Friday, September 12, 2008

Beautiful Bungalow Homes

My sister let me borrow some of her postcard collection so I could show you examples of some of these gorgeous homes. Bungalow homes are another of my favorite architectural styles, right up there with Victorian and farmhouse. (Lately, I'm finding it simply impossible to choose a favorite among the three. Can't do it.)
I can't even think of enough descriptive prose to explain how fabulous I think these homes are!
Whether they are smaller:
or large:
I love them all. And the three books shown below are a delight to peruse - perchance to dream? "Bungalow Style" by April Halberstadt:
The beautiful kitchens in all their glory inside "Bungalow Kitchens" by Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen:
And the bathrooms!! Tile and color and style, a visual feast in "Bungalow Bathrooms" by the same authors:
Powell and Svendsen have another tome, as well, "Bungalow The Ultimate Arts And Crafts home" - I NEED that one. I think these are all available at Amazon - in case you need them, too!


Annette said...

Oh boy, I want all those books. Obviously I love bungalows also or I wouldn't collect the postcards! I would have a hard time deciding which one to move into. Maybe one each year. Great post. Love T

belladella said...

Oooh, how fun. I love these cozy homes. So many ideas!

Kim G. said...

I am a bungalow fanatic! Check out the book Bungalow Nation by Maddex and Vertikoff if you haven't already!

Emily said...

I love bungalows!! Thanks for posting those books...I need to get them!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Well, we'd have to have the largest bungalow to hold all our collections! They are all beautiful though. The books look so interesting. I collect books about Frank Lloyd Wright, they remind me of those. Twyla