Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quite Possibly My Favorite VW Ad

I love Volkswagens; I've written about them before. And I love their old advertisements. But when I found this two page ad just the other day, I decided it was probably my favorite one out of all of them I have seen.
(These pages out of Life Magazine, 1970, are too large for my scanner, so please forgive that they are cropped a wee bit.)

How completely cool is that painted Bug??
I totally love it.


delia hornbook said...

I had a lovely green beetle with my husband before the boys were born we used to belong to a club and go camping etc it was great fun, but i did loose count of the amount of times that i had to get out and push her but that was part of the charm ;-))dee x

Tina Dawn said...

I love the saturn on the hood! My first hubby painted on our '58 beetle when we got married and the paint soaked in and never did come off again. Beetle memories. Love T

Mr. Modtomic said...

Wow, that is super cool! Remember the guys on Mad Men (HBO) ridiculing the VW ads!?!? And I think it would behoove VW to reprise this ad. I think it's message would really speak to this generation of buyers as well. Slug Bugs rock.

yosemite faith said...

that. is. cool.

Candice said...

I loved VW's until mine caught fire while I was driving back in about 1978. I got out safely but the car was a total loss. It turns out there was a leak in the fuel line which I heard was a very common problem with those cars. The leaking fuel would catch fire.

farmlady said...

Oh my, you are always taking me back to another time in my life.
When my sister was going to Cal Univ. at Berkeley in the late 70's she had her Volkswagon Bug painted as a cigarette advertizment. It was wild. I can't remember what the cigarette was but the company paid her to do this. She needed the money so she traveled around with this advertizeing all over her car. The little bug was called "Meltie" and she cried when she sold it a few years later.