Thursday, January 30, 2014

Volks - Swagenn

Tina, Lori and I were very lucky to have been invited to go to the home of a very dear friend, who, along with her sister (my friend for more than fifty years!) , treated us to a wonderful (and Weight Watchers-friendly) lunch last weekend.
When we pulled up to the house, I saw her son's Volkswagen bus parked there, and I could not resist taking a few pictures to share.

You may remember that I love me some Volkswagens, especially vintage ones!
This one looked pretty great to me:
I LOVE the color!
Love his clever personalized license plate, too.
Just spreadin' the VW love, one vehicle at a time......
(Thank you SO much, ladies - we all had such a fabulous time, and a delightful visit with you!)


Tina Dawn said...

Great time, good food, lovely weather and company, what more could we ask for? Love T

Rob and Monica said...

That is a very cool VW van. We saw an old one this past weekend but it was tan. I like the one you saw so much better! (Rob)

Jill said...

Great pics! Always love the Volkswagen, my Dad used to have a few "bugs"

Protector of Vintage said...

Very cool!!

Anonymous said...

I just saw one of those VWs yesterday driving by...a restored very pretty candy colored minty aqua color..sweet!