Monday, August 21, 2017

It's "Time" For More Crewelwork

I'm chiming in with some more crewelwork pieces this morning, because I just think it's about "time"!
I found this great framed clock face picture yesterday:
It is SO colorful and cute!
I mean, check out this closeup:
 (Their little faces are simply adorable!)
This framed autumn-themed beauty, below, was found when Lori and I were on our big road trip this past May:
I just framed this one recently. I had found the finished, (but unframed) little piece quite a while back.
 I think this frame works rather well:
One of my very favorites of my most recent finds is this chicken:
I love the bright colors in that one, which was also found unframed.
Next up, we have the pair below.
Found at different times and framed - again, by me - in matching thrift store frames,
 I think they make a very nice-looking set:
This  next one is a really nice-looking sampler of crewel embroidery stitches:
I also pick up unfinished pieces, when the price is right.
I haven't done any embroidery in 30 years or more, but I may try to finish some of the ones I've found.
I DO love a red barn....
I managed to find a photo of the original Paragon kit online, so at least I can see what it is supposed to look like!
Here's a shot of the way our bed looks now - I was able to put some of my favorite crewelwork pillows together and achieve this look:
That's it for today!
Sorry I have not been able to post much lately; I simply have not been able to find the "time".....
But I am truly going to try to do better - I promise!


Sunnyana said...

I love the crewel clock. The others remind me of pieces I did back in the 70's. I think my Mom still has them. When I went through all my sister's things I found some she had done, too. And I still have some that aren't finished or never got started! P.S. I love the floral wallpaper behind your bed!

Tina Dawn said...

I love all your crewel collection. The little hen's nest is so great the way it puffs out from the frame like a real straw nest! Thank you so much my dear friend Mary for missing our posts I even miss them, and I will try to get back on track too, I just haven't been feeling it, maybe it has been the heat of the summer or something, but I promise next Wednesday I will have a post. I am promising you specially Mary!! Love T