Sunday, July 23, 2017

More Oatmeal Cookies - And More Quaker Oats Tins

I'm back today with another post about oatmeal cookies.
Yes, I know  - You may think that I've already written everything there is to say about this subject in my previous post 
but, you see - I beg to differ, LOL!
I baked these yummy little morsels recently....
  ....  because I wanted to try yet ANOTHER recipe!
I had found some file folders in storage that I hadn't laid eyes on in years, and one of them contained recipes.
I don't believe I had ever made the Oatmeal Cookies with the Jell-O Pudding in the batter before. I had tried the Chocolate Chip cookies (many years ago) and I liked them a lot.
I added some cinnamon to the recipe, and then I froze the dough in little balls:
Then I baked them a couple of days later, as early in the day as possible, because it's so hot this summer.
The recipe did, indeed, make five dozen; I ended up with 61 cookies, in fact!
I also came across some more Quaker Oats tins that I had forgotten about.
I found this one in storage with some other tins; it's from 1984:
And the next two were tucked way back in the corner of a cupboard, and I'd forgotten they were even there.
From 1983:
And this one is from 1990:
So, now I guess I'll have to decide which ones I'm willing to part with, because we live in an old house - and there's no way that I have the space to keep five Quaker Oats tins in my cupboards!


Sunnyana said...

All those cookies are making me very hungry! I have two of the second tin and I use one of them to keep my cookies in now. I think I may have the last one, too, but I have so many tins that most are put away.

GSGreatEscaper said...

Just store something else in the tins and keep them all!

Tina Dawn said...

Oh I wish I could eat a couple of them,
they look so good! Your tins are great! Love T