Saturday, April 30, 2011

Peter Pauper Press Books

I only have a few of these lovely little books - but it is most certainly the start of a new collection. This first one is my most recent acquisition. Thrifted for a thin dime - "Alphabet Of Love":

I can't remember where I found "Simple Oriental Cookery":

"A Peter Pauper Press Book" - all of them have different and wonderful illustrations inside:

"Life's Wondrous Ways":

"The Merrie Christmas Cookbook" was the very first one I found. Most of mine were printed in the sixties.

I'm a book freak.
I really accepted this fact long ago.
It cannot be helped.
I love 'em.


Tina Dawn said...

Cute little books. At least they are small, they will fit in well. Books are good, collect away sis! Love T

Jennifer D said...

I have never seen those books before. Adorable. I too collect books and my house is too small because of it! ;0)

Wub2Write said...

Fun post! I love books, too! And I have a nice collection of vintage books. So much fun! :-)

yosemite faith said...

maybe you need to build a basement like barbara striesand has - with shopfronts that hold all her different collections!