Monday, July 31, 2017

My Foyer Plate Displays - Three Ways

My first photo in today's post shows the way my display in our foyer looks currently.
I just decided a few days ago that I wanted to completely change it up!
 I found everything you see at thrift shops, including the Beatles LP, which I framed.
 I love those plates in the center, which I discovered once graced a "House Beautiful" magazine cover back in 1963:
They are the "Lea" pattern, hand painted and made in Finland by Arabia, and I think they're gorgeous. I only found a few, I wish there had been more!
The others with the black and white sort-of abstract pinwheel design are from CB2 (Crate and Barrel), and I think they're pretty cool, too!
Previously, my display had looked like this:
 I had taken some of my souvenir plates and stuck them up there in front of my other plates, from when it looked like this:
Those are my Thomas Kinkade plates.
I still like them - especially because most of the ones I have are Placerville houses - but I just like to do something different once in a while!
(Sorry, I truly do apologize for the terribly poor quality of my photos today!)


Diane said...

Love the new display! Very COOL!

Melanie said...

Love it! Is that your doorbell chimes in the middle by any chance? My grandmother's old house, which I LOVED, had doorbell chimes that looked like that.

Tina Dawn said...

I still like the last one best! Love T

Thimblehappy said...

I'm missing your posts and Tina's Wednesdays! I hope you'll be back soon. ~Mary