Monday, April 10, 2017

Adorable Vintage Decorations For Easter And Springtime

I have been finding some adorable vintage die-cut decorations lately for Easter and springtime, so I thought I should share them with you.
A lovely little basket of eggs with a dear little chick:
 These chicks are lookin' good in their Easter bonnets, alongside more beautifully decorated eggs:
 Not painting the town red, but just painting some eggs in pastel colors:
 Betsey Clark is welcoming springtime with flowers and birdsong:
 And so are these cute-as-can-be dancing bunnies and chicks:
 Another sweet little chick with a happy message:
And a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for you:
 I've saved the best , (or at least MY favorite), for last - these bright and beautiful eggs:
Easter is nearly here!


Rob and Monica said...

Die-cut decorations are the best. You've got a lot of great Easter ones here! We are always keeping our eyes out for good ones at every estate sale we attend! (Rob)

Tina Dawn said...

So cute and colorful! Makes you happy just to see them. Love T