Friday, January 22, 2016

New (Vintage) Counterpoint Favorites

I've unearthed a few more vintage Counterpoint items recently.
We will begin with these fabulous mushroom canisters, below:
The three that match were purchased at The Emporium, a huge and wonderful antique store next door to A. Flowers, where I have my booth space in Jamestown, California.
I was excited to find them. I had found the other canister you see some time last year at a thrift shop. I found out later that the owner of the antique shop had actually purchased them herself when she was a teenager! That makes them even more special to me - and believe me, they ended up in the hands of the right person!
Love them.
I found this next photo in one of my vintage magazines. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may remember my fondness for both the paper flowers and the colorful cardboard boxes with the drawers.
That house looks pretty darned cool, too:
I found this clown Counterpoint pencil box at another shop in Jamestown. It slides open and also contains a pencil sharpener.
It still has the original "Counterpoint" sticker on the bottom (as do the canisters).
And then, just the other day, I found this vintage house vase/planter:
While it does not have a sticker, I believe it to be a Counterpoint item, also.
I have a small collection of the houses, and this one is ready to join their little neighborhood!


Jennifer D said...

Great finds. You have a fabulous eye for things.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

How wonderful to find things you really want!

Diane said...

Love it all! That house in the ad is waaaay too cool. I've mentioned before I have one of those pottery houses. I love it. Would like to find more to make a wall grouping (in case anyone doesn't know, they are also wall pockets with a hole on the back). Thanks for posting!

Tina Dawn said...

What great finds. I also like your August 1969 calendar with my 18th birthday on it, which I spent on Torrance Beach having a good time with our cousin Elaine. It was also the opening day of Woodstock! Love the mushroom canisters. When I was pregnant with Josh my kitchen was pretty much all mushroom items. I had some great coffee cups but they broke during the 1971 earthquake. Love T

The Brittons said...

Those canisters are out of this world!!

Melanie said...

Those canisters! <3

Sunnyana said...

I LOVE everything in the magazine picture! Paper flowers are always a favorite as well as the colorful drawer boxes. I've never seen anything like the stand up flowers but I love them too and they give me an idea for a craft project. I also like the houses. They would fit in well with all my tin houses. I wonder if these might be containers for long fireplace match sticks? The Counterpoint canisters are very familiar. I think I recently saw a small match tin with a similar design.