Thursday, October 29, 2009

Then And Now #52 Planters Nuts

Planters Nuts, and good old Mr. Peanut - who could forget him?
The earliest advertisement I could find in my collection is this one from 1954:
Surely, you must serve some Planter's Nuts if you are going to "Have A Party!" From 1967:
Looks like another party, here, from 1973 - they seem to have plenty!
And here, lots of Mr. Peanut things to send for. This ad is from a 1974 Seventeen magazine:

And "Now" - they even make Planter's Nuts with sea salt!

What will they think of next?
We almost always have some in the house. The picture below shows what we have "Now":
I rarely ever touch them (I'm a candy/sweets person, remember?), but my husband likes to snack on them.


Tina Dawn said...

Hey, I'll take a pair of those pants! I don't eat them often either, but DH does like to have nuts around, and loves it when he gets some at Christmas. He is more of a sunflower seed kinda guy though. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i like those pants too. i have a mr peanut bank that i bought from THE peanut shop in lansing.

jo said...

I have two of those backpacks. When I was a kid, I ordered 1 backpack and 1 Mr. Peanut doll (from a similar ad) and they sent me two backpacks. lol

I still have them. =)