Sunday, October 25, 2009

Colorful Kitchens

A bunch of colorful kitchens today. This one cracks me up. An ad for Ruffles trash bags from 1993 , this gal has her all pink kitchen - with some pretty cool vintage stuff in it!

Another advertisement, this one for Kitchen Design Center: colorful, yes - but all kinds of wrong! Funny, though.
Bright and colorful,with floral wallpaper again from 1974 - not QUITE as bad!

This one has a great yellow stove - and some red Marlite (?) panels on the walls. Not as interesting:

Now, these next two have LOTS of color. The same kitchen; in the first picture when it belonged to Darwin Otto and Brent Heeb, co-owner with Gayle Tweed of the Stars Antique Malls in Portland, Oregon ( from Country Home Magazine, April 1996). I wrote about those fabulous barkcloth covered chairs in a previous post

And then, sometime later ( and I've forgotten which magazine this was in!), when the same home was lived in by Shannon Quimby ,who has since moved into a new house:

I love all the colorful collections and decor in that kitchen!


Jennifer D said...

Oh My! This made me laugh. That pink one made me think of Cindy Lauper for some reason. Those yellow ones are fantasticly horrible! Ewww that tile counter. :O)
I actually like the last one. Great post. Thanks

Mid Century Madam said...

Wow, that woke me up. Guess I don't even have to have a second cup of coffee now. Great seeing you yesterday. You look fantastic! See you soon.

yosemite faith said...

i agree with jennifer - don't know why but cyndi lauper came to mind - girls just wanna have fun!

Tina Dawn said...

Speaking as someone who would like a more colorful kitchen herself, I say, go Miss Lauper, GO! Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Kitchens are such a personal expression of ourselves, don't you think? Twyla

Celia said...

I just had to put this image on my facebook. I call it my mental self portait!