Monday, April 17, 2017

More From Calico Critters

I have actually been looking for a little lap desk for a while.
I wanted a vintage one, rather than new, I wanted it to be nice, and I was hoping to find one at a thrift store.
And of course I didn't really want to pay much for it, which is always the case!
I had seen two or three but I didn't like them, or they were dirty, or unattractive in some other way.
I finally got lucky, and came upon a very nice one.
It happens to be a "Lap-Eze"; you can see the original label in the photo below:
What I did NOT know when I found it was that it was made by Calico Critters.
I have written about Calico Critters before.
(Click here to go back and read just one of my previous posts about them, if you're interested.)
Here is an advertisement for the Lap-Eze portable desks.
When I found this one at a local thrift store, it was the green calico that caught my eye:
I didn't even read the label that tells me who made it, not until I got it home.
 Normally, I'd have wanted to remove this annoying label, but not this time.
 It's lasted on my little lap desk for more than 30 years, and it's going to stay.
Apparently, they also made a version that had compartments to hold your paper and/or stationery:
It has a handy little handle for carrying, too.
If the label had been removed by the previous owner, I'd never had known that it was made by the same company as my cute calico "Puss In Boots" vintage boot stuffers:
They're just so darned cute, and they do their job as intended:
I did sell one of them whose eyes I had replaced, but I still have this trio:
The original tag tells us that this cute calico cat cost $12.00 new at Lord & Taylor back in the early 1980's.
I also discovered that they even made notes cards (among other things)!
Here's an ad for those:
 And, as it happens, I had found one of those, too - at a thrift store - quite a while back.
I didn't know it was made by them, of course, but I remembered it, and so I had to go find it and take a picture so I could include it in this post.
 And that, my friends, concludes your "Calico Critters" history lesson for today, LOL!


Tina Dawn said...

It's great, I love it!

Diane said...

What a find! Love the old calico prints. And were the 80s really that long ago??? I better catch up! LOL.

Melanie said...

I had this in yellow! Now I wish I still had it.

lorlore said...

Great post!! In love with Calico!!!!!