Friday, December 22, 2017

Special Vintage Finds For Christmas

I just wanted to share a few of the most special finds I've managed to bring home recently.
Let's start with this gorgeous Nativity trio, below:
I had seen a photo of this very same set in a copy of magazine, the current issue of "Vintage Holiday", on page 56.  It was in an article about Brynne Delerson of "The Gathered Home".
Honestly, I had just stared at that photo more than once, thinking to myself how lovely the figures were, and that I'd never seen anything like them - not in a photo in print or online, nor anywhere in real life.
I truly could not believe my eyes when I walked into a thrift store and found the VERY same set!
At the same time (same place), I found the beautiful papier mache angel below, also:
 I have quite a collection of vintage angels - but I did not have one like her.
All of those were certainly wonderful additions to my collection, and very special, indeed!
Lori actually found this ceramic cottage cookie jar you see in the next picture, and picked it up for me:

Thanks so much, Lor!
It's perfect - and it's the only one I have that truly looks "Christmasy"!
 I love it.
And it needed to be here to join the other cottages in my collection - but you knew that!
I found these two Wise Men, below made of burlap at a local thrift store.
The one on the left was missing his crown, so I fashioned one for him with things I had on hand:

Believe it or not, I walked into the same thrift shop over a month later, and who do you suppose was sitting there on a table, looking like he was waiting there just for me?
You guessed, it, the OTHER Wise Man!
I was very happy to bring him home, and unite the trio:

And I also found this lovely Christmas tree pendant:
I didn't have anything like it, and the sparkle of rhinestones makes me happy!
Hope you've managed to find some special vintage Christmas items, too!


lorlore said...

All of your finds are super as always, and I was so excited to find the Cookie Jar for you!! I am on the "Lookout" all the time, as you know!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

I love all your finds sisters! Love T

shari collins said...

I cannot believe you always have such good luck in finding the pieces like the angels. When I started following you, I decided to start collecting those types of angels. I live in Vermont for some reason I do not have such luck. BUT it is all about the hunt!
I grew up in the 70's and enjoy your collecting. It gives me great joy. Happy New Year to you.