Monday, April 11, 2011

More Thrift Finds

I found this Siamese kitty cat at the Salvation Army store. He didn't have his little fish bowl, so I looked around a bit and found one on another shelf. I also found the lovely barkcloth remnant behind him at another local shop:
I have never seen a doll sized apron like these gingham ones I have been collecting! I tied it around Dolly's waist:
She doesn't like to cook as much since she had an unfortunate accident with one of her fingers:
I also found one of the coolest vintage aprons ever - loving the colors on this one! It appears to be unused, the fabric is still "crisp":

And I had passed up these little angels more than once. I just kept telling myself I did not need - and could not buy - more Christmas stuff! But the next time I saw them, I couldn't stand it. I mean, they were 30 cents apiece!

So, home with me they came. Too bad they have to wait about 7 months.


Tina Dawn said...

Your angels are begging to be included in Easter! I am completely jealous of your siamese, and I love your little dolly apron. Great stuff. Love T

yosemite faith said...

good stuff - so happy you could complete your siamese -that cat is so great.

Mick said...

That cat fish bowl is TOO COOL for words!!! I would totally have that in my home haha. NOw I can add yet another thing to my ever growing "wanting/hunting list"

Mick said...

I keep coming back to this post, Again with the Cat fish bowl. TO COOL! haha I nerly got one on ebay... but I think i'll wait a while lol.