Friday, August 5, 2016

Some Pretty And Colorful Finds

Oh, I have certainly found some colorful and wonderful things lately!
We will start with this fabulous beaded fruit, below.
 One of them still has the "Made in Hong Kong" label:
I found this pair of candle holders at a thrift store in Camino; these are Made In Japan.
 I LOVE the bright colors on these!
And I also found the little orange vase (also, Japan) at the same place.
 I already had the ceramic trinket box - but don't they all look lovely together?
I found a vintage orange and yellow vinyl appliance cover that almost covers my Kitchen Aid mixer.
 Close enough.
And I got the canister you see in front of it (below) at a thrift store and put the vintage Meyercord rooster decal on it:
The idea was to sell it, but after I slid that great decal onto it, I decided it's a keeper, instead.
At least for now.
I found the blue and green vintage tray in the picture below at an estate sale.
 I had the other vintage items already, but I just like the way they all look together!
I got the pink tray below at the same estate sale, and I had found the fabric hanger a while back at a thrift store.
And I think they look pretty nice "hanging out" together, too!


Candice said...

As usual. Your have found a bunch of cool vintage collectibles! I especially like the rooster canister because it reminds me of our everyday rooster plates we had when I was growing up!

Diane said...

Good for you! Great colors! I went to an estate sale today and only bought a couple packages of rick rack. Whoop-dee-do!!

Ree Cee said...

Love love love the decal - absolutely perfect on the canister! Why don't I know about these? You may have started me on a new obsession.

lorlore said...

I LOVE the beaded fruit, so bright and colorful!!!! All your finds are great!!!!