Monday, August 1, 2016

August - And It's HOT

So, yes, August is here!
 Hot August - you betcha!
And, as promised, I am sharing the page for this month from "The Year Around Book", written by Helen Jill Fletcher and illustrated by
Jerry Pinkney:
"August is the eighth month of the year.
 It's the hottest month of the year. We go on vacation.
 At the seashore we play in the sand. In the mountains we play in
the woods. On the farm we play in the fields.
 We try to keep cool."
We try to keep cool, indeed.
And - might I add - nothing is working very well in that quest, here lately.
With that hot summer sun up above, having some fun in the water sounds pretty darned good to me!
Here's some more "cool" sun artwork, in this photo of my vintage thermometer:

Yes, it was sitting in the sun when I took the picture, and that truly IS how high the mercury rose!
It was really only about 108 degrees that afternoon.
Oh, summer - you are NOT my favorite time of year......

1 comment:

Diane said...

Only 108?? No thanks. Great artwork! Love the style from that era.