Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring, Shakespeare, Easter and Pets

I don't have much today. It was a busy week. We had a couple of rain showers, some stupendous sunsets... Our well pump has worn out and we have been out of water several times this week. We had a birthday dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant for our Mom-in-Law. My husband has started playing with his two softball teams. I think spring is sprung.
Yesterday I was in a play at the Placerville Shakespeare Club Social Meeting. We had been rehearsing since December. In April each year we celebrate Shakespeare's birthday.

Last Thursday we had our dress rehearsal. We were awful. I completely blanked on all my lines, I had known them perfectly the night before! I dreamt about the play all the night before, and then NOTHING. Our director took pity on us and allowed us to read from the script. I would share a few lines with you but after reading about the copyright I am terrified of doing so, so you will have to take my word for it that it was very witty. The author Justin Moran had fun with it!

Yesterday, at our first and only public performance, everything went perfectly! This little ten minute play (which we took 25 minutes to put on - go figure!) was written in Dr. Seuss style, mostly in rhyme. It follows the story of Hamlet, as he discovers his uncle has killed his father and married his mother. At the end everyone on stage is dead, except my character, Horatio.

We had a great time, got a standing ovation and lots of laughs, and now I can take a deep breath and look towards Easter. We are going to dig out our few decorations and check the freezer for a nice big ham.

Luna is comfy and in one of her favorite spots close to the wood stove.

Cheshire Cat is on his favorite place, my lap...

Robbi likes it outside where he can keep an eye on the deer and turkeys.

Here's hoping everyone has a great Easter. I am looking forward to enjoying our neighbors' eggs nicely hardboiled, and our ham, which is from pork we purchased from friends in February.


Heidi Ann said...

I loved the peek at your adorable critters, and I wish I was going to be able to see your play!
We are getting our ham out of the freezer, too......

Lori said...

I guess I'll have yogurt for Easter, I am working!!!
Glad your play went well!

yosemite faith said...

i too loved the photos of your furry family members. sounds like you have lots going on......just make sure you are having fun too.

Jennifer D said...

That play sounds great! Thanks for showing us the critters, Robbi stole my heart ;0)

Is that Goofy I spy under Cheshire Cat?

farmlady said...

What a fun thing to do with Shakespeare. I wish I had seen it.
I love that photo of Cheshire Cat. Is that just a wonderful cat like thing to do? So cute.
Have a very Happy Easter.