Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thrifted Clothing

I'm not into spending a lot of money on clothes. At all. I never had a job that required me to "dress up", Therefore, I never needed very many nice clothes. When I was a waitress, we wore uniforms, and , as a rural mail carrier? Well - let's just say that when your work day sometimes lasts 12 hours and you might need to change a tire or put snow chains on your car, you want to be as comfortable as possible! Besides all of that, I have been losing weight, so I can't spend a lot on things that will become too large for me at some point. So finding clothes that I like at thrift stores is right up my alley. I am totally loving this top, below. It was hanging on a rack with items they considered suitable for Halloween costumes. I was like "that ain't no costume - that is one seriously gorgeous vintage tunic, and it is gonna be MINE!"
I found a pretty green floral corduroy shirt- and some brown cords to go with it- the pants were free; Salvation Army had clothing "buy-one-get-one-free", so I got a fab pair of jeans that fit PERFECTLY, and the corduroy jeans were my freebie:
A lovely floral LizWear blouse, and a pair of olive green jeans to go with it:
Pretty black and white floral blouse, and a pair of black silk pants:
Now, this one is too big for me, but it was on the $1 rack- brand new w/tags "Isaac Mizrahi for Target" shirt in the prettiest, brightest colors ever. I'll be selling it:
This one was free at a parking lot end-of-season thrift store giveaway. Vintage men's Dacron shirt (the tag says "Iolani Hawaii). I think it's very "Charlie-Sheen-in-Two-And-A-Half-Men":

That isn't nearly all of the stuff I found - just the ones I got the best photos of.
Free stuff, dollar stuff, cheap stuff - it's all good!


yosemite faith said...

congrats on your continuing success with you diet! and as always - a fantastic job in thrifting!

Tina Dawn said...

Good job Sis. I have a whole bag of clothes I just bought on Thursday in Georgetown, 50 cents each. It included a paisley corduroy shirt, blue jeans, 2 lovely sweaters, one from Scotland (had to wear one yesterday, it was cold) and several tops. Also got a comfortable old dining chair which I am using now at the computer (and will cover the seat with barkcloth) for the large sum of $6! So I was happy. Mother trained us well as trifters!

Jennifer D said...

I love the tunic and the mizrahi shirt... beautiful. Nice score.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, that vintage tunic is awesome! Great find! Twyla