Wednesday, September 24, 2008

California Wine

I didn't know it was California Wine Month! I just happened to see an ad in a grocery store circular. I almost missed it, didn't I?
I'm glad I didn't miss it altogether, because, after all, .......
Coincidentally, this month I just happened to find this wine for the first time:
Sofia Rose Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir by Francis Coppola ( I had wanted to try it ever since I saw it in a magazine this past February. It just sounded good to me, and I like Francis Ford Coppola, and his movies, and the fact that he named it after his daughter. And also (or maybe most of all), I thought the bottle and the label were so pretty! So, I finally found it when we went up to Twain Harte Market. I drink alcohol only occasionally, but I have been known to enjoy a nice glass of wine. So, maybe I will manage to try it before California Wine Month is over!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, I think you should! That Is a beautiful bottle and label. Twyla

Annette said...

Sounds lovely. Have a glass and sit outside enjoying the delightful fall weather. Love T