rocket, man:
And "Le Sacre du Savage", from Les Baxter and his Orchestra love those tiki graphics:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dinner At Applebee's

We don't  go out to dinner all that often, so I really enjoy it when we do.
We had not been to Applebee's for quite awhile, and there was something new on the menu that sounded so good to me, I actually dared to try something new!
(Normally I am a creature of habit, and I have just a couple of favorites that are my "go to" items every single visit.)
 This time, I had  Margarita Queso Chicken And Shrimp.
 Sorry my photo below is rather blurry:
 Boy, was I ever happy with THAT choice.
I thought it was delicious, and I will definitely have it again.
 I brought half of it home, and I am truly looking forward to eating my leftovers for dinner tonight.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Longing for Barkcloth Bathrobe for Fall Lounging

Fall is in the air and it is crisp and cold this morning.  Time to pull out the warm bathrobe and fluffy slippers.

I really like this vintage barkcloth bathrobe I found on ebay.

Nice fall colors. Even a handy pocket or two.

Eye-catching mid-century print in some of my favorite colors.

I might have to bid on it.  I think it was meant for me. I am mid-century too!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Leaves

Welcoming in autumn with this classic sung by the marvelous Nat King Cole. Fall is here; enjoy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What's Penny Wearing? #97 Made In Hawaii

What's Penny wearing today? Just a pretty floral Hawaiian dress that's simply begging to be worn to a luau!
 Full length, with an inseam pocket on one side:
 Simple little ruffle at the neck:
 Labeled "Made In Hawaii", and picked up at a thrift shop, it zips up the back:
Add a lei around the neck and you're all set!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Horsin' Around

Just a pair of onyx horse bookends....
Guess where I found them?
At a thrift store, of course!
(Isn't that where I find almost everything I show you?)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rawhide (Slobbery Kitty and Cuddly Corgi Version) as performed by Robbi and Ishi

Rolling, rolling, rolling,
 Keep that kitty rolling,
 Slobber on his tummy...
 Wet hide!!
 Through all kinds of weather,
 We will roll together,
 Always chewing wetly on your hide.
 Rolling, chewing, licking,
 Get your tickles tickling,
Cat hair will be slicking far and wide.
Rolling, rolling, rolling... Don't stop kitty bowling...
Keep that cat a lolling, raw hide!
 I will always be there, chewing on your cat hair,
 Tongue 'n ears waving proudly by your side!
Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's Penny Wearing? #96 A Pretty Two-Piece Outfit

This outfit is one of my nicer finds of late.

 It's rayon, and I fell in love with the fabric. Black background, blues, greens, paisley? I'm in.
 It was inexpensive, it fits me, and I was in need of something to wear to a summer evening wedding. Perfect.
 Long skirt, with slits up the sides. The perfect length for me while wearing my black espadrilles:
 A cool, sleeveless dress under the blouse topper:
 I felt lucky to find it.
It was affordable, I wore it to the wedding, and I was comfortable.  
What more could you want? Is it any wonder I love thrift shopping?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Useful Things

Useful things, discovered at thrift stores are what I am featuring today. First up, colorful thread on wooden spools , nestled onto a Disneyland (!) plate. I was pretty tickled when I found that plate!
"Specially hand made by", Rose, Dorothy, Grace, etc. - sweet little woven labels:
Adjustable straps for your unmentionables:
Don't want to worry about your bra straps showing? How about some vintage "Lingerie Guards" to help you out?
Rayon and satin blanket binding. I think I actually have a vintage blanket or two that could use some new binding!
And round elastic cord - now, I am certain I can find a use for this as well!
I always pick up little things like these at thrift shops. You just never know what you might find when you really take the time to look!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Then And Now #97 Best Foods (Hellman's) Mayonnaise - The ONLY One For Us

Our favorite mayonnaise here in this house is, and always has been, Best Foods (known also as Hellman's east of the Rockies).
I found some examples of advertisements (most of them including recipes) from a number of decades to share with you today.
First up, this one from 1930:
A recipe for a picnic-style salad from 1944:

Chicken salad , circa 1955:
Cole slaw, from 1966 - you know, I can still hear their commercial jingle in my head "Bring out the Best Foods, and bring out the best!":

In our humble opinion, it truly IS the best, and absolutely nothing else will do. This ad with ideas for burger toppings is from 1970:
"Magically moist chicken", from 1986:
And this is the way it looks "Now":
As it happens, our favorite mayonnaise is celebrating 100 years this year!
And if WE have anything to say about it, there will be hundreds more to come.
We love 'ya, Best Foods - Happy 100 Years to the Best!