Monday, January 20, 2014

A Few More Recent Finds

 Just a few pictures of random and assorted finds I have picked up lately.....
I found another great enameled flower pin for my collection - I love the bright green color on this one, and the little touch of aqua in the center certainly doesn't hurt:
And I got a very nice hand-painted tole ware tray with roses on red:
I also found a lovely floral pie plate:
 And I "picked" a pair of pretty pots:
An original clown painting in bright colors suitable for a child's room, "By Aunt Shirley" - how sweet is that?
Another nice plate with colorful petit-point flowers:

And, last but not least....
I was tickled to find this vintage Mouseketeers 78 record for a quarter!
Roll up the rug, and kick up your heels, let's do the Edelweiss Polka!
"We're the Mouseketeers, and we want to say hello....."


Tina Dawn said...

Great finds. I love the brooch and the Mouseketeers record! Love T

Annette said...

Such a good price on the Mousketeers record for the Mouskedancers!! Cute little clown, too.