Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Few More Finds

Some more finds for Christmas - some from thrift stores - others were found here in the house (yes - again!). Below, a pretty snowflake table runner, a vintage Christmas card box, and a Peanuts Christmas book:

I found these in the basement; made to put in your windows, they are large plastic stained glass "windows", dated 1965. I decided they'd look kind of pretty in our front windows:
Another vintage Christmas tin, and two VERY nice, sturdy copper cookie cutters. I don't believe I had a candle-shaped cutter, and ornaments are always fun to decorate:
These other cutters were in the same bag - like I need more cookie cutters. Still - they're nice shapes, and these simple plastic types are very user-friendly:

A nice vintage Mrs. Claus candle holder - she's a cutie:
Ornaments - I'm a total sucker for striped and stenciled ones:
This little guy is missing his friend with the "EL" - I'll just pretend he's a "naughty" little elf who says "No" all the time:

I found four boxes of these vintage ornaments down in the basement, too:

And these unused vintage ornaments picks were at the thrift store:

I wish I had found some of these things in time to try and sell them beofre Christmas!
Oh, well.


yosemite faith said...

i used to collect cookie cutters - long before i was married. lending them out was the big mistake - i never got them back and moved to california. guess i didn't need another collection of anything. i love the candle and the ornament. i like big cutters.

Andy's Attic said...

Love the fake stained glass. It would work well in our little bathroom pretty with the light shining through.

Debbie V. said...


★Carol★ said...

LOVE that tray, and the little "NO" guy!

Jill said...

I love it all! Especially that Mrs.Claus candle holder-- super cute!

Tina Dawn said...

The stained glass is so pretty, and your naughty elf needs to star in his own post story, which I would love to author if I felt a bit better. Love T