Friday, May 20, 2011

My Recent Finds

When I went to Placerville last weekend to attend a "Celebration Of Life" gathering for very dear old friend who passed away, I came home with some thrift finds, too. Doing a bit of thrift shopping on my way over there brightened up a weekend trip which was made solely for this somber occasion. I loved seeing all the family of this woman who was dearly loved, and it was wonderful to spend time with them again.
So, speaking of brightening up, here we go with the finds: a perfect pretty pink Pyrex pie plate (say that real fast ten times!), two nice Tepco restaurant china bowls, and a Peach Lustre coffee mug, all of which are on top of a pink bandanna print Martha Stewart dish towel:
I found a bunch of patterns this trip (more on those in another post), including two bridal dress patterns, and here's a glimpse of a few more of those quilt squares, along with a nice blue and white vintage hot mat:
An unused toaster cover that's as bright as a daisy, nice yellow tags (Lori found those), a Mille Bornes game - we played that a lot growing up and I didn't have the older one in the green box, a Sierra Nevada Natural History book (also something that we had at home growing up, but I didn't have a copy), and a pillowcase that I believe may be a Vera design:
I found a big bag FULL of crafting leaves, a curtain panel that I plan to use as a table cloth, and knives with what I am pretty sure are Bakelite handles:

These two baskets full of costume jewelry were given to me by one of my old friends (one of the family I visited):

And I couldn't believe it when I found this vintage McCall's pattern, below. It happens to be the very same one that I had written about in a post back in December of 2008, and I had always hoped I would find one some day!

And I found another little book for my Peter Pauper Press collection!

And that's not everything, but I think it's quite enough for today, don't you?


Lori Loree said...

Great finds, it was fun thrifting!!!!

Jill said...

Wow- amazing finds! That toaster cover is adorable. So happy that you found that longed-for pattern!

Tina Dawn said...

Great patterns. I should borrow the stocking one and remake my old felt stocking. You did good. Great old jewels, I would like to see them better. Love T

Mary R. said...

Oh, very, very nice! Well done! I love the Peach Lusterware.

yosemite faith said...

you. made. a. haul.

farmlady said...

Life seems so short sometimes and then we all have to leave. Glad you were able to honor you friend with her family. It's a nice way to say goodbye.
I think that you did some really great thrifting here. I collect hotel ironstone so, if you don't mind, just send those two white bowls right on down here to me. That stocking pattern is very cool too.
Your photos are getting really good. Nice set-ups... love the jewels in the basket.
Great finds.

auntbeth54 said...

Your finds were good. But the jewelery, Yumm! Saw some pins I would love to have!