Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lounge Chair Road Trip No 19. Death Valley Scotty's Castle

Well, It's Wednesday, and I'm Tina, and I'm hot, and so I'm going on a road trip to Death Valley because the weatherman/person/devil says it could reach 111 degrees in Sacramento tomorrow so why not go to the desert?  And stay in style?

I have been to this sprawling desert compound before with my husband on a winter's day and even explored the outside where there is a gigantic pool that you can go below and watch swimmers' legs through windows (mermaid shows. anyone?) - except it was empty - and a bell tower (I think), lots of interesting things to see.

I should have been ready for this post with lots of info about Scotty but I wasn't. Sorry.

He must have had a lot of money, and a lot of friends, and a love of the desert!

I enjoy the rustic furniture and the natural wood and the beautiful use of tile and I would love to have the stove in this kitchen!


Death Valley has very, very hot days, but it also has some cold nights, so I guess a two story fireplace makes sense. And check out those candelabras! They add some heat of their own!

Okay, next year I think I am taking over this dining room for Thanksgiving (I would do it this year, but my sis-in-law in Denver already invited us to come for dinner). We can fit all of the Gold Country Girls and the extended families in here and sleep them and we will even fill the pool and everybody bring their mermaid costumes!

A whole entire gigantic room just for music! I could have kept my other upright piano! Heidi could move in and keep both her spinets! Lori could have kept her baby grand! We could have lots of Chic Jams here and many house concerts! Just a dream because I still won't live in the desert. No, it's plenty hot here in Kelsey, thank you very much!

Okay, before we leave, we settle down to listen to a piano solo in a plain old sitting room that is comfortably furnished and we might just have some sun tea because that is what is outside, a lot of sun. What a great home.

We don't have to leave, you know. There is a large guest house just waiting for us. At least until we take our next lounge chair road trip! See you then!


Rob and Monica said...

It looks like a fun place to visit but much better in the cooler weather, I suppose! (Rob)

Heidi Ann said...

I loved seeing these, and I've never been there, and I think I may even have some other pictures or postcards somewhere that I could add to this "cool" (not literally) post, if I can find them - and if that would be all right with you?
Thank you SO much for posting! I was delighted to see this the day you posted it, as I have, regrettably, been too busy doing other things to write a post, myself!

Thimblehappy said...

Welcome back, Tina! I love that kitchen stove. I'm sure you know that Huell Howser did a fascinating show on Scotty's Castle. ~Mary