Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Favorite Framed Prints #27

We found a fabulous antique book at a used book store in Fort Bragg, California the last time we were there. A couple of the color plates inside had come loose from the binding, and I happened to have a frame that was the perfect size for this one. The Redwing - isn't it pretty? I love the colors for fall.
Even though the book was already falling apart, I just don't know if I can bear to take any of the other pages out! But there are some real beauties inside. Like these butterflies on this plate in the very front that I managed to scan by placing the entire book on the scanner:
What would you do??


Tina Dawn said...

If I didn't have room to display a lovely framed print, I would just leave them in the book and enjoy them by looking at it when I want to view beauty. But that said, as much as I love books, I believe a book that is falling apart is fair game for dismantling and framing the plates. It has served its purpose as a book and can move on to other things. I love the butterfly print. Love T

Jennifer D said...

I agree with Tina... If you have room to hang them up, than do so. It is already falling apart. I do understand your hesitation, I'd have a hard time too.

yosemite faith said...

okay i will make it 3 for framing them since the book is falling apart. the 2 prints you showed are really nice!

Anthony said...

Heidi, just get over it already! ;)

Go ahead, pull the rest of the framable prints out and display them if you can, or give them framed as gifts to friends or family.

I also really like that second butterfly print. I love it when nature is depicted so realistically in artwork.

Btw, the main reason I stopped by was to tell you that I'm out traveling with my circus today informing a very select few that they have a special award/project waiting for them back at the Pop Circus big top. I hope that you haven't already received this one... Well, anyway, if you and your sisters are interested, "pop" by the circus to see what I wrote and to get the award guidelines.

Bye-Bye! :)