Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cheshire Cat

Good morning. Gold Country Sister Tina here. I am sharing some of my favorite photos of my cat Chessie this morning. His full name is Cheshire Cat, mostly because I have always loved the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and always wanted a kitty with that name. Chessie is 8 years old. He was born in a Jeep at my son's home in Diamond Springs, and came to live with us in Kelsey after a wild ride in a cardboard box on Highway 193, during which he managed to soil himself from both ends so the first thing he got was a nice warm bath in the kitchen sink. It was quite an exciting way to start his new life at the young age of 8 weeks.

The photo above is Chessie during a crisp fall day while I was planting daffodil bulbs. He was wild and crazy that day, and only about 6 months old.

Chessie loves to "lay down and cuddle" which is about the only command he will do upon request. Here he is enjoying one of my vintage chenille bedspreads.

Above he is lazing on some of my barkcloth coverlets, with a bit of my Auntie Lyn's afghan showing behind him.

This is Cheshire Cat in one of his favorite windows. It looks out to the hillside on the west of our home, and the wild birds like to sit in the tree outside because there is a bird feeder right below it with sunflower seeds in it, so of course it is a great view for the cats. I often sit on the bed at the window and read or watch TV, and sometimes Chessie snuggles with me on the bed.

Chessie is an indoor-outdoor cat and enjoys all the lizards and warm rocks and other amenities the foothills have to offer him.
Chessie often tries to strike various attractive poses at different parts of our home to aid in my photographic ventures.
Sometimes I think he is telling me "enough, already!" but I think he secretly likes it.
Cheshire Cat has a sister named Luna who is 5 years old and wants a post of her own someday.


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, what a wonderful post, Tina! I LOVED seeing all of the pictures of Dizzy's beautiful Kitty Cousins!

Lorlore said...

My 2 cats, Raider and Cleo, are trying to stear clear of the yellow Lab, Skylar, that I am babysitting for my Ex. Actually they are doing quite well!! Not too many dog/cat fights, just a few small skirmishes!!

Jennifer D said...

What beautiful kitties! I had a long haired orange Tabby named "Tigger", he had green eyes and was a chub... oh how I loved him.
Your kitties look very happy.:O)

Anthony said...

Hello, Tina!

Chessie is a very handsome cat, indeed! And it looks like he's enjoying quite the ideal cat life, living amongst the foothills...

Great photos, btw! From what I can see, it looks like you have a lovely home in beautiful surroundings. You must love it!

Luna looks like a cutie, too! (What I can see of her, anyway...)

Tina Dawn said...

Hi everybody. Thanks for commenting. Luna wants to let you know that she thinks she has convinced me to blog about HER next Weds. Chessie says he thought he was the special love of my life, not her. So we have a Kelseynational Incident going on here. I am going to try to work it out, and hopefully you will get to meet Luna next week. Thanks again, Tina

yosemite faith said...

what a handsome lad! my husband john loves orange cats! both your cats are very attractive. we have a calico - sadie that is 10 1/2 and a new adopted stray who is a girl but is named bob aka bobalu or bob the grifter. she is tabby (brown/gry/blk) and white with amazing green eyes. the vet says she is about 2.
what cat lovers we all are?!?!
love your post and pictures.

joshinabox said...

good post mom. i laugh remembering finding a litter of kittens in the back of my jeep years ago. i actually found a picture of ches and the rest of the kittens a few days ago. i'll have to get that to you(:

Heidi Ann said...

Josh! I am so happy to see a comment from you on here! Hope you keep 'em coming!