Saturday, September 6, 2008

Even More Cats

More cats today - just 'cause I love 'em! This is such a cute book, "Those Cats", published by Whitman in 1947. The story is by Virginia Cunningham and the illustrations by Veronica Reed. The tale of Miss Simpson, who didn't want any cats, but falls in love with the kittens given to her by her mailman Mr. Tooks despite their mischievous ways.
Mr. Tooks even has to rescue them from a tree for her at one point! She names them Marmalade and Pinafore - Pinnie for short because the black one looks like she is wearing a white pinafore apron.
This little cutie is from the book "The Silent Miaow" by Paul Gallico. I've mentioned before that I collect his books.
And his story about Thomasina was made into this wonderful Disney film that I love:
Shown below are just some of the cats I have had in my life. The black one in the center was Spookatrina, or Spooky for short. And the others, clockwise from the black and white picture at top left are: Trinka with one of her litters - she is the earliest cat I remember, Billy Jo, who was a beautiful tortoise shell, Tanya whom we called Tawny - another beloved cat with that lovely tortoise shell coloring, Chessie, one of my sister's cats, peering out from a vintage vegetable bin, my current love - my Dizzy Kitty, and Tasha, my other sister's pretty kitty who is, sadly, no longer with us. And there have been a number of others, but I couldn't lay my hands on pictures of all of them today for this post. (Edited on 9/7 to add: My sister reminded me in her comment that I left out Dinah. He (that's right, he - there's a story there) is the grey and white cat pictured with me at the top of the right-hand column above my profile information! HE is the earliest cat I remember from my childhood! Duh.)

Dizzy, who is sleeping there on his red vintage Cosco stool, celebrated his 10th birthday earlier this week. Happy Birthday, my sweet little WonderCat - I love you so.


Annette said...

I got Trinka for my birthday when I was 10, so you were almost 5. But you must remember Dinah and Blackie a little bit? They came before. I love the photo of Trinka and her litter. She was so pretty. Thanks for including my Cheshire Cat! Great post. Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, how could I forget Dinah! Of course I remember him - I've even got the picture here on my blog! I'm not sure about Blackie, though. I would have included your lovely Luna and beloved Lotus, if I'd had photos of them!

Karen Jo said...

I remember Trinka. She must have been around in my era? Love, Deb

barbara said...

You could have a cat post every day and I wouldn't get tired of it! So in addition to Subarus and vintage things, we also share a love of kitties (especially black and white ones!) Hope you're having a great weekend.

Monica said...

Oh I dont like the funeral part of Thomasina!!! but the rest is ok!