Monday, September 4, 2017

What's Penny Wearing? #148 One Of The Cutest Vintage Aprons EVER!

I was so delighted when I found this vintage apron at a thrift store:
I love everything about it!
I love the colors, I love the patchwork-style print, I love the polka-dot waistband, pockets, ties, and trim:
I love the fact that the fabric is so nice and crisp and clean that it does not appear to have ever even been worn:

I love that it fits me!
I love the fact that if you wear it over a blouse, it can essentially be considered a jumper.
When I found it, I intended to sell it, but the fact that I could wear it myself has proven to be somewhat a deterrent, as far as THAT goes, let me tell you.
Green, blue, flowers, patchwork print, polka-dots - what more could this vintage-lovin' girl want, I ask you??
Well, this is actually pretty darned cool, too:
Just last week, I bought a vintage Better Homes And Gardens magazine (October 1974) at a vintage shop, and when I came home and looked through it, I found the advertisement shown above.
It appears to be just like mine, quite possibly in the "blue" patchwork version.
Made by Sofwear Designs in Houston, Texas.

(Oh, Houston - our hearts are aching for all of you down there in Texas!)