Saturday, October 10, 2009

Then And Now #50 Revere Ware

It seems entirely possible to me that most every mid-century kitchen had some pots and pans by Revere Ware in their cupboard. We grew up with some in our kitchen. This advertisement is from 1955:

I absolutely love this two-page spread featuring Revere Ware sets for mom and daughter. How cool are those playsets?!

I think we may have had one of these double-boilers, seen here in an ad from 1956:
Any time for Revere Ware, from 1958:

I can't say that our household was very good about keeping their copper bottoms polished. We definitely had one of the stockpots seen below in another magazine ad from 1960, and it got a lot of use. Daddy used to make the best soup, chili and pot roast!:

When we moved in to this house, there were some Revere Ware pans already in the cupboard that had belonged to my in-laws. We also have purchased a few new things over the years, including that double-boiler insert on the right, and the whistling tea kettle which I use every morning for my tea.
Still in great shape, still in use - and still not so good with the polishing.


Jennifer D said...

I have never used Revere Ware but I love the playsets... how cute is that!

yosemite faith said...

i love that double page ad as well. i have a little measuring cup i sent away for from a revere ware ad for $1.00 when i was in highschool. it had the copper bottom too - but it is getting thin! my folks had and used revere ware too.....i think revere ware became THE thing to own after coming from a generation of cast iron pans. now both are still a big deal!

Protector of Vintage said...

I was given two Revere Ware pots as wedding gifts in 1992. I still have them and they are my favorite pots. I'd like more!! Take care~

Mid Century Madam said...

We had everyone of those pots and pans when I was growing up. I think every housewife in the 50's must have had revere ware on their bridal gift wish list. We used the lids every New Year's at the stroke of midnight. We ran up and down our driveway in our pjs banging the lids together and screaming Happy New Year. My mom never even got fact I think it was her idea. Pretty sturdy stuff.

Tina Dawn said...

I actually still have Daddy's Revere Ware dutch oven. And no, the bottom is not shiny and probably will never be again. Give me a break, it is the bottom of a pot, afterall! I also have a few pieces of the playsets, I love children's dishes, tea sets, etc. Hi Madam, I love the Happy New Year story! Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I wouldn't know how to cook without Revere Ware. I can definitely say my bottoms are Not polished. Twyla

Tom & Rosemary Smith said...

Ladies !
My wife and I just spent two hours looking thru the basement storage area for some original I(MIB) 'girls' pieces and found quite a few - two of everything. She grew up in Oneida NY not far from Rome NY, the home of Revere Copper & Brass, so there was a company store. Why her Mom bought them and never gave them to her oun daughters or grandaughter is a mystery never to be solved (there were 4 daughters, so I guess you can relate with the 3 of you). Of course, we all grew up with Revere Ware, and the bottoms never got clean. I learned from Martha Stuart (?sp) that salt and vinegar works just fine, but you must start with a clean pan and keep it clean. It is a little work to restore a funky one, but the finest sandpaper, steel wool and some work can make any of them look essentially new. I have cleaned every piece in two homes, and now use KA-BOOM after every meal or two, and they all look great. (Yes, what a waste of time!) Careful on the kid's sets and measuring cup as they have much thinner copper, and too much abrasion will ruin them. Just KA-BOOM and a paper towel. They all look so great when cleaned up.
We both loved the double paged ad. Our era for sure!
(Bet this is the only comment you get from a guy)

Tom & Rosemary Smith