Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Do Deer Celebrate Thanksgiving?

A couple of weeks back I was out on the front porch trying to take some pictures of the pansies planted in my hanging pots to replace the poor pitiful petunias which languished there all the long hot Kelsey summer.

The leaves on the maples were changing quickly. One tree which is right in front of our porch always turns many colors all over.  It has been in the ground here about nine or ten years, and grows a foot or two a year. It is interesting to watch it each fall and wonder if it will still be a kaleidoscope of color. So far it doesn't disappoint.

There is also the fog and cloud display, ever changing, those bits of wisp always manage to creep into every fold in the foothills below us.

Our herd of deer happily wander, finding more and more green shoots as the weather dampens.

One camera-shy buck usually has three does trailing along after him.

It made me wonder... do deer celebrate Thanksgiving?


Heidi Ann said...

Those are beautiful photos, Tina!
And I'd like to think that deer do, indeed, celebrate Thanksgiving. Especially if they have had the good fortune to have NOT lost any family members to the hunters this year!

Andy's Attic said...

Such gorgeous pictures. I love that you can watch the seasons change. Not sure about deer celebration. I think they just happy when they find new green shutes in our yards!!